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That Night in Bethlehem (Don Oíche úd i mBeithil) ~ November 23





"That Night in Bethlehem" is the third song track on "Souling":






I Saw Three Ships ~ November 22





"I Saw Three Ships" is the second song track on "Souling".





Alleyluja - Happy Birthday+!!! ~ November 16



“Hallelujah – you'll never guess what happens next!” ’s’how this might be tagged if it were ‘click-bait’. Instead, it is a playful bit of fun to share on November 16 in celebration of this 33rd birthday of Allison Crowe. Simply: “Alleyluja” :)


Born in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island and home now, for years, in Corner Brook, on the island of Newfoundland, nests that span the great expanse of Canada, Allison Crowe is singular in so many ways.


Her gifts and talents as vocalist/instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, arranger, performer and more place her among the greats of popular music.


In concert, people come for her varied repertoire of originals – favourites such as “Disease”, “There Is”, “Skeletons and Spirits”, “Crayon and Ink”, “Whether I’m Wrong” and plenty other songs she’s created since the start of a career launched professionally more than half her lifetime ago.


Loved as well, Crowe is, for her peerless interpretations – be they sea shanties of Newfoundland, or vital covers of modern classics composed by Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, the Beatles, Phil Ochs, Ani, Tori, PJ or CCs…



Hear, in this bootleg from Firenze, Italy, from a concerto at Teatro del Sale, "Alleyluja".




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Happy Birthday, Allison Crowe!!! ~ November 16



Musician Allison Crowe, a true cultural great, turns 33 this November 16 - which is now in Newfoundland, Canada.


Here's the artist, clearly good with a line from earliest days...


Happy Birthday, Allison!!!



Allison Crowe - early fishing expedition - Crowe Family photo album



Crowe Family photo album



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"Scared" Not ~ November 15



In light of our news (media reports) being full of violence against women, one of the web’s original music bloggers, Muruch, tweets: “I was just thinking about lack of anti-violence songs & wanting @Allison_Crowe to record one. I'd forgotten she already did. :)”

Among her passionate expressions of life’s dimensions, Allison’s extraordinarily diverse song catalogue speaks to themes of abusive relationships, self-harm, suicide, societal pressures, and more...

Muruch specifically highlights a song that addresses a culture of abuse, shame and silence - “Scared”:


Allison Crowe - Scared - screen cap

In the video embedded by Muruch, Allison and bandmates Dave Baird, bass, and Kevin Clevette, drums, are seen in various locations on Vancouver Island, Canada – in Nanaimo and Victoria. The video-makers, Angela Kendall and Brian Dutkewich, would later make popular videos for a Canadian duo, Tegan and Sara. (For trivia buffs: in this vid, Allison’s father, Del Crowe, happens to drive by at one point, and, Allison’s longtime manager, Adrian du Plessis, is also caught, serendipitously, walking by as he waves to Del.) The song's audio is recorded by Larry Anschell of Turtle Studios, and features 19-year-old Allison Crowe and band.





"Someday at Christmas" ~ November 9



Songs of peace and freedom and justice for all – ‘t’is always the season. Allison Crowe here gives voice to such a tune that filled the air first in 1967 with Stevie Wonder:




Peace on Earth, goodwill toward all.



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"For the Roses" - Joni Mitchell Birthday Tribute ~ November 7


November 7 – today – we celebrate the birthday of Joni Mitchell, Renaissance woman of heart and mind.




Joni’s “For the Roses” is performed by Allison Crowe in tribute.



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"Souling" ~ November 2



Allison Crowe’s gorgeous voice brings tidings of comfort and joy with “Souling” – her 11th full album release.




The artist, one of our greatest living musicians, singer-songwriters and performers, has always created authentic music.


With this newest song set her voice is heard wholly a cappella.


The songs themselves have a purity of expression – a 21st century take on music of faith and spirit – sounds and themes aired by carollers and soulers of old.


The genesis of “Souling” is found in the bond Allison Crowe’s formed with the creative family at Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador. Founded in 1979, this professional theatre company presents a dynamic and diverse repertoire of plays and maintains, as well, a strong commitment to youth theatre in the Atlantic Canada community.


For these past three Summers TNL’s engaged Crowe as Musical Director of “Newfoundland Vinyl” - a perennial favourite at the annual Gros Morne Theatre Festival. Following another hit season at GMTF, in late August of this year TNL Artistic Associate SaraH McDonald invited the Corner Brook, NL-based musician to serve the same role with a vibrant production of “A Christmas Carol”.


The Adaptation of this classic Charles Dickens story by playwright Jeff Pitcher, TNL’s Artistic Director, excited Crowe’s musical imagination – as did the desire of McDonald, the play’s Director, to incorporate songs in the style of Victorian Era carollers.


So inspired, Allison Crowe immersed herself in curating the music for the abundantly-talented, multi-aged, choir of singers who’ll perform in “A Christmas Carol” at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre from November 27th – 30th, 2014.


This artistic process of selection and arrangement led to her recording solo versions of those songs that will receive another distinct breath of life from the TNL vocal ensemble.


(In parallel fashion, the first season’s run of “Newfoundland Vinyl” brought forth Allison Crowe’s album of the same name – one of 2013’s top recordings. Culture blog Muruch praised it as a “lovely, vintage collection of traditional Irish and Canadian folk ballads, lively sea chanteys and drinking songs, parlour songs and country tunes” possessing “unique charm” and “the timeless beauty of a classic folk album”.)


In 2003, (and expanded in 2004), Allison Crowe released Tidings – an album of singular interpretations - “River” (Joni Mitchell), “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen), “In My Life” (The Beatles) and more from the secular canon – alongside such favourite traditional carols as “Silent Night”, “The First Noel”, and “O Holy Night”. Tidings has proven to be a modern classic – “music for the season and all time”.


This time out, as befits TNL’s telling of “A Christmas Carol”, Allison Crowe gives pure voice to the sacred songbook. “Souling” is:


Soul Cake
I Saw Three Ships
That Night in Bethlehem (Don Oíche úd i mBeithil)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Wexford Carol
The Holly and the Ivy
In the Bleak Midwinter (Cranham)
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Once in Royal David’s City
Wassail Song


Souling” is available now via Allison Crowe’s own website @ as well as on iTunes @ plus CD Baby @ and all major digital music outlets worldwide.



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"Soul Cake" ~ November 1



A treat this weekend - and a musical preview of Allison Crowe's newest album - "Souling".





Here's the first track - a traditional song for souling.


Full music and details will be shared this Sunday, November 2 - All Soul's Day.




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