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Below are some videos that feature songs and music of Allison Crowe as partner to their imagery and visual ideas. People are creating videos - making messages with songs about issues and inspirations, interpreting favourite tv shows, manga, anime, revealing nature and more in a visual and aural union. 

It's a very exciting time in popular culture. Welcome - and kudos - to an online generation of creators! For more, just visit YouTube and other online video sites.

Pray for Rain (Allison Crowe) on piano

From: harukaze85

Added: April 11, 2008
Sorry about the mistakes.
I don't have the sheet music, I played it just after listening to it (so it sounds not exactly the same but I like it that way. Makes it kind of my own interpretation of that song.)



Added: March 21, 2008
i have used pictures of my own for the video.
finds the music voice of "allison crowe" super.
i hope you like it a little.
for to watch, thank you!!!

Angels Among Us

From: janoliverart

Added: March 17, 2008 (Less info)
Original photography of angel statuary by Jan Oliver. Assembled in scrapblog. Some visual components ©scrapblog.com. Music by Allison Crowe Band.

Heritage varsity winter guard 2008


From: JeJeMonster

Added: January 27, 2008

Jan. 26, 2008 (first weekend out) @ bishop dwenger high school. =)

Allison Crowe sings " Imagine"

From: mnkerr

Allison Crowe the Canadian indie singer plays and sings John Lennon's "Imagine".
Added: December 06, 2007

Allison Crowe sings " River "

From: mnkerr

Allison Crowe the Canadian indie singer plays and sings Joni Mitchell's "River".
Added: December 06, 2007

Hushed - Part 1

From: RoddyLuv1

Added: April 10, 2008
short film - 24 hour film contest in 2003.
Our team was given a pumpkin as a prop, the nursery rhyme of Rupuzel as a theme and the word "Canada" to use.

Featuring the songs
"Lisa's Song"
"Crayon & Ink" provided by the stunning vocals of Allison Crowe (www.allisoncrowe.com)

Hushed - Part 2

From: RoddyLuv1

Added: April 11, 2008

Hushed - Part 3

From: RoddyLuv1

Added: April 11, 2008

Hushed - Part 4

From: RoddyLuv1

Added: April 11, 2008

"In Dedication To..." - Contemporary Dance

From: sptlightonme
Added: June 30, 2008

our hearts are with you Leah

Choreographed by Joe Tudor

Baltimore Dance Center June 2008

A few details are missed... at the beginning she is placing flowers down, and ends with a single lily in a spot light.
Originally choreographed for Leah and her father, which is why the picture is there. Shortly the piece grew with deeper meaning.

Dancers: Krissy Arthur, Katie Dobry, Lauren Knudsen,Lisa Pierorazio, Raynia Stokes, Joe Tudor, and Hope Whitaker

Live Vocalists: Heather Elswick and Chris Jehnert

Music is Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in the style of Allison Crowe.

ichiruki (hallelujah)

Added: July 05, 2008
rukia , ichigo, renji,nii sama y kaien .
allison crowe BLEACH

Hallelujah - inspired by Allison Crowe


From: Felizitas84

Added: July 22, 2008
Category:  Music
Tags: allison  crowe  hallelujah 

El gato culto

From: iscleo

Video con frases del gato culto(Carton de www.eluniversal.com.mx)

No longer online - the following vids no longer are available online:

Skeletons and Spirits (Allison Crowe tribute) - Fait Dormi

October 29, 2009

This tune speaks to me so much that I must play it. And that's the way it goes, folks.

Allison Crowe is pretty great. She's a really sweet person too. You might want to listen to her, if you don't already. I opened for her BACK in the days of doing this stuff in a serious way. Her voice is truly unwordly when experienced live.

ALSO - Adrian, her manager, is one phenomenal, stand-up dude.

Shweir - Silence

From: dolphie27

Added: April 08, 2008
Vidéo sur John sheppard et Elizabeth Weir de stargate atlantis.

Musique : Silence d'Allison Crowe

Shweir Stargate Atlantis - Lisa's Song

From: dolphie27

vidéo sur john et elizabeth.

Les clips appartiennent a leurs auteurs

Musique: Lisa's song d'Allison Crowe (creative commons)

Shweir Stargate Atlantis - By Your Side

From: dolphie27

Added: June 29, 2008
Une vidéo sur John et Elizabeth.

Les clips appartiennent a leurs auteurs.
Musique : By your side d'Allison crowe (creative commons)

shweir John et Elizabeth - Wedding Song


From: dolphie27

une nouvelle vidéo sur le couple John Sheppard et Elizabeth Weir de stargate atlantis sur une chanson d'Allison Crowe : Wedding song( creative commons)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Lucresa

From: Lucresa

Added: March 12, 2008
My cover of Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah. I was inspired by Allison Crowe, who also covered this song (which you can find here on youtube).

Raining in Baltimore (Counting Crows) - Lucresa

From: Lucresa

Added: March 11, 2008
My cover of the Counting Crows song 'Raining In Baltimore'.

For Lisa

From: twodee2

Added: February 04, 2008

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