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 Phoenix ~ May 19



Phoenix” rises next from Allison Crowe’s “Sylvan Hour”. Snow fell on Newfoundland, Canada this week – and, even in the cold and dark, we’re witness to irrepressible spirit and positive strength. Inspiration!



It’s said that “Meet John Doe” represents an attempt by Frank Capra, the great Italian-born American film director, (known for more care-free populist classics - “It Happened One Night”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and others), to “work out his own fears and questions” about the future of the people. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story, this 1941 movie stars Barbara Stanwyck, Gary Cooper, Edward Arnold and, as “The Colonel”, Walter Brennan (who rails against “the heelots” – the “greedy-guts’’ in our society, as Buffy Sainte-Marie calls them.)



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There Is ~ May 15



There Is” – time for the next revolution of Allison Crowe’s “Sylvan Hour”. For visuals we cut once more to “The Chase”. Michèle Morgan and Robert Cummings seek a way out in this 1940s film noir.



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 A Case of You ~ May 12




Allison Crowe uncorks vintage “A Case of You” – off her “Sylvan Hour” album – with passion and artistry recognizing two great Canadian musical inspirations intertwined in the song – its writer, Joni Mitchell, and muse, Leonard Cohen. Cinematically, Frank Borzage directs the adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” –scenes hear featuring the film’s leading stars Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper and Adolphe Menjou.


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 Effortless ~ May 11




Effortless” sailing from Allison Crowe's "Sylvan Hour" into scenes from “The Chase”, a 1946 film noir – screenplay by Philip Yordan based on Cornell Woolrich's novel, “The Black Path of Fear”. Directed by Arthur D. Ripley, produced by Seymour Nebenzal, the movie’s stars appearing here are French actress Michèle Morgan and American Robert Cummings.



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"Sylvan Hour is truly a masterpiece" ~ May 9



Sylvan Hour is truly a masterpiece” says pioneering culture blog Muruch.



“Allison Crowe’s new album… may be her best yet.”


Read the full review – and experience the music @



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Sylvan Hour Chimes Darling Be Home Soon ~ May 5



This beautiful solo performance of "Darling Be Home Soon", penned by the great American songsmith and musician John Sebastian - a hit for The Lovin' Spoonful in 1967 - leads off Allison Crowe's Sylvan Hour. The video features scenes from the 1932 film adaptation of  Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms" - directed by Frank Borzage and featuring here the wonderful Helen Hayes. 



"Sylvan Hour" is now! Simply gorgeous. Gorgeously simple.


Allison Crowe music from the "sylvan castle" is available via:

 Bandcamp @

+ CDBaby @

+ Amazon @

+ iTunes @

+ Spotify @ and more.


Soon, everywhere :)



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Muruch Seeks Music & Poetry for RAINN Benefit Album ~ May 3



Believing in one’s dreams and making them real – to help make the world a better place - is what Muruch, the culture blog, is doing now – “assembling an album of music and spoken word poetry solely to benefit RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network organization and helpline originally created by Tori Amos.


Muruch Presents: A Benefit Album for RAINN will feature music by Allison Crowe and Pamela Means, poetry by Muruch’s Editor Victoria and WV Poet/TED Talker Crystal Good with other contributions by artists and writers to be announced…”


Get  involved with this soulful project via Muruch’s website @ and on Muruch’s RAINN Fundraising Page @


Muruch - blog - Jen Hopper - RAINN benefit album



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Muruch Intros Subscription Service ~ May 1



Discerning culture blog Muruch, which has been illuminating the riches of music and other popular culture online for near 15 years now, very, very kindly introduces people today to Allison Crowe’s new Artist Subscription on Bandcamp - saying, "no other artist has such a flawless record of artistic authenticity as Allison Crowe".


Allison Crowe - Bandcamp subscription - Allison & Link 3


(And, for folks watching the calendar, we’ve been so overwhelmed with such kindness this week the album release of Allison’s “Sylvan Hour” will be this coming Tuesday, May 5 - to enable some more fun things to come together…)



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Artist Subscription Launches ~ April 29



Allison Crowe’s artist “subscription” launches!


It’s a new way forward for independent music-makers and music-lovers on Bandcamp – which has hosted Allison’s music for years.



An artist can now share their own creative flow individually and directly (as well as being part of such global music-streaming subscription services as Spotify, Tidal and all).


This subscription, for $40 USD per year, gives you all the new music Allison Crowe creates – delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. The music is available for continual streaming, and for permanent download (in your choice of digital audio formats).


By subscribing you also receive – as downloads and for streaming – all the music recordings from Rubenesque Records, Allison’s label: “Lisa’s Song + 6 Songs”; “secrets”; “Tidings”; “Live at Wood Hall”; “This Little Bird”; “Little Light”; “Spiral”; “Arthur/Up to the Mountain”; “Tidings Concert”; "Newfoundland Vinyl"; "Heavy Graces"; "Tarry Trousers"; "Souling"; "Newfoundland Vinyl II"; “Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare”; and "Songbook".


The universe as it unfolds also includes access to the Allison Crowe fan community, and a 15% discount on all physical merchandise eg. CDs, LPs (and things Allison’s yet to conceive or create).


The doors of perception are opening wider – Allison and Link, Rubenesque’s top dog, welcome you @



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Sylvan Hour Nears ~ April 27



Sylvan Hour” arrives this Friday - May 1. Here’s the album’s front and back covers - and some word on a classic song collection:


Sylvan Hour - Allison Crowe - album front 500px


Discover this music from a remarkable artist at a personal and creative crossroads in her life. “Sylvan Hour” is an album of songs bridging west and east, piano and guitar, then and now…


For fans of Allison Crowe at her purest, this is voice, one accompanying instrument – one take. Real-time performances in the sequence they’re played and sung by Allison in a log-home on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.


That afternoon the musician was in the midst of migrating from her birthplace of Nanaimo, BC, on Canada’s Pacific, to a new nest in Corner Brook, NL, on the Atlantic coast. Soon to fly east, Crowe bade farewell to those near and dear on western shores – including compatriot Kayla Schmah on Salt Spring, neighbouring Vancouver Island.


Decades earlier Schmah’s parents had made an epic trek to the Pacific Northwest from Central Canada – in a repurposed donut truck. Planting themselves in the Gulf Islands archipelago, they lived at first in a converted parachute in the woods. From the ground up the home-steaders then built a family dwelling out of Douglas Fir – their “sylvan castle”.


Allison and Kayla, as musicians had shared stages together from their teens onward (and, years later, becoming a film-scorer in Hollywood, Schmah brilliantly orchestrated and produced Crowe’s album “Spiral”.) Among the friends together on SSI this day was Ryan Adams (who, like Schmah was a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music and was en route to becoming an in-demand tv/film audio engineer in Los Angeles).


With mics and a laptop set-up in the living-room, Adams captured this set of the newest songs in Allison’s repertoire – originals including “Skeletons and Spirits”, “Running”, and “Silence” as well as a trio of covers (interpreting songs famously by Joni Mitchell, The Lovin' Spoonful and Aretha Franklin).


Also gorgeous, but differently so, essentially group versions of most of these songs were released near the end of that same year (2006) on Allison Crowe’s album “This Little Bird” (the title track a celebration of her migration). “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)” is the sole sylvan session recording released before – it’s presented now within the full hour of music for all time.


Enjoy this most natural of talents – in this most natural of settings.


Sylvan Hour - Allison Crowe - album back 500px



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Press Quotes - A Collection (click here)



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