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Why + L'Atalante - Special Screening ~ September 9



Now Showing: Special Screening of “Why + L’Atalante” – one in the series of Allison Crowe’s “16 Songs" video album slated for wide release this month.


In advance of the reel unveiling in sequence, the curtain rises on Allison’s IMDb player – with showings in SD, 480 and HD quality (adjustable settings on the left side of screen):


Famous in its original, glorious, pop incarnation by singer-songwriter Annie Lennox, "Why" is a song recast here by Allison Crowe's elemental voice and guitar.





"Art is emotion" observed Alfred Hitchcock, and the Canadian musician's singular way of communicating emotion makes her one of the great interpreters in popular music today as well as one of our finest modern songwriters and concert performers.


Strings on this version are gorgeously arranged and orchestrated by Hollywood film-scorer Kayla Schmah - herself an artist inspired by the themes and ideas of Hitch's frequent collaborator, the brilliant, pioneering, composer Bernard Herrmann.


“This song is stunning. I can't stop listening to it,” says Dartmouth-based dancer, Julie Dumont, “it makes me want to cry and dance all at the same time”.


The music's visually paired with an excerpt from Jean Vigo's marvellous cinema masterpiece - "L'Atalante" (1934).




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Sing Out! In Our Global Village ~ September 8



The Leonard Cohen Files’ now lists 567 different cover versions of Leonard Cohen’s much-loved “Hallelujah” – recordings made in dozens of countries and numerous languages: 


Hallelujah” is a popular song we’ve been able to widely and directly witness become a standard – as this process has occurred during, and, in part, thanks to, this age of the internet reaching near-ubiquity.


The global expanse of songs such as The Beatles’ “Yesterday”, (with some 3000 interpretations on record), and Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”, (nearing 1000 covers at latest count - ), and most other tunes which have become standards in the canons of pop and rock – and many more in folk, jazz and other genres – has, largely, been a phenomenon experienced offline (and these songs grew into universal favourites not in our real-time view).


The introduction of “Hallelujah” to a mass audience – via such channels as 2001’s Hollywood hit animated film “Shrek” – has been augmented and amplified by the world wide web.


Music and video sites online enable songs to be shared around, enjoyed and learned – grassroots traditions of jam sessions, campfire sing-alongs, church choirs and other communal ways that music is transported, today can be propelled by the advance in technology (and digital devices, in hand, enable more people to make recordings).


Not only can people world-wide experience music more readily, and in greater richness and variety, than in pre-internet times, folks are now able to express what it all means to them and reflect back to the same giant community “so that all souls can see it”.


For myself, serving as manager to Allison Crowe, a musician creating in these exciting times, one of the profound pleasures now possible is regularly hearing how people are moved by music.


Reflections on Hallelujah” @ - posted by Washington, DC-based blogger, “Farmgirl Writes”, is the sort of thing that inspires appreciation and understanding of a song and our fellow beings.


And, (especially for those with more dexterity and musical talent or dedication to this course than I), there’s such sites as “Chordify” – which show how we can play the music we love -


Chordify - Allison Crowe


Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words” – a new book that’s exactly what its title promises – Joni’s voice heard through a trio of decades-spanning interviews with her friend, artist and journalist, Malka Marom - is released this week (officially, September 9, 2014).


Allan Showalter, aka DrHGuy, offers a typically entertaining and enlightening post in review @


I’ve mentioned this previously in a post to my own (Adrian’s personal facebook) page and – not unrelated to L. Cohen, the nature of popular songs, their interpretation and sharing – this book includes choice commentary.


"River... Joni Mitchell's whole album Blue is timeless," Allison remarked when she covered the uniquely ever-green song on her own album “Tidings” in 2004.


And “River”, like “Hallelujah”, has witnessed an accelerated cultural expanse and embrace in these digital media times. Currently, Bob Muller, the Grand Poobah of Covers at, tracks 402 different versions of Mitchell’s song @


The song established itself steadily over the decades – with some 200 covers being made from the time of its release on “Blue” in 1971 to 2007. In these last seven years, the total number of “River” covers has doubled.


In this new book, the brilliant singer, songwriter, composer, painter+ tells her confidante and interviewer: “There was a funny article in the L.A. Times. The guy was ranting, ‘Why are all these people covering Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’? It’s overexposed.’ That’s what he said, and I thought, ‘This person has no concept of what a standard is. A standard is a good song enjoyed by many.’ A lot of singers wanted to sing it, and it kept the song alive.”


Malka asks: “How do you feel when people sing your songs, any song, or play it completely different, like with ‘normal’ chords, and different arrangements?”


Joni says: “I think it’s great, I feel honoured. I like the idea of songs being sung. I like the idea that people who can’t even sing are singing them...”




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It's a bird, it's a plane... it's Allison Crowe ~ September 7



Krypton Chronicle’s Rennie Cowan today posts to DailyMotion her interview with Allison Crowe from the red-carpet World Premiere of “Man of Steel” – which happened at New York City’s Lincoln Center in Summer 2013:



Allison Crowe - Man of Steel World Premiere - Interview by Rennie Cowan of Krypton Chronicles


MAN OF STEEL WORLD PREMIERE - Interview with Allison Crowe... by rennie-cowan


The chaotic fun of that adventure is well-captured in Rennie’s clip.


 The genuine kindness and support of Hollywood film director Zack Snyder, producer Deborah Snyder, their super-professional team, and the many good folks we met at every stage, still lifts us up! Up! And away!



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16 Songs - Video Album ~ August 28




Allison Crowe - 16 Song Video Album - screenshots 1 - 8



We now know the song listing for Allison Crowe’s upcoming 16 Songs music video series:




Circular Reasoning


There Is

Doughnut Song


Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters


Sweet Dreams



Double-Edged Swords

Running for Home

Alive and Breathing

Throw Your Arms Around Me


This new music video series launches September 9, 2014 (a shift from the September 2 date originally announced).


A magical mystery tour of music with visuals from great artists and innovators of the 20th and 21st centuries - film-makers, animators, painters, photographers and more… - it’s a multi-media expression of the artist’s mission to make "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music." ( )


 This 16 song video album pairs Allison’s originals with some singular interpretations - underscoring an observation of Allan Showalter, aka DrHGuy, delightful chronicler “On Life, Love, Lust, & Leonard Cohen” – “Once you’ve heard one Allison Crowe song, You’ve heard one Allison Crowe song." ( )


It’s a season of cryptic crosswords and other, puzzling, fun. Here, now, are 16 visual clues – screenshots from each of the videos in the series. Some you may recognize, some you may not have seen before…


Imagine which goes with which song in the set-list – this September details will be revealed, and matches will be made.



Allison Crowe - 16 Song Video Album - screenshots 9 - 16



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GMTF Company Makes a Splash for ALS Challenge ~ August 24



“The Gros Morne Theatre Festival was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - and here's our video!” taps Allison Crowe from the festival’s home-base in western Newfoundland. “We nominate Rising Tide Theatre and Donna Butt, Sarah McDonald, Kevin Perdue, Brian Ball, Natalie Tsang and Vickie Marston!!!” GMTF 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: “Go to - http://www.ALS.CA/ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE - to donate!”



Earlier in the day, Denise Dolliver, GMTF Production/Company Manager enjoyed a solo dousing - – and this Atlantic participaction flowed yesterday with a challenge from Gaylene Buckle, Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s GM.


ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a progressive neuromuscular disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed. This Summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge has focused worldwide goodwill on awareness-and-fund-raising for this cause. ALS Canada has the scoop @ in, both, our nation’s official languages - English and French.




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NewFound Friends @ GMTF ~ August 23



Viceroy of vinyl, Wayne Tucker, Host of NewFound Records Radio Hour, ventures out to beautiful Cow Head, NL this past week and enjoys “Newfoundland Vinyl: The ‘C’Side”.


Here’s a pic of Wayne with the hit show’s Musical Director, Allison Crowe (tweeted @ )


Wayne Tucker & Allison Crowe @ Newfoundland Vinyl 2014


Conceived by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s Artistic Director, Jeff Pitcher, “Newfoundland Vinyl” is a perennial favourite at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival – drawing from the deep well of classic, vinyl-era, recording artists’ repertoire, the joys, sorrows and rich character of the region are brought to musical life by a super-talented cast of actors and musicians and a top-notch production crew.


As part of this year’s GMTF, there’s a pair of performances still on the calendar – 9:00pm August 26 and 29:


Wayne Tucker gives airtime to the pioneer recording artists of Newfoundland and Labrador via his radio show each Saturday noon on CHMR 93.5FM, MUN. NewFound Records Radio Hour is also heard on Radio Bell Island, The Voice of Bonne Bay, East Coast Kitchen Party, iTunes Radio and TuneIn Radio (and spinning more widely each time you listen!)



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20 Down: "Everyone is attached to singer Crowe (7)" ~ August 13



NP Cryptic Crossword - Cox & Rathvon - August 9, 2014



20 Down: “Everyone is attached to singer Crowe (7)”


We’ve an head-start on The National Post’s Saturday Cryptic Crossword (August 9, 2014 edition) - the newest creation of a legendary partnership, one that’s central to these puzzles-within-a-puzzle becoming so loved in North America. (Cryptic crosswords originated in the United Kingdom where they’ve long been favourites.)


“Hex” is the nom-de-plume of puzzle constructors Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, explains aficionado Barry Haldiman, “though one might think it is the effect of their cryptics on solvers' minds. They are the quintessential, or as they would clue ‘Ideal crazy quilt seats nine (14)’, ambassadors of wordplay puzzledom.” 


“Cryptic Royalty” they’ve been crowned by The Nation. Of Cox & Rathvon’s decades-long artistry in such publications as The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and Canada’s National Post, it’s said: “Their impact cannot be overestimated.”


For a printable version of this sing-ular fun in pdf format – visit - answers to this NP Cryptic Crossword will be published across this land in the newspaper on Saturday, August 16.


Often in this puzzling world, it can seem we just don’t have a clue. Not this time!


National Post - Cryptic Crossword - Cox & Rathvon - August 9, 2014


click on crossword image above to see fuller-sized puzzle



Enjoy :)



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Song of the Summer! "Circular Reasoning" + "Prix de beauté" ~ August 1


Song of the Summer - dive in!


In advance of the upcoming full Allison Crowe video show – here’s “sneak peek” fun in the form of her song “Circular Reasoning” with visuals from a 1930s French silent film that also became a talkie.


"Prix de beauté” (“Beauty Prize” aka “Miss Europe”) is directed by Augusto Genina, written by René Clair & Georg W. Pabst and stars a radiant Louise Brooks.


Enjoy :)



Allison Crowe has a 16-song-video-series that launches September 2, 2014. Pairing a spectrum of recordings from the Canadian musician with visuals from great artists and innovators of the 20th and 21st centuries - film-makers, animators, painters, photographers and more… - it’s a multi-media expression of Crowe’s mission to make "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music." ( )


And, this collection confirms the diagnosis of Dr. H Guy aka Allan Showalter, the world’s inimitable blogger “On Life, Love, Lust, & Leonard Cohen” – who notes: “Once you’ve heard one Allison Crowe song, You’ve heard one Allison Crowe song." ( )


Much more on this all, naturally, to come – once we’ve celebrated Summer in this part of the world. Right now, it’s time for bathing suits, ice-cream, fresh berries, bicycle bells… any and all other of life’s simple joys and pleasures.





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"Believe Me If All..." Live Jazzhaus Freiburg ~ July 31



Allison Crowe delivers one of her encore tunes acapella - on Mother's Day at Jazzhaus Freiburg, in Germany. (This being the latest, and, perhaps, last, in our live bootleg video series. At least until the next tour...)



This traditional aire takes its lyrics from the writings of Thomas Moore. An international hit at the beginning of the previous century for the great Irish tenor John McCormack (who recorded it in 1911 and, again, in 1935), and Australia's legendary coloratura soprano, Dame Nellie Melba (in 1909).


Allison Crowe's Celtic roots show when she performs "Believe Me If All (Those Endearing Young Charms)".


Recordings of this tune are found on Allison's "Live at Wood Hall" ( ) and "Tidings Concert" ( ) albums.And, it's an "hidden" track closing her "Secrets" album ( ).


"Irish Music Daily" provides delightful background to this beautiful song @


Believe Me If All


Traditional Irish Aire w. words by Thomas Moore
As performed by Allison Crowe


Believe me, if all those endearing young charms,
Which I gaze on so fondly today,
Were to change by tomorrow,
and fleet in my arms,
Like fairy-gifts fading away,


Thou wouldst still be adored,
as this moment thou art,
Let thy loveliness fade as it will,
And around the dear ruin each wish of my heart,
Would entwine itself verdantly still.


It is not while beauty and youth are thine own,
And thy cheek unprofaned by a tear,
That the fervour and faith of a soul can be known,
To which time has but made thee more dear:


No, the heart that has truly loved never forgets,
But as truly loves on to the close,
As the sun-flower turns to her god, when he sets,
The same look which she gave when he rose.



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We have a voice, still... ~ July 23



In 2003, Allison Crowe and bandmates performed live in the Victoria, BC television studio of The New VI (later renamed A Channel) – for a nationally broadcast one-hour special called “Tidings”.



Allison’s set that night includes “Whether I’m Wrong” - – soon featured by the UNESCO-endorsed “New Songs for Peace” project @ and




This is the first song video of Allison Crowe we posted to a then new website called YouTube:



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"Lisa's Song" Live Series ~ July 19




Allison Crowe at Jazzhaus Freiburg - performing "Lisa's Song".


Maintaining hope and persevering in the face of great loss and sorrow - fittingly, here's a version live on Mother's Day.


This song's originally released on Allison Crowe's EP "Lisa's Song + 6 Songs":




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"Running for Home" - Live Series ~ July 19


Allison Crowe's bootleg series from Europe includes this video of her concert performance of a song by fellow Canadians, the Matthew Good Band.



"Running for Home", performed by Crowe, solo and with her band, at the start of this century, returns to her repertoire in this Spring 2014 concert tournee.


The song's originally penned by Matt Good and Dave Genn for their group's 1999 album, "Beautiful Midnight".



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"Easy" Allison Crowe - Live Jazzhaus Freiburg ~ July 13



Allison Crowe's bootleg video series continues here with a celebratory nod to this weekend's opening of "Newfoundland Vinyl" - the hit Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador production at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival (staged in Canada's beautiful Gros Morne National Park).



Allison Crowe enjoys curating and arranging the music - mining a treasure trove of tunes from the

 region - songs that cover a full range of genres and emotions. And when she tours the world Crowe carries the sounds of home to her international audience.


On this concert night at Jazzhaus Freiburg in Germany - she performs a song penned by Terry Skinner that's first recorded by Canadian country great Eddie Eastman (in 1979).


Allison Crowe recorded it for her album "Newfoundland Vinyl": (released, naturally, on vinyl LP).


On its release last year, Gery Deugaw, the super-dedicated cultural archivist behind "GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador" @ - notes: "After all the years of travelling the Trans-Canada, Eddie Eastman was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour in 2010. Allison Crowe performs this song with the easy sound it needs to be successfully reprised in the 21st century."




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"Newfoundland VinyI: The 'C' Side" Opens ~ July 11


 Allison Crowe (@Allison_Crowe), tweets: “Tech week for NL Vinyl this week – we open on Friday – and we are already SOLD OUT for opening night!”


Now it's opening night! The Western Star reports:


Crowe home again for ‘Newfoundland Vinyl’


Allison Crowe is back home again from international concert touring to serve as musical director of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s hit show “Newfoundland Vinyl” at this year’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival.


“Newfoundland Vinyl’ is back!”  the theatre company says in a prepared release. “Allison Crowe has made this show into a perennial festival favourite. The vinyl Newfoundland hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s by Newfoundland's biggest recording stars are never-ending.”


This year’s production promises hits from Harry Hibbs’ “The Wild Rover” and Eddy Coffey’s “Area Code 709” to Corey & Trina’s “Northern Lights of Labrador


The show spins each Tuesday and Friday from Friday until Aug. 29. The cast features musicians/actors Colin Furlong, Craig Haley, Claire Hewlett, Amelia Manuel, Stephanie Payne, Keelan Purchase and Marquita Walsh, with Adam Christopher Brake as Ed.


The show is directed by Crowe and Jeff Pitcher.


Then on July 28, in a special solo performance, Crowe Sings "Newfoundland Vinyl" and more in the "Who's Darkening Our Door" Concert Series at the Warehouse Theatre in Cow Head.


For info on all Gros Morne Theatre Festival happenings between May 31-Sept. 13, call 639-7238 or toll-free 1-877-243-2899, or visit


Backstage artists making theatre magic for Nfld Vinyl and Beauty Queen of Leenane sets... TNL


"Backstage artists making theatre magic for Nfld Vinyl and Beauty Queen of Leenane sets..." tweets Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador



Allison Crowe Music Notes



"I want to live..." ~ July 9



Part of a series of bootleg videos - Allison Crowe live in Jazzhaus Freiburg.



The Canadian musician performs "Through These Heavy Graces" - the song which gives title to her most recent album:


Naming "Heavy Graces" one of the top albums of 2013, pioneering music blog Muruch says: "The original song lyrics on Heavy Graces seem to deal most often with regaining control of one's own life, venting anger at and breaking free from oppressive influences and starting fresh with integrity intact. Whether such fierce and independent themes were born from the death of a relationship or Allison's brief brush with Hollywood, it seems our favorite independent singer-songwriter is more determined than ever to forge her own path. I predict we'll be seeing Allison Crowe not once but twice on our best of the year list."



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Canada & Memorial Days, Pretzelfest & Independence Day + Allison Crowe’s State of the Union ~ June 28



To share this holiday: some music - Allison Crowe’s “Northern Lights”, with the photographs of David Cartier, plus recipes from Allison for Toutons and for Rosemary Bread (you can make in a pot or, improvising, a skillet):



North Americans mark an especially commemorative week – starting, eh, in this land of ours with Canada Day and, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Memorial Day – Newfoundlander, comedian+ Rick Mercer notes the poignant dichotomy of July 1: “On the day we are supposed to be celebrating the flag, the flags are flying at half mast” in his blog @ This week rolls ahead with Pretzelfest, July 3 on Salt Spring Island, BC and rockets with July 4, Independence Day, celebrations across the USA.


Where e’er you be, and whatever the occasion, may you and yours know peace and joy alongside the best of health and times. Sláinte!


Here at Rubenesque Records we’re invigorated by Allison Crowe’s most recent, sensational, concerts in Europe. Now home, Allison’s already deep into production of this year’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival – as Musical Director of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s hit show, “Newfoundland Vinyl”.


TNL proclaims:


Newfoundland Vinyl” is back! And this time it’s “The “C” Side”. Allison Crowe has made this show into a perennial Festival favourite. The vinyl Newfoundland hits of the 1960's, 70's and 80's by Newfoundland's biggest recording stars are never- ending. From Harry Hibbs’ “The Wild Rover” to Eddy Coffey’s “Area Code 709” to Corey & Trina’s “Northern Lights of Labrador” Allison manages to lay bare the simple and beautiful melodies and lyrics of our most talented artists.”


The show spins each Tuesday and Friday from July 11 - August 29 at the GMTF – and the “incredibly talented and versatile cast”, says Allison, features the wonderful performing roster of musicians/actors: Colin Furlong, Craig Haley, Claire Hewlett, Amelia Manuel, Stephanie Payne, Keelan Purchase, and Marquita Walsh. With Adam Christopher Brake as Ed.


The show’s stellar cast is supported by a shining set of northern production lights: Director - Jeff Pitcher/Allison Crowe; Musical Director - Allison Crowe; Stage Manager - Effie Parsons; Set Design - Derek Butt; Costume Design - Lindsay Code; Original Sound Design - Dirk Ave; Original Lighting Design - Johnny Cann; and Sound Coordination & Lighting Coordination - Laura Penney.


On July 28, 2014, in a special, solo, performance, Allison Crowe Sings "Newfoundland Vinyl" and More - in GMTF's "Who's Darkening Our Door" Concert Series.


For info on these, and all, Gros Morne Theatre Festival shows (May 31-Sept. 13, 2014) - call 709-639-7238 or toll-free 1-877-243-2899 + visit


To celebrate with the latest music and more from Allison Crowe, anyway, anyhow, anywhere you choose: + +




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Secrets Live ~ June 28


"I am not an angel / I'm more like Mona Lisa / there's something hiding in me / there's always something behind my smile".


Celebrating with another performance from Allison Crowe, herewith :)



In this latest bootleg from her recent European concert tour, Allison Crowe, again, shows how and why she's loved -- and earns hearty plaudits - 'round the globe.


"Canada's finest songwriter" says writer Stephen Thomas, co-founder of the UK's Folkroom Records. "In a world of copycats and wannabes in the singer-songwriter field, Crowe is a true original and is playing in a league of her own," notes L.A.-based writer/producer and AMG journalist Tom Mureika.


Delivery of musical joy and genius today come via pathways distant from the corporate product and pop / rock ephemera of the establishment record industry.


Here at the storied Jazzhaus in Freiburg, Germany, Allison Crowe reveals her "Secrets".



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Music Hath Charms ~ June 24



Allison Crowe rocks hard as any musician - and is just as moving when she gently delivers a reflective ballad such as "Hold Back" - first heard on her "Little Light" album -



Here Crowe picks up her guitar and plays for a wonderful audience of music-lovers at Jazzhaus Freiburg - a Muttertag / Mother's Day show on the "Heavy Graces" 2014 European concert tour.



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Skeletons and Spirits Live in Freiburg ~ June 22



Skeletons and Spirits” is performed here by Allison Crowe live in Jazzhaus Freiburg, Germany.



This original song, a favourite for other young musicians to cover, was first recorded for Allison’s “This Little Bird” album/CD:


It contains such deliciously fun lyrics from the Canadian singer-songwriter as:


“I'll pretend I'm a cloud
and my rain will surround you
And if you keep hurting me
I'll eventually drown you


And, yes I know
I'm a little bit off…”



Allison Crowe Music Notes



Running for Home "flake" ~ June 22



Another artifact of Allison Crowe’s latest concert tour – and another off-kilter bootleg.


A friend in London kindly gave me the first of Marianne Faithfull’s autobiographies – and I completed reading it on the flight from the UK to Canada. In some stream of consciousness this video flows with the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics of which Faithfull is a Professor.



Running for Home” is a song penned by Canada’s Matthew Good and Dave Genn. Allison Crowe’s notably performed it since 1999 - in band and solo shows. She’s included it in her live repertoire this Spring and in the trove of concert videos from Freiburg there’s upcoming a full performance.


Here, now, from the pulsing joint that’s Hot Jazz Club Muenster is a CCTV feed that’s viewed by an overflow crowd. NB when the camera shifts to looking at the guitar-stand and unoccupied stage area, that’s legendary Road/Tour Manager Axel Dollheiser seen in part – sitting at the ready to help Allison switch from piano to guitar songs.



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Famous Blue Raincoat "flake" ~ June 21



After enjoying “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie” in The New York Times Magazine, I’m encouraged to post more, and more, and then some – even if it be just a flake of Allison Crowe’s life, or, in this instance, a flake of her most recent concert tour:



John Jeremiah Sullivan’s NYT mag essay tracking early blues recording artists L.V. Thomas and Lillie Mae ‘Geetchie’ Wiley and cultural field-worker Robert “Mack” McCormick is a reminder that we enrich the world by sharing: 


Here from beautiful Lindenpark Potsdam, Germany (and a decidedly off-kilter camera-style), is the opening of Allison Crowe’s performance of the Leonard Cohen classic “Famous Blue Raincoat”.


For a full recording of this song seek out “Famous Blue Raincoat - Allison Crowe - Teatro del Sale, Florence – live” @ Two different verasions – solo and choral – are heard on her “Heavy Graces” album @ 



Allison Crowe Music Notes



Between Two Trees ~ June 17


In 1976, Harry Hibbs, one of Newfoundland's favourite music-makers, most famously released "Between Two Trees" -- this song of love penned by Charlie McKinnon of New Brunswick, Canada.


It's revived in 2013 for the premiere run of "Newfoundland Vinyl". Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador's hit show enjoys its third revolution this Summer at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival as "Newfoundland Vinyl: The 'C' Side". NV's conceived by TNL's Artistic Director, Jeff Pitcher, and its Musical Director is Allison Crowe -- who curates and arranges the songs for TNL's wonderfully talented and spirited cast and crew.


On her latest sensational European concert tour, Crowe carried with her music from home -- and in this bootleg video, she duets on "Between Two Trees", with Canadian musician and photographer Billie Woods.


Their performance delighted audiences, including here at Germany's Jazzhaus Freiburg, a storied venue that's soaked in the notes of such artists as Miles Davis, Lionel Hampton, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Archie Shepp, and Betty Carter -- and, for the first time, is serenaded with this sweet music from Atlantic Canada.



On the airwaves and online, passionate stewards such as DJs Rob Carnell, (of "Salt Water Music" on CFRC 101.9FM), and Wayne Tucker, (of CHMR 93.5 FM's "Newfound Records Radio Hour") share the musical riches of the region -- from the vinyl era to the latest tracks. A mother-lode for music-lovers and players is "GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador" -- a marvellous celebration of musical heritage @ (at last count home to 3660 songs, 2462 videos, and plenty of midis, song charts and scores and more). GEST’s Owner/Archivist Gery Deugauw, in addition to his own channel, is caretaker of two wonderful YouTube collections built with great love and rare dedication – 'oldirishladdie' @ and 'NLTreasure' @ (this latter channel created by Jim Yetman, whose video legacy lives on).


TNL's "Newfoundland Vinyl: The 'C' Side" spins each Tuesday and Friday from July 11 - August 29 at the GMTF -- The Ethie Room, Shallow Bay Motel and Cabins, 193 Main Street, Cow Head, Newfoundland A0K 2A0 ( )


On July 28, 2014 Allison Crowe Sings "Newfoundland Vinyl" and More - in GMTF's "Who's Darkening Our Door" Concert Series at The Warehouse Theatre, Main Street, Cow Head, NL. (For info on this performance and all GMTF shows - call 709-639-7238 or toll-free 1-877-243-2899)



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My Funny Valentine ~ June 14



On her most recent European tour, Allison Crowe's concert venues included several classic jazz joints.


Crowe, who started playing piano at age five, first sang publicly around that same time - belting out the Jazz Era-hit "Ja-Da Ja-Da (Jing Jing Jing)".


Making music her life full-time since age 16, the artist, now 32, is one of the great singers and musicians in popular music on-stage and on record this century. While she's known as a singular writer and performer of rock, folk, pop, Newfoundland, Celtic, and other sounds - her roots in jazz go deep, and she now includes some favourite standards in her many-hued repertoire.



Here, at Germany's Jazzhaus Freiburg, Allison Crowe sings Rogers & Hart's "My Funny Valentine" - accompanied by the always delightful Billie Woods on guitar.


Discerning culture blog Muruch says: “I never thought anyone could match, let alone surpass, the great Etta James on this song, but Allison’s gut-busting high notes take the melody to a whole ‘nother level…”



Allison Crowe Music Notes


Musica ~ June 6


Much audio and video to catch up with - from Allison Crowe's touring. Herewith, a recording from Firenze:



Allison Crowe's live interpretation of "Famous Blue Raincoat" - captured by Diego in concerto at Teatro del Sale in Florence, Italy during Crowe's sensational May 2014 "Heavy Graces" tour.

This song is among those in Allison Crowe's repertoire penned by the great, and greatly-loved, Canadian poet, author, singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen.


Allison Crowe Music Notes



Jazz ~ June 2


Next up in our series of stellar live performances from Allison Crowe’s European tour – “In Love In Vain”:




Allison Crowe Music Notes


Allison Crowe video from Europe tour ~ May 25


In an courtyard tonight in Haarlem, Holland – there’s finally internet connection enough to upload a video from Allison Crowe’s “Heavy Graces” tour! Plenty more images – and, with any luck, more video – from the latest chapter in the musical story of one of the modern greats:



Musician Allison Crowe performs her song "Disease" -- before a rocking audience at Germany's Jazzhaus Freiburg on Muttertag -- Mother's Day -- 2014. This tune and Crowe's wildly impassioned performances have drawn her comparison in Europe to innovative Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky -- and the famed German singer-songwriter ("Liedermacher"), composer, author, and actor, Konstantin Wecker.


This hand-captured video is, obviously, lo-fi in sound+ -- still, it captures some of the excitement of this night -- representative of Crowe's triumphant May 2014 "Heavy Graces" tour of Germany and Italy. The Canadian artist enraptured audiences who called her back for two or three encores each night.


At Jazzhaus - Allison Crowe takes to a stage that's hosted: Miles Davis, Lionel Hampton, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Sun Ra, Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, BB King, Jimmy Cliff, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dianne Reeves, Maceo Parker, Betty Carter, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham, Terry Callier, John Mayall, Spencer Davis, Nigel Kennedy und mehr greats.


Vielen dank! Grazie mille! Thank you, everyone!



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Allison Crowe ist in der Scene im Neunkirchen (Saar) ~ May 12



Sexy - Subversiv – Subjektiv – SaarScene – “Das total umsonste Pop-Kultur-Magazin für das Saarland und den Rest der Welt Mission” – posts this exclusive BandCam greeting from Allison Crowe who performs mit Gäste at Stummsche Reithalle, in Neunkirchen, Deutschland 13.05.2014:




SaarScene @ says:


“Nettes Grußvideo von der wunderbaren Allison Crowe. Allison ist gerade auf Tour und spielt am kommenden Dienstag in der Stummsche Reithalle in Neunkirchen. Aber sie erzählt das selbst viel schöner


Hier könnt ihr schon mal reinhören:


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Einer Frohen Muttertag! Happy Mother's Day! ~ May 11



“Diese außergewöhnliche Stimme kann man nicht genug hören” = “This exceptional voice you can not hear enough,” notes Sabine Rakitin in the Markische Zeitung newspaper @


Allison Crowe's European tournee launch is a sensation!! Vielen dank to all! Excited for each konzert :)


Following a second konzert - at Frankfurt's legendary Jazzlokal Mampf - Mischi's venue - the adventure continues...


Allison Crowe - Jazzhaus Freiburg - Bob Masse rock poster art


Timeless art - live. On the streets of Freiburg, Germany - concert poster for Allison Crowe live im Jazzhaus Freiburg. Original design by rock poster legend Bob Masse.


Heute Abend! Die Kanadische Singer-Songwriterin Allison Crowe mit Gäste Billie Woods im Jazzhaus Freiburg!! +


Einen Frohen Muttertag! Happy Mother’s Day :)



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Sie Liebt Dich ~ May 3


Super fun first show in Bernau! Amazing crowd, lovely room! Woot! (tweets Allison)


Allison Crowe - Bernau - Siebenklang 2014 


Bernau bei Berlin last night welcomed Allison Crowe und Billie Woods - with friends old and new in life's celebration of music and passion.


Part of Siebenklang 2014: Bernauer Musikfestspiele it's an extraordinarily well-presented, promoted, attended and received show - and so much more :)


Siebenklang 2014 - Allison Crowe im konzert - 03.05


Allison at the fleugel here in the Ausverkauft! (sold-out), beautiful, historic venue in Bernau.


Vielen dank, everyone!!! Feiern sie :)



Following the sensational launch @ Siebenklang, here are upcoming concert dates on Allison Crowe's current "Heavy Graces" tournee:
07.05 - Frankfurt, Jazzlokal Mampf
11.05 - Freiburg, Jazzhaus
13.05 - Neunkirchen, Stummsche Reithalle
15.05 - Inning am Ammersee, Inninger Spectacel
17.05 - Florence, Circo-lo Teatro del Sale
20.05 - Münster, Hot Jazz Club
22.05 - Potsdam, Lindenpark
Full event calendar and info/links @


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Allison Crowe Drives to New Lands: “Heavy Graces” Tour on Deck ~ April 24


She comes from a land of ice and snow. Some years more-so than others. And, like such phenomena, Allison Crowe’s preternatural talent, and her peerless body of music, is marked by a pure, crystalline, uniqueness.


"How can someone so small and young have such a big voice and write such heavy duty songs?,” legendary West-coast Canada musician and publisher Barry Newman found himself wondering upon discovering a teen-aged Crowe on a Vancouver Island stage in the year 2000. For a cover feature in Cosmic Debris, (the magazine he founded), Newman observed: “The inflections in her piano stylings were so mature too... there was a blues edge in there."


"The first thing you notice about Allison Crowe is her voice. Rich and dark, it seems to come from a place most singers can only dream of accessing. Then there are the songs. Filled with raw passion and accompanied by eloquent piano playing," notes Clodagh O'Connell, (The Courier, Rolling Stone+), in a maiden review of Crowe’s voyage to new lands.


Cultural critic for The Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria, BC, Adrian Chamberlain, also caught the artist in her early concert rounds: “(Listening to) Crowe is akin to sipping the richest of brandies.” The writer, himself a funk soul musician, explained: “Crowe's singing is tremendously powerful; almost operatic. When she digs into a sustained note, as she so often does, the voice is huge, rounded, with a dark timbre.”


The amazing sound crossed the main. Before long UK music maven Dave Henderson, (MOJO, Q and Kerrang!+), was tipping MOJO mag’s audience to this siren from o’er the sea: "Once famously described as possessing a style akin to 'Elton John meets Edith Piaf', the Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe is renowned for her ability to blend control and melodrama."


Moving deeper into this century, the musician’s voice is ever more complex – striking on its own and, most frequently, accompanied by 88 hammers of the gods in the hands of a virtuoso. "You really have to see Allison Crowe live. The way she splits those notes, it's like light through a prism - all the colours of a song," says Canadian radio and television veteran Rick Dennis.


Eight years back, Crowe migrated from her island birth-place of Nanaimo, BC, on the Pacific Ocean, to Corner Brook, nestled on another lovely isle, Newfoundland – near the Viking Trail on Atlantic shores. Acoustic guitar, fiddle and tin-whistle now figure alongside voice and piano in her musical palette – creating rock, folk, jazz, roots, country, Celtic and more thrills. Her newest recording, (released globally April 28), is an addictive variant of a centuries-old song of the seacoast, “Tarry Trousers”.


“Weirdly typical” is how BC dean of Canuck rock writers, Tom Harrison, describes a new album from Allison Crowe – and that legend is key to any map of her course. She presents bi-coastal “Tidings” concerts each Christmas season in her homeland. These past two years Crowe’s focused on: recording (four acclaimed albums – “Tidings Concert”, “Newfoundland Vinyl”, “Heavy Graces”, and “Songbook”); dance (performing songs of Leonard Cohen on-stage with Canada’s brilliant Royal Winnipeg Ballet); theatre (musically directing Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s rollicking hit show, “Newfoundland Vinyl”); and film projects - one recording riveting in the trailer for a major indie motion picture (“The Pardon”), and cameoing, pretty much as herself, in “Man of Steel”- a #1 box-office Superman movie among the decade’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters.


Steering well clear of the corporate record industry’s shallows, Crowe’s integrity is as steadfast as her sound is remarkable – a double-helix of traits akin to the DNA of previous generations’ mavericks. “I’m a big Johnny Cash fan. And I’m a big Allison Crowe fan. So the combination to me seemed like an awesome opportunity if we could make it happen,” explains “Man of Steel” Director Zack Snyder. “Allison and I had talked about trying to get some of her music in one of my movies whenever we could – and I thought, well, if I just put her in the film then there’s no way that it won’t work. So, that’s where you get Allison from.”


Allison Crowe's "Heavy Graces" Tour reaches Europe this May


Allison Crowe's "Heavy Graces" Tour reaches Europe this May 


For her next act, Allison Crowe returns to the international concert stage this May – with eight concerts upcoming in Europe: Bernau (03.05); Frankfurt (07.05); Freiburg (11.05); Neunkirchen (13.05); Inning (15.05); Florence (17.05); Münster (20.05); and Potsdam (22.05). The opening concert on this “Heavy Graces” tour quickly sold out – Ausverkaft! Full event calendar @


For most of these dates, Crowe’s joined by special guest artist, and super-simpatico tour partner, Billie Woods  Woods’ distinctive vocal and nylon-string guitar style is rooted in Canada's Pacific Northwest and infused with the warmth and vitality of cultural rhythms of Brazil. From home-base on Salt Spring Island, BC, in “Canada’s banana belt”, she’s blended a life of passions - principally music and photography.


Crowe’s Road/Stage manager, Axel Dollheiser, hails from Bavaria and Salt Spring. popTrip Entertainment, (currently moving headquarters from Berlin, Germany to Toronto, Canada), is booking agent.


Toronto-based author and visual artist Lorette C. Luzajic concludes: “Not everyone can bring down the divine, not everyone can be vast and mythological or bring the gifts of the gods into a winter’s night. But Allison Crowe channels the spirit each and every time."


Some words about Allison Crowe from around the world @ 




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Happy Easter! - Tarry Trousers ~ April 21



Canada's Allison Crowe here performs "Tarry Trousers" - an addictively lovely version of a traditional tune with history on both sides of the Atlantic since the 1800s.



"Tarry Trousers" is one of the songs she's arranged and curated for inclusion in this Summer's Gros Morne Theatre Festival line-up - and the third incarnation of a rollicking hit show, "Newfoundland Vinyl", conceived by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador's Artistic Director Jeff Pitcher.


TNL produces GMTF, an annual festival situated in a supremely gorgeous location, Cow Head, NL -- Gros Morne National Park (an UNESCO world heritage site on the isle of Newfoundland's west coast).


TNL's latest newsletter contains info on the upcoming Gros Morne Theatre Festival and TNL's Youth Theatre productions. Here, it describes the show musically directed by Allison Crowe and brought to life by the fabulous and fun cast that performs in 2014:


"Newfoundland Vinyl" is back! And this time it's "The 'C' Side". Allison Crowe has made this show into a perennial Festival favourite. The vinyl Newfoundland hits of the 1960's, 70's and 80's by Newfoundland's biggest recording stars are never - ending. From Harry Hibbs' "The Wild Rover" to Eddy Coffey's "Area Code 709" to Cory & Trina's "Northern Lights of Labrador" Allison manages to lay bare the simple and beautiful melodies and lyrics of our most talented artists, featuring the wonderful talents of Stephanie Payne, Amelia Manuel, Claire Hewlett, Colin Furlong, Marquita Walsh, Craig Haley and Keelan Purchase.


And, of course, Ed!


Allison Crowe’s variant of a centuries-old tune, “Tarry Trousers", shines like a diamond bright – and is now added to the cultural treasure chest that is “GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador”:


Gery Deugaw, GEST’s Owner/Archivist writes: “Allison gives traditional songs new life with her beautiful voice and harmonies. The earliest known lyrics to this love ballad were found in the 1848 journal of the whaling vessel Nauticon out of Nantucket, Massachusetts by the captain's wife, Susan Veeder, and is archived at the Nantucket Historical Association Research Library.”



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Tour-ready ~ April 5



Hanging out with my piano - enjoying the sun coming through the window. Tour starts May 3rd in Germany!


Allison Crowe - April 5, 2014 foto


Allison Crowe foto


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Spotify, Pandora add more Allison Crowe music ~ April 2



Spotify and Pandora are adding more Allison Crowe music recordings to their rich libraries (accessible in most countries outside Canada).


Spotify’s recently added “Songbook” @


Following the inclusion of Allison’s other releases of this past year – “Heavy Graces” @ and “Newfoundland Vinyl” @ this makes for a complete repertoire.


Pandora today has added to its Allison Crowe music library @ These newest songs are from Allison’s “Heavy Graces” album. The title track is @ - and the rest of this acclaimed and rocking song collection will be searchable very soon, tagged by Pandora’s descriptors: “folk roots”, “a subtle use of vocal harmony”. “acoustic sonority”, “thru composed melodic style” and more!





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Tonight Will Be Fine ~ March 26



The always marvellous, to some mysterious, DrHGuy - chronicler of all matters of lust, life and Leonard Cohen - showcases his video of Allison Crowe covering "Tonight Will Be Fine". It will.




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Silence - Corner Brook Café ~ March 18


"Silence" - a song first heard on Allison Crowe's "This Little Bird" album - is performed by her in “Corner Brook Café” – the very popular Rogers Television show hosted by veteran Producer Wendy Woodland and filmed by lensman Editor Michael Rigler (MrShadowySouls) in Crowe’s home of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada.



Threshold” visual processing’s chosen here by the duende of the music.




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Happy St. Patrick's!! ~ March 17



There cannae be too much celebrating in life. Here's to a Happy St. Patrick's Day... Sláinte!!


Here’s Allison Crowe's recording of "Black Velvet Band" - from the hit show and album, "Newfoundland Vinyl":



And, here's Allison acapella - "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms":




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Time After Time - live (Nanimo Tidings Concert) ~ March 11


Allison Crowe performs at the annual "Tidings" concert in her birth-place of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. (The same event at which her live performance of "I Never Loved a Man" is captured.)


Here Crowe delivers a song from her child-hood - Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman's '80s pop gem "Time After Time".



Concert video captured by Del Crowe and audio by Scott Littlejohn.



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Disease (White Rock/Corner Brook) - complete ~ March 8



Disease” - Allison Crowe’s vocal and piano performance captured in concert on International Women’s Day in 2008 (08/03/08) – at Turtle Recording’s 20th anniversary celebration. Larry Anschell and Brad Graham co-engineered the audio – showcasing Turtle’s fine-tuned mobile recording expertise heard in music releases from Allison, Pearl Jam, Bif Naked, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Sarah McLachlan and others from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


"Power-house intense" says an European reviewer, “"the energy of 'Disease' can easily provide electricity to a small country for a decade."


Ready to ward off rolling blackouts where e’er they may threaten, this uniquely trans-national creation features Allison Crowe’s live music recorded by Turtle’s dynamic duo, Anschell and Graham, in White Rock, BC – on Canada’s Pacific coast.


Visually representing the live intensity is footage from “A Corner Brook Tidings” – the charming 2012 documentary film directed and produced by Peter Buckle – a project graciously supported by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, with special thanks to Katrina Rice, NLAC Program Officer. Buckle and his camera team crew, Ryan David Butt and Jamie Brace, filmed Allison’s “Tidings” concert in Corner Brook, Newfoundland – on Canada’s Atlantic coast.


Psychedelically fusing this bi-coastal experience is Vimeo’s “Amoeba” enhancer.






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Screen Caps - Video Series Upcoming ~ March 5


Silence - Allison Crowe - screen cap


Screen cap #2 (above) - "Silence" - from Allison Crowe's live performance video series - coming soon to facebook, Vimeo, YouTube +


Time After Time - Allison Crowe screen cap


Screen cap #3 - Allison Crowe performs “Time After Time” - above.



Disease - Tidings Concert - Allison Crowe Peter Buckle screen cap


Above - screen cap #4 – "Disease” – from Allison Crowe’s upcoming live performance video series.




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Disease (White Rock/Corner Brook) ~ February 27


Allison Crowe performs live - "Disease" -- coast-to-coast 'cross Canada. Concert footage filmed by Peter Buckle and crew in Corner Brook, Newfoundland with audio captured by Larry Anschell and Turtle's co-engineer Brad Graham in White Rock, British Columbia.


Full performance video coming soon to Allison Crowe's facebook, Vimeo, YouTube + pages.




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Europe Tournee May 2014 ~ February 26



Enriched by almost two years of focus on recording, film and theatre productions at home in Canada, Allison Crowe and the A-team, guided by the legendary road-meister Axel Dollheiser, resume international concert touring this Spring.


First up – May 2014 brings a return to some favourite venues in Germany and Italy, alongside wunderbar new music rooms:


03.05 - Siebenklang Musikfestspiele - Bernau bei Berlin
07.05 - Jazzlokal Mampf – Frankfurt
11.05 - Jazzhaus – Freiburg im Breisgau
13.05 - Stumm'sche Reithalle – Nuenkirchen (Saar)
15.05 - Inninger Spectacel – Inning am Ammersee
17.05 - Teatro del Sale - Florence
20.05 - Hot Jazz Club – Münster
22.05 - Lindenpark – Potsdam


Most dates feature Allison with very special guest Billie Woods also performing a set.


The tour-opening show is already sold out - Ausverkauft! Full details as they come together are found @ and


Bringing Allison’s live performance home for us all – experience soon a series of music videos coming to facebook, Vimeo, YouTube +


Here’s a screen cap from Newfoundland-based film-maker Peter Buckle’s documentary footage – psychedelicized by Vimeo’s “Amoeba” enhancer.


Allison Crowe - screen cap - Peter Buckle - Amoeba




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All About Jazz ~ February 23



Allison Crowe – now on All About Jazz - - rock - chanson, jazz - grunge, gospel - blues, folk - soul; a voice that unites genres and generations.


All About Jazz - Allison Crowe    



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Do touch that dial ~ February 7


Tonight on NPR’s Red River Radio – Bill Beckett, Host and Producer of “Caravan”, promises “we'll hear new tunes from The Royal Oui, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and the Alabama Shakes plus a couple from Julie Miller and Allison Crowe.” If you’re in broadcast range of the Louisiana, USA airwaves, 9pm local time, you can enjoy the show on terrestrial radio. Those of us around the world can tune in online -


A few hours earlier, as ever, on a Friday, tune in to “Salt Water Music” on CFRC Radio in Kingston, ON, Canada. Host/Producer Rob Carnell always serves us platters of great music from Canada’s east coast – and, Allison’s regularly heard on this tremendous program. Rob advises: “In Kingston tune in to CFRC at 101.9 FM and anyone can listen online at  Reminder for our east coast listeners that the start time is 7pm Atlantic and 7:30pm in Newfoundland. :-)”


And, in more news from the radio dial – Allison Crowe’s “Newfoundland Vinyl” album – a much-loved hit since its release in June 2013, and a top pick on Muruch’s year-end best-of list, has re-entered the radio charts at #7 on CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo, BC, Canada’s college radio. Tune in and turn on to CHLY from anywhere on this planet @


Pump up the volume!!



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Revolution in the air ~ February 7


Digging 50 years of Beatlemania in North America helps to unearth a Canadian cultural treasure in Allison Crowe’s home province on the Atlantic. The Beatles landing at New York City’s JFK International in February 1964 was emblematic of the new – the “jet set” – a revolution in air travel that made it possible for jet planes to cross the Atlantic in record times. In the era of propeller planes and the refuelling stop-overs needed to make the trip between Europe and the USA, the key North American terminal – GIA - was located in Gander, Newfoundland.


Gander International’s VIP Lounge played host to Albert Einstein, Marlene Dietrich, Fidel Castro, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and Jackie O., among countless others, during those years GIA was popularly known as the “Crossroads of the World”.


Then a thriving global hub, in 1959 a new terminal opened and its construction and furniture featured creativity of leading designers – including chairs by Charles and Ray Eames - , “Primasteel” seating by Robin Bush, and a six-foot mural painted by Kenneth Lochhead -


Gander International Airport - Zach Bonnell photo #6


Gander International Airport - departure lounge photographed by Zach Bonnell


The advent of jet travel, however, soon redirected the flow of international air travel. With Gander facilities no longer bustling, it’s uniquely preserved a “time capsule” quality. Today, GIA is viewed as a marvel by art historians, architects and design aficionados – ''It's still one of the most beautiful, most important Modernist rooms in the country, if not the most important,'' says Alan C. Elder, Curator, Canadian Crafts and Design, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. (Recently renamed, the Canadian Museum of History is this nation’s most-visited museum).


Gander, and such nearby communities as Lewisporte, Twillingate and more, earned international renown in 2001 as GIA became haven for dozens of international aircraft grounded when airspace was shut-down in the wake of the 9/11 NYC attacks. The character of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians opening their hearts and homes to thousands of people – flight passengers and crew - during the crisis is legend -


Less-known, across even its home and native land, is how Gander long-served as “Crossroads of the World”. Awareness of GIA’s style is enjoying a renaissance in our internet age – with features in The New York Times - , Institute - , “dwell” magazine - - and more -


Most recently, Bloomberg’s high-end “Pursuits”, (a publication “for the world’s richest people”) put Gander International on its cover, with a fashion shoot -  - calling it “the world’s coolest airport”.


Gander International Airport - Zach Bonnell photo #5


GIA image - showing mural - from series by Zach Bonnell on flickr


In a fab, 18-photo, flickr gallery, Zach Bonnell of St. John’s, NL is our guide on a magical mystery tour of GIA @




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"Imagine" peace again - and again ~ February 2



Among her interpretations of songs by the Beatles, during the group’s collective and solo years, chanting the mantra - peace and love – here’s “Imagine” performed “Live at Wood Hall” by Canadian musician Allison Crowe.



Gerry Deiter, assigned by 'Life' magazine, was the only photographer present for the entire eight-day Bed-In staged by John Lennon and Yoko Ono at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel in 1969. His collection of images from that happening come together in the book "Give Peace a Chance: John & Yoko's Bed-In for Peace" - compiled by Joan Athey and edited by Paul McGrath.


And Joan Athey’s graciously allowed Gerry Deiter’s photographs to accompany the music to make this video.


Since it’s Groundhog Day leading us into the week celebrating 50 years of Beatlemania in North America+ - here’s an encore version of “Imagine” recorded by Allison at home – with peace signs courtesy of Top Pun.





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Hallelujah - Allison Crowe performs Leonard Cohen ~ January 25


Tonight, at the Banff Centre, a cultural beacon alight in the majestic Rocky Mountains since 1933, Canada’s amazing Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents an exciting and inspiring mixed program of dance from three exceptional choreographers: “Quantz by Quanz” (Peter Quanz); “The Doorway” (Jorden Morris); “Pas D’Action” (Brian Macdonald).


The Doorway: Scenes from Leonard Cohen”, choreographed by Jorden Morris, lattices interviews/spoken word recordings, along with: "The Letters" performed by Leonard Cohen and Jennifer Warnes for the CD "Dear Heather"; "Bird on a Wire" as recorded by Adam Cohen for the compilation “A Song for My Father”; "Hallelujah" – the “Tidings” album recording by Allison Crowe; "Since You Asked", a poem composed by Judy Collins and recited by Leonard Cohen from the CD "Born to the Breed”; and "Sisters of Mercy" recorded live by iconic US singer-songwriter Cris Williamson on the CD "Circle of Friends".


The RWB was the first company anywhere in the world to stage a production melding works of the Montreal-born singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist – presenting "The Shining People of Leonard Cohen", with choreography by Brian Macdonald, in 1970. Choreographer Jorden Morris’ “The Doorway” opened in 2012 and, again, represents a company uniquely in tune with the zeitgeist.


Cohen, at age 79, is today enjoying universal appreciation of his works. “Hallelujah” is a much-loved modern standard. His recordings, from “Suzanne” to “The Darkness”+, remain as popular now as the day of their release. A key to such timeless appeal was revealed some years back - when asked by an interviewer about the impact of commercialization, the songwriter explained:


“Well, each person here at this table is a victim of the commercialization of life. I’m sure I haven’t escaped. But I can say one thing - I have been tempted by the money. I have been tempted by the glory... I don’t think there is any man that can escape those temptations. But I feel that I have not put out any songs that were designed to exploit the commercial market.”



(video embed - returning soon)



Allison Crowe’s first release of “Hallelujah” was over ten years ago – - and, it, too, has continued to increase in resonance since the “Tidings” EP of 2003. Here, in video form, Allison performs Cohen’s song - captured in real-time by film director Alex Postowoi and crew and audio engineer Larry Anschell at Turtle Recording by-the-sea in White Rock, BC, Canada. (As with recent Beatles’ interpretations from this same live-in-the-studio session, this is in higher-fidelity than has been previously available.)



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Let It Be - Allison Crowe performs The Beatles ~ January 19



In My Life” - Allison Crowe performing a “John song” was our first video commemorating the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania in North America. With her take on a “Paul song” – here’s Allison now with “Let It Be”, again captured in real-time by film director Alex Postowoi and crew and audio engineer Larry “Turtle” Anschell (and in higher fidelity than previously available online).





The ‘Tidings’ album version of the song - - was recorded a year or two earlier, as was Allison’s version of “Let It Be” that’s part of the NYC-produced “It Was 40 Years Ago Today” tribute album – a compilation also featuring Dee Dee Ramone, Sylvain Sylvain and other DIY, indie, alternative and punk rock musicians (released on February 9, 2004).



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Lights, Cameras... Cassidy ~ January 12



Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder discusses action of the newest Superman movie shot inside the historic Cassidy Inn pub on Vancouver Island, BC. Allison Crowe, in a role very familiar to the Canadian musician, appears in this scene with Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Ian Tracey (Ludlow), Carmen Lavigne (Chrissy), Howard Siegel (Weaver) and other members of the cast – actors whom it was a delight to meet and an honour to work alongside. Same goes for the privilege of working with the film’s amazing crew and production team - a stellar family of professionals united in creativity.


The Blu-Ray edition of “Man of Steel” released in late 2013, includes a feature called “Journey of Discovery”. Zack Snyder and many of the people involved walk us through the making of MoS from pretty much every angle. It’s extraordinary, and, rather than taking away from the movie magic – the explanations of how the science fiction epic comes together leave you more enthralled. It’s super – and fun:






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Beatlemania Hits Fab 50 ~ January 10



“Beatlemania, as it is called, affects all social classes and all levels of intelligence,” The New York Times reported in December 1963.


We’ll hear all manner of takes on similar themes over the coming month, with this February 7 marking the 50th anniversary of The Beatles landing at JFK International (New York City’s Idlewild airport rechristened on December 24, ’63 in tribute to the recently assassinated US President). The group’s appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show – broadcast over the three succeeding Sundays - electrified a new continent.


Plenty came before, and much has happened since, Pan Am Flight 101 delivered the Fab Four aboard a Boeing 707-331, known as the Clipper “Defiance”, to a world ready for joy and release.


 Celebrating the musical legacy of John, Paul, George and Ringo – here’s Allison Crowe performing “In My Life” – captured in real-time by film director Alex Postowoi and crew and audio engineer Larry Anschell at Turtle Recording studios by the sea in White Rock, BC, Canada.





(This is an higher-fidelity video recording than has been previously available!)


And, here’s another performance of the song by Allison – recorded, audio-only, at Turtle a couple of years earlier:



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Buon Anno! "Hallelujah" Passo a Due ~ gennaio 5



Bellissimo!! Filippo Randisi e Silvia Minnella perform a Passo a due (or Pas de deux) to Allison Crowe’s singularly passionate interpretation of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. The dancers are with Sicily’s Academy Centro Danza under Direction of Giusy Liberto, a graduate of the Accademia di Danza di Roma, and this performance, part of "Voci e Suoni del Natale", is presented by Mario Gaziano, director of Italy’s Pirandello Stable Festival. Buon anno!





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"Something to Crowe About" Sings Telegram ~ January 2



Allison Crowe - Cory Hurley - Western Star - The Telegram - detail


Allison Crowe - photograph by Cory Hurley in The Western Star / The Telegram


"Something to Crowe about" sings The Telegram - sharing word of the discerning culture blog, Muruch , naming two of Allison Crowe's albums among the best of 2013 and one of her new original songs its top pick for the year.


The newspaper notes:


"The West Virginia-based Muruch placed Crowe’s album “Heavy Graces” at No. 10 and “Newfoundland Vinyl” at No. 2, second only to “Pure Heroine” by Lorde. The blog also selected Crowe’s “Words” from the “Heavy Graces” record as the top song of the year for its annual list of the 50 best songs of the year, which also found room for three cuts from “Newfoundland Vinyl”: “Black Velvet Band” (No. 12), “Men Who Die for a Living” (No. 18) and “Skipper Billy’s Wake” (No. 28)."


The Telegram is Newfoundland and Labrador's major daily newspaper. Pioneering website Muruch has been sharing favourite albums, live performances, films and literature online since 1999. The full article can be enjoyed @





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Press Quotes - A Collection (click here)



Click a date/line for other 2013 and earlier news:



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11/30 ~ Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet Opens "Doorway" Anew

11/29 ~ Snow on Snow

11/22 ~ Human Voices: Muruch's "Words" Video Premere

11/20 ~ Fun Universe Brings Allison Crowe’s Music Home this Holiday Season

11/12 ~ Up, Up and Away... Man of Steel flies into home theatres

11/02 ~ By Your Side + Autumn Fire

10/31 ~ Halloween Treat

10/21 ~ By Your Side + Autumn Fire

10/20 ~ "Dissolve" mash-up

10/19 ~ "Control" mash-up

10/18 ~ Allison Crowe's Timeless Voice Lifts "Heavy Graces"

10/17 ~ "Words" mash-up

10/16 ~ "You All Haunt Me" mash-up

10/15 ~ "Heavy Graces" out now

10/14 ~ "Through These Heavy Graces" mash-up

10/10 ~ "Famous Blue Raincoat" (choral)

10/06 ~ Heavy Graces Track Listing + Release Date

09/26 ~ "Through These Heavy Graces"

09/19 ~ "Snow" Ellipses Debut

09/12 ~ Allison Crowe in Triple-Billof Summer Hits

09/06 ~ East Coast Kitchen Party Spins Newfoundland Vinyl

09/05 ~ Whether I'm Wrong

09/02 ~ This Little Bird flies free

08/30 ~ Empire State

08/25 ~ Dishing on the "Man of Steel"

08/13 ~ "Canadian Music Rocks the Global Stage" reports Epoch Times

08/02 ~ "I saw rock and roll future..."

07/30 ~ Muruch + Music = Win, Win

07/26 ~ Nappin'

07/25 ~ Hail Atlanti-Con! Fantastic Forum Coming Soon to Grenfell

07/19 ~ Muruch blog shares music joy many ways

07/12 ~ "Newfoundland Vinyl" Revolution at GMTF

07/11 ~ "Sweet Forget Me Not"

07/10 ~ "Seven Old Ladies"

07/09 ~ "Tiny Red Light"

07/07 ~ "Sonny's Dream"

07/06 ~ "Black Velvet Band"

07/05 ~ Newfoundland Vinyl's "timeless beauty" praised + Man of Steel soars

07/03 ~ "Black Velvet Band"

07/02 ~ "Easy" + "Cliffs of Baccalieu"

06/28 ~ "Man of Steel" Set Pics

06/26 ~ Superman to Super Songs: Allison Crowe Changes Tack as "Newfoundland Vinyl" Sets Sail

06/25 ~ "Newfoundland Vinyl" Launch

06/17 ~ Allison Crowe's Synchronous Orbit with "Man of Steel"

06/14 ~ Songbook Salute

06/10 ~ Man of Steel - NYC After-Party

06/10 ~ Super Night of Nights - Man of Steel Premiere

06/02 ~ Up, Up and Away

05/30 ~ Superman Today

05/24 ~ Allison Crowe's Super Summer Launches with "Man of Steel"

05/17 ~ "Newfoundland Vinyl" LP Readies to Set Sail

04/26 ~ New, Vinyl, Album This Summer

04/03 ~ Tonight Will Be Fine

03/03 ~ Curtain Rises on "The Pardon"

02/25 ~ A Case of You's Blue Stroke of Genius

02/14 ~ No Matter the Battle + Le Voyage dans la Lune (Excerpt II)

02/12 ~ Going Home Tonight + Le Voyage dans la Lune (Excerpt I)

02/12 ~ How Long + Romance Sentimentale (excerpt)

02/06 ~ Crayon and Ink + Destino

02/02 ~ Secrets (That Aren't My Own) + Ménilmontant

02/01 ~ Skeletons and Spirits + Le Manoir du diable

01/30 ~ January 2013

01/13 ~ Let the sun shine in

01/06 ~ Snow

01/02 ~ Happy 2013



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