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Below are some videos that feature songs and music of Allison Crowe as partner to their imagery and visual ideas. People are creating videos - making messages with songs about issues and inspirations, interpreting favourite tv shows, manga, anime, revealing nature and more in a visual and aural union. 

It's a very exciting time in popular culture. Welcome - and kudos - to an online generation of creators! For more, just visit YouTube and other online video sites.


Lost - Hallelujah

Added  June 06, 2006
From  cylune

Lost vid about Charlie and Claire. Charlie must choose between his drugs and Claire. A video about faith.

 Today is January 13, 2007. I'm backdating this entry to make a post about Hallelujah. Probably my most popular video. It got me all sort of attention from a lot of people, including the singer herself!!! I've said so much about it that I'll stop there and only include the link. 

This vid got me my second gold CP and a place among the semifinalist in the LVI 2006 Tournament.

avi & banner made by jellyfrog

Hallelujah vid graphic by jellyfrog

by your side

Lost - By Your Side


Added  December 19, 2006
From  cylune

Lost video about Charlie and Claire. We know how much Charlie cares about Claire, this was my attempt to show how much Claire cares for Charlie.

Yay!!!!! I'm done, I'm done!!!! I've been working on this video for weeks!!!! This is my depressing and terribly slow PB&J video. The song is by Allison Crowe who was nice enough to send me an autographed CD after I made a video to her "Hallelujah" cover. I told her manager I was going to use another one of Allison's song for a vid and since I'm a woman of my word, here it is. Because of the nature of the song, it might be considered terribly boring but hey, I like it. And thanks to [info]ageless_aislynn for the tips on how to make a terribly slow video somewhat less boring. I hope it worked!

Thanks so much for all the encouragement!!

By Your Side vid graphic by jellyfrog

Graphic by[info]jellyfrog

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Channel Icon From: Hortensie

Song : Hallelujah
Artist : Allison Crowe
Added: October 26, 2007  Spirit stallion of the cimarron

What are you thankful for?


Added  November 22, 2006
From  Vodkamusings

Thoughts on thanksgiving

Song: River by Allison Crowe (originally by Joni Mitchell)

Finally (House and Cameron)

Finally (House and Cameron) vid

Added: February 1, 2007   in Category: Entertainment
From: Shereeltb

This video is from House's point of view... House is "broken" and he and Cameron seem to be in each other's lives despite of it. He needs her to make him feel at peace.

The song I used is called "Finally" by Allison Crowe. You can check out more of her music at this site www.allisoncrowe.com/... ENJOY!

Crayon and Ink - Allison Crowe - Cover

Added  February 07, 2007
From  waz92

Me (Tali) covering Allison Crowe's "Crayon and Ink" on the piano...

Category  Music

Allison Crowe: Joséphine

Added: January 17, 2008

From: caper41

en montage (Tori Amos song)

Homeless of Victoria

Added  February 15, 2007
From  heymonkeyboy

This is a basic collage, done to the music of Allison Crowe, on the homeless in Victoria BC CANADA.

All people featured in this video gave their consent.

Produced by Nick Johnson

Running for Home

Added  January 19, 2007
From  AngelColey

Hornblower videos, clips from all three series... The music is Allison Crowe's version of "Running for Home."



Added  March 02, 2007
From  AngelColey

Serenity vid to Allison Crowe's cover of "Hallelujah." Warning: character death.

Moochie ~ In Memoriam


Added:  July 06, 2007
From:  kclowb
This is a video tribute to my cat Moochie, who was put to sleep on June 28th, 2007. The song that is playing is "In My Life" performed by Allison Crowe.

Family slide show for Kit Man's Family

From: cheongweisum

A slide show dedicated for Kit Man's family especially her brother, Soon Kit.

Added: December 05, 2007

Friend singing - Skeletons and Spirits+

Added  April 13, 2007

From  dudelookslikealady2

My friend was singing and she doesn't believe my opinion on what she sounds like so she let me tape her to put on youtube...I hope you all enjoy, comment and everything else.
We dont' own the songs played in this video

allison crowe silence

From: ioadicaeu

allison crowe -silence...:)
for you...

Added: November 30, 2007

KH- Hallelujah *Allison Crowe*

Added:  June 07, 2007
From:  Cutekitty22

This song sounded pretty sad to me and I thought it would go pretty good with KH (Kingdom Hearts).
The song is Hallelujah By, Allison Crowe.
Hope you like it!

Category  Film & Animation

"In Dedication To..." (Contemporary Dance)

From: CJehnert1210
Added: June 30, 2008
"In Dedication To..."

This is a dance I performed in with the Baltimore Dance Center company (Baltimore Dance Attack) in dedication to a friend of ours who had lost her father. It is hard to see the flowers in the beginning, but that is what she is placing down. I am a member of this company, but in this dance I am singing.

The singers are Myself, Chris Jehnert and Heather Elswick.

Dancers: Krissy Arthur, Katie Dobry, Lauren Knudsen,Lisa Pierorazio, Raynia Stokes, Joe Tudor, and Hope Whitaker

Choreographer: Joe Tudor

Music: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen
(Performed to the style of Allison Crowe.)
(Vocalists Previously named)

This recording was done on June 22nd, 2008 at Goucher College.

boki.b & Allison Crowe LIVE IN VIENNA

From: spellprints
Added: October 11, 2008

boki.b vernissage "spin, world" & Allison Crowe live in concert - Tunnel Vienna Live 3rd of October 2008
Here you can listen to her AMAZING SONG 'SILENCE' - event feat. Billie Woods


September 27, 2009

Effortless Allison Crowe cover at coffee house, last one i promise :)
Upload compliments of shmukulele hes ma best friend and hes awesome
video taping compliments of the Kedymonster
Drummer with stupid hat=David
s sung by Allison Crowe.

Skeletons & Spirits

July 29, 2009

A cover of the song Skeletons and Spirits by Allison Crowe performed by me, congas played by my wonderful friend david : )...the people in the background...were the audience, naming them all would be pointless

No longer online - the following vids no longer are available online:

Whether I'm Wrong (cover)

Added:  September 6, 2007
From:  Denzhy

This really is an amazing song by Allison Crowe. But it's also kinda a hard song, so I think I'm a bit off sometimes.
I just feel this song through and through and I wanted to share my version with you.

NB Denzhy - Dutch musician Leontine Snoeren - also covered "Skeletons and Spirits", though that performance video is no longer online

Battlestar Galactica (Hallelujah) music by Allison Crowe

Added:  October 13, 2007
From:  siskoPisko
Battlestar Galactica Music Video Hallelujah

Skeletons and Spirits (Allison Crowe)

March 20, 2009
Me playing Skeletons And Spirits by Allison Crowe at my school's music night at the Goudse Schouwburg.

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