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 Coast-to-Coast Concerts & Joys ~ December 10



Kicking off the “Tidings” concert season with musical friends and family and a rollicking two-night-stand at Corner Brook’s Rotary Arts Centre, Allison Crowe now readies the sleigh to soar westward from Newfoundland’s Atlantic shores – to next touch down on Canada’s Pacific coast.


Along with the possibility of gingerbread, soul cakes, Link’s favourite toys, Allison’s sure to be packing this beloved carol from the 1800s, “In the Bleak Midwinter”:






 "A Voice Made for Christmas" ~ December 8



“Allison Crowe’s resonant, rich, gorgeous voice seems as much a manifestation of Christmas as an instrument for singing holiday songs”, declares Allan Showalter, elvish eminence behind “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered”.


“Although I'm on vacation, I couldn't let the season past without publishing this encore post featuring Allison Crowe talking about her Christmas memories and singing O Holy Night and Joni Mitchell's River”:


Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered - Allison Crowe Christmas


click here -






 Celine Sawchuk & Erwin Join Allison Crowe for BC Tidings ~ December 1



We’ve just received this portrait of Céline Sawchuk with her vintage cello named Erwin – photographed by Howard Fry on Salt Spring Island. Céline, from Dennach in the Black Forest, of German, Mongolian, and Romanian heritage, joins Allison Crowe this year for Tidings concerts in Sidney / Victoria, Vancouver and Nanaimo, BC - adding her tones to the repertoire.



Celine Sawchuk w. Erwin, cello - photo by Howard Fry


Celine Sawchuk w. Erwin, cello - photo by Howard Fry





 Na zdravje to a world of music! ~ November 26



Friend and Belgian-Slovenian cultural liaison Milka Smid sends us a link to the reportage of Italian language journal “Il Mandracchio” on Allison Crowe and Band’s concerto in the Palazzo Manzioli at Easter-time 2016. Allison (piano, vocals, guitar) and bandmates Celine Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) performed with special guest Martin Štibernik (multi-instrumentalist) in the 15th century palace that’s now the heart of Izola, Slovenia’s Italian quarter. (“MisterMarsh” provided the first sound of an accordion in the mix – an instrument that’s become part of the combo with the joining of Keelan Purchase.)


Allison Crowe and Band in concerto al Manzioli - Il Mandracchio



Following the concert, the band performed live, Easter Sunday, for a national broadcast on Slovenia’s Radio Koper. Translating for the audience was Matej Krajnc, (of popular Maribo-based group Sužnji Sendvičev), and show host and producer in RK’s Studio Hendrix was the country’s much-loved musician and journalist+ Drago Mislej aka Mef. Congratulations are in order for Mef who, earlier this month, was awarded the prestigious Ježkova prize in recognition of his journalistic creativity and spirit.


Several of the songs peformed by Allison and Band can be enjoyed on facebook – the trad “Tarry Trousers” @  and modern originals “Lisa’s Song” @



Allison Crowe Music Notes



Tidings returns to delight ~ November 24



Peninsula News Review’s Reporter Hugo Wong previews the holiday joys to come when “Tidings” lights up the fabulous Charlie White Theatre in Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre, Friday December 15.


Allison Crowe, (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle & bodhran), of Scottish, Irish and Manx heritage, together with German, Mongolian, Romanian-rooted cellist/vocalist Celine Sawchuk deliver fun for everyone – music for the season and all time.


Allison Crowe Tidings - Sidney 2017 - Hugo Wong Peninsula News Review 



Click on the thumbnail above to see the article and also enjoy the concert feature in the PNR’s e-edition @


This holiday season "Tidings" brings comfort and joy on-stage to Corner Brook, NL (December 8 & 9), Sidney / Victoria, BC (Dec. 15), Vancouver, BC (Dec. 21) and Nanaimo, BC (Dec. 23). Show details in Allison's Box Office - click here.



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 Bird Set Free – Allison Crowe and Band Soar w. Sia Song! ~ November 18



First heard from the sensational live recording of Allison Crowe and Band – captured recently at LSPU Hall in St. John’s, Newfoundland – is “Verses”. Paul Mercs Concerts, the great Canadian event presenters since 1991, kindly shared "Verses", posting: “Bravo Allison & Co! Beautiful & whimsical as always, got us jigg'n!”


This next song recording from the same show delivers some choruses! After their wardrobe hijinks, the band returns to the stage and soar with their cover of Sia’s uniquely anthemic “Bird Set Free”.



Musicians Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) & Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals) recently banded together on the lovely isle of Newfoundland for sessions and shows.


For a flock of creators who live, literally, all over the map it’s a rare chance to slow the world a bit. “We had time to experiment, and think more about the larger picture musically,” says bassist & birder Dave. “It’s only the beginning. It’s just the first we’ve had opportunity to work the music out without much time restraint. It was fun, relaxed, and productive.”


Melding into one sound and performance experience the rawest of folk roots and the richest of arena rock – that barely begins to describe the originality and freshness of the quintet’s music and personality.


Debuting at Corner Brook, NL’s Rotary Arts Centre, RAC Theatre Co-ordinator Brad Randell observes, “The performance was absolutely magical.”


Rolling across the rock to St. John’s and a concert night at LSPU Hall, magic’s afoot once more with Allison Crowe and Band – and, this time, serendipitously, artifacts remain to be shared in addition to golden memories of artists and audience+.


Alick Tsui, the truly remarkable SJ-based photographer, was able to attend Act 1 (the band’s NL concerts formed around one set in which Allison played guitar or fiddle, and, post-intermission, a second set of songs founded on Allison’s piano tunes) – and Alick captured some iconic images of Allison, Céline, Sarah, Dave & Keelan.


Fortune’s present audio-wise, and Allison’s SD (memory) card is filled with tracks to be mined,



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 Muruch Shares Excitement with "Verses" ~ November 18



Pioneering mp3/music site Muruch – a discerning culture blog since 1999 – is excited by the new sounds and direction of Allison Crowe and bandmates Céline Sawchuk, Sarah White, Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase.


Featuring the newest recording from the combo today, Muruch notes: “Allison Crowe and her band have been performing new songs from their upcoming album, tentatively titled Rare Birds, at concerts on their current tour of Canada. Here is a live recording of her new song, “Verses”…


Muruch - Jen Hopper image 



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 Vail's TV8 Chats with Allison Crowe ~ November 18



Amidst all the band excitement – new music and shows+ – Allison Crowe made a solo expedition to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains where she performed a sold-out/SRO concert in the Vail Valley’s superb Vilar Performing Arts Centre.


TV8 caught up with Allison off-stage for a chat – and this video is now on YouTube. “Good Morning Vail” Host Mark Sassi sits down at the piano bench with Allison Crowe. Kudos to the TV8 Vail team – Producer Laura Mueller w. Heidi Smith, Sean O’Sullivan, Baker Jones and all (incl. Erik Janiszewski taking a break).


Thanks, too, to Vail Valley’s Jeremy Rietmann whose enjoyment of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival’s “Newfoundland Vinyl” show launched the journey that brought Allison Crowe to the wonderful team and audience @ VPAC:



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Allison and Band Find Clothier ~ November 16



’twas another favourite band from a northern town that lyricized love – and fun – cannae be bought with money.


Musing on such fab notions, this birthday of Allison Crowe, it must be noted, then, that Allison and bandmates Céline Sawchuk, Sarah White, Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase form a priceless combo.

Witness some of their concerted hijinks – giving rise to the group term known as “a reel of Keelans” (akin to a flock of seagulls, a pod of dolphins etc.) – and contributing to Allison’s recent post-tour declaration:


I'm exhausted - but it's the good kind of exhausted. Not the kind that's like "I'm never doing that again. Ever." , but rather the kind that comes from working like crazy on something you felt you were maybe supposed to do, but was really a giant leap in to a pit of OH DEAR GOD THIS IS CRAZY of sorts, with a group of people that rocked their butts off with enthusiasm and love the whole damn time. Not without fear. The kind of fight or flight that it turns out is exhilarating rather than debilitating. When you get off the ride at the fair and scream "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" until you're hoarse and your body can't take it anymore. So - Celine - thank you for your passion and music and images and designs and being my gym and knitting buddy, Dave - thank you for your precision and timing and hilariousness and birding and commitment - Sarah thank you for your mando and music and level-headedness and perspective with humour, and Keelan - for jumping in this crazy clown car with us and bringing your instruments and jokes and huge dramatic presence and subtlety and also thank you for your clothes. I love you guys. LET'S DO IT AGAIN.




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Verses ~ November 16



Celebrating the birthday of Allison Crowe, a great artist of our lifetime, with this newest of recordings – “Verses”.




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Meet the Band ~ November 13



Musicians Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) & Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals) recently banded together on the lovely isle of Newfoundland for sessions and shows.


For a flock of creators who live, literally, all over the map it’s a rare chance to slow the world a bit. “We had time to experiment, and think more about the larger picture musically,” says bassist & birder Dave. “It’s only the beginning. It’s just the first we’ve had opportunity to work the music out without much time restraint. It was fun, relaxed, and productive.”


Melding into one sound and performance experience the rawest of folk roots and the richest of arena rock that barely begins to describe the originality and freshness of the quintet’s music and personality.


Debuting at Corner Brook, NL’s Rotary Arts Centre, RAC Theatre Co-ordinator Brad Randell observes, “The performance was absolutely magical.”  


Rolling across the rock to St. John’s and a concert night at LSPU Hall, magic’s afoot once more with Allison Crowe and Band – and, this time, serendipitously, artifacts remain to be shared in addition to golden memories of artists and audience+.


Alick Tsui, the truly remarkable SJ-based photographer, was able to attend Act 1 (the band’s NL concerts formed around one set in which Allison played guitar or fiddle, and, post-intermission, a second set of songs founded on Allison’s piano tunes) – and Alick captured some iconic images of Allison, Céline, Sarah, Dave & Keelan.


Fortune’s present audio-wise, and Allison’s SD (memory) card is filled with tracks to be mined. First, let’s meet the band on-stage :)




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Art Auction Success Aids Kidney Foundation ~ November 12



A Brush of Hope”, the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s artful fundraiser, has concluded its auction of paintings by Canucks including musician Allison Crowe. Collectively, thanks to the generous support of art-lovers, fans, and friends, the art raised raised $17,359.73!


Tanya Kelley, Development Coordinator for the Kidney Foundation’s Atlantic Branch, notes this makes it possible for her group to:


“Send more children to Camp Lots-a-Wata, a medically supervised camp in Nova Scotia.


Provide short term emergency assistance for at risk dialysis patients that need help:
• Getting to their dialysis appointments. Some patients need to travel large distances to make it to the nearest Dialysis Unit.
• Obtaining nutritious meal choices (sometimes food banks are not able to stock renal friendly food)
• Help with dental work. A clean bill of health is necessary for getting onto the transplant list.


It also allows us to hold free Risk Assessment Clinics where the public can under go testing to determine their kidney health and educational events to help with prevention and support and research.”


Thank you for your support – and may the successful bidder on Allison’s painting of a sea bird, the American Avocet, enjoy the pictorial company of a fine feathered friend in their roost. Rare Birds, indeed :)


American Avocet - Allison Crowe painting for A Brush of Hope 2017 - 531 x 299px



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Happy Birthday, dear Joni! ~ November 7



Happy Birthday to a child who’s moved 74 times ’round the seasons, skated o’er plenty clear frozen streams – and, as she’s circled, given us music of profound truth and beauty. Joni Mitchell, the great artist born on this date in Fort Macleod, Alberta – salut!


From Joni’s “Blue” album – in tribute, compatriot Allison Crowe with “River”:




Allison Crowe Music Notes



"A Brush of Hope" Auction ~ October 29



A Brush of Hope” auction is live – for the next ten days, from now ‘til midnight EST on November 8:


The Foundation illuminates this “Opportunity to own an ORIGINAL, one of a kind piece of art by Allison Crowe. All proceeds will go to support the valuable work of The Kidney Foundation of Canada by allowing us to continue our patient services programs, education and awareness initiatives and life saving research. These programs and services enable us to improve the lives of the 1 in 10 Canadians who are living with or affected by kidney disease.”


Allison’s contribution – on 8 x 10” canvas board, signed – is a painting of an American Avocet – a bird that Winters on the coast.


Allison Crowe - A Brush of Hope 2017 - American Avocet


Hang out in “A Brush of Hope” gallery – - enjoy, and bid on, paintings by Allison, Bif Naked, Tim Fox, Bret Hart, Elizabeth May and more Canucks in support of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Atlantic Branch.


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,


And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.


I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.


Emily Dickinson



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(What's so Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding ~ October 26



“This song puts into words a lot of the things I'm feeling in a way that I have a hard time verbalizing clearly. It's been covered a lot. There's the Elvis Costello version which to me has a defiant protest like quality to it (as well as a kind of unique coolness that only Elvis can do in his own way) and the original which is deeply felt and how Nick Lowe sings it today is almost pleading. It really says so much. I hope to fall somewhere in the middle.”




Recorded by Allison Crowe for "Cover Me" blog's 10th Anniversary! Celebrate @  Mixed by Larry "Turtle" Anschell.



Allison Crowe Music Notes



It's comin' on Tidings... ~ October 24



It’s comin’ on Tidings


Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran) and bandmates Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) and Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals) got together this Autumn on the lovely isle of Newfoundland for sessions and shows – marrying the rawest of folk roots and the richest of arena rock.


Within days of the band’s concerts in Corner Brook and St. John’s, NL, Allison Crowe journeyed to Colorado’s Vail Valley for more magic – a sold-out/SRO show high in the Rocky Mountains.


Over this Canadian Winter, Allison will complete her book of prose/poetry, “Fluttering”, and advance the band’s next album, “Rare Birds”.


’fore then, she and a sleighful of wonderful musicians will deliver “Tidngs” – Music for the Season & All-Time:


Allison Crowe w Celine Sawchuk - Tidings 2017 banner - 565


Friday, December 8 – 8:00pm – Tidings: Allison Crowe w. Surprise Guests @ Rotary Arts Centre, Unit 101, 5 Park Street (Lower Level City Hall), Corner Brook, NL A2H 6E1 RAC Box Office: (709) 630-0012  +


Saturday, December 9 – 8:00pm – Tidings: Allison Crowe w. Surprise Guests @ Rotary Arts Centre. Unit 101, 5 Park Street (Lower Level City Hall), Corner Brook, NL A2H 6E1 RAC Box Office: (709) 630-0012  +


Friday, December 15 - 7:30pm – Tidings: Allison Crowe w. Céline Sawchuk @ Charlie White Theatre, Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 1W9 Mary Winspear Centre Box Office (250) 656-0275  + 


Thursday, December 21 - 8:00pm – Tidings: Allison Crowe w. Céline Sawchuk @ Culture Lab, "The Cultch" (Vancouver East Cultural Centre), 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6 Van East Cultural Centre Box Office (604) 251-1363  + 


Saturday, December 23 - 7:30pm – Tidings: Allison Crowe w. Céline Sawchuk & Super Special Guests @ St. Andrew's United Church, 311 Fitzwilliam, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 3A6 (250) 537-1286  + 


Alick Tsui Photography
Mind Palace Design


Wishing you Joy, Peace & the Very Best of Health and Times!



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Avocet-ing for Kidney Research ~ October 23



A Brush of Hope”, The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s artful fund-raising campaign, is rolling again in 2017. Allison Crowe, inspired in part by the avian enthusiasms of her bassist Dave Baird, (pre-cat-hat aka Hobbes-as-headwear season), has painted a sea bird known colloquially as “blue shanks”.


“The American avocet (Recurvirostra americana) is a large wader in the avocet and stilt family, Recurvirostridae. This avocet spends much of its time foraging in shallow water or on mud flats, often sweeping its bill from side to side in water as it seeks its crustacean and insect prey” informs Wikipedia.


All proceeds of the artworks created by Allison and a flock of well-known Canadians will benefit kidney research in Canada – so, please, fly to the auction when it hatches this October 29 and put down your bills in support of this worthy cause. Thank you


American Avocet - painting by Allison Crowe for the Kidney Foundation of Canada - A Brush of Hope 2017


Word from the Foundation's facebook post:


#BrushofHope2017 is pleased to have received a painting from the talented singer/songwriter, Allison Crowe! The eBay auction will be held from October 29th, 12 p.m. to November 8th 12 p.m. EST On Search for "Brush for Hope" All proceeds from the auction are donated to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. #newfoundland #music #brushofhope #allisoncrowe #canadian #artist #art #arte



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Fur Release ~ October 21



Travel can broaden one’s perspectives. It can also warm one’s ears.


Hobbes atop Dave Baird's head - St. John's, NL 2017



Musician Dave Baird journeyed recently from his home-base on Canada’s Pacific coast to rehearse and tour with Allison Crowe and Band in Newfoundland. While on the east coast, bassist Dave discovered what fashionable folks of St. John’s, NL are wearing this season.




To purraphrase Dr. Seuss: “The Cat IS the Hat”.


Foto: Keelan Purchase



Allison Crowe Music Notes



Mountain Time Comin' 'round ~ October 10



Tuesday, October 17, one week tonight, Allison Crowe performs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado - on-stage in the Vilar Performing Arts Centre (VPAC). There'll surely be music from across a spectrum of genres, and, yes, a range of time:



p.s. the Colorado experience was brilliant! Allison's concert was sold out/standing room only - and the entire visit was sublime! Thanks to all @ VPAC, and the people of the Vail Valley and beyond for such a beautiful time! Thanks, Jeremy, Carly, too, for lighting the fuse :)



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Why music? Why breathing? ~ September 27


what a fun night. I love these people! can't wait to do more of this. thank you to everyone who came to the shows and everyone involved for making it happen. #music #newfoundland #bands #stjohns #cornerbrook


l-r: Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase + up-front l-r: Sarah White, Allison Crowe, Céline Sawchuk


l-r: Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase
up-front l-r: Sarah White, Allison Crowe, Céline Sawchuk



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Sign o' Good Times ~ September 24



Sarah White, Céline Sawchuk, Dave Baird, Keelan Purchase & Allison Crowe big poster - St. John's, Newfoundland


l-r: Sarah White, Céline Sawchuk, Dave Baird, & Keelan Purchase; in-back, larger-than-life: Allison Crowe


“Look! We got a big poster on a wall! Allison took the photo because technically she's already in the picture.” notes Sarah live from the streets of St. John’s, NL.



Allison Crowe Music Notes



Sing Out! ~ September 19



Sing out! All aboard – sway along with Allison Crowe and Band jamming in the Corner Brook home of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador. (Thanks TNL!)


With a boundless repertoire that ranges o’er sea and land, air and fire, the majestic and mythic, the profoundly human, visceral as well as ethereal, from this session, (captured on Allison’s phone), here’s a sweet song of the hearth.




Making their global radio performance debut on BOIR's "Wonderful Fine Highlights" show tomorrow, 20.09.17 from 6:00 - 6:45pm local time in beautiful downtown Corner Brook, NL: Allison Crowe and Band! Allison, Céline, Sarah, Dave & Keelan join WFH Show Host Shannon Ann Coyle in-studio - with Kris Watton doing sound, and BOIR "backbone" Kody Gardner keeping the ship sailin' on


Climb on deck from anywhere 'round the world - via the radio station's online player @ (located on BOIR's home-page @ ) Music - and history - will be made



Allison Crowe Music Notes



The Band ~ September 16



Allison Crowe, Céline Sawchuk, Sarah White, Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase making music



Meet the band, l-r: Dave Baird (bass, vocals); Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals); Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals); Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals)
Up-front: Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran)


In league now, Allison, Céline, Sarah, Dave and Keelan delight and thrill in concert this month. "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make," says bandleader Allison. And that’s just what happens.


Allison Crowe, Céline Sawchuk, Sarah White, Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase =  the band



Allison Crowe Music Notes



allison_crowe ~ September 3



  • allison_crowe bought a bag of apples from an adorable kid selling apples, made a pie for the band. #apples #pie #autumn #music


    Apple Pie - Allison Crowe and Band




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    Introducing: Allison Crowe and Band ~ August 31



    Serving up timeless music and alliterative predictability, “The Friday Morning Markout” on Radio CHMR celebrates “Allison Crowe August” – and, come Spring, “Allison Crowe April” @ Program Host DJ FanBoy Mark Jabroni’s joined in-studio this week by: Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran) and bandmates Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals) and Dave Baird (bass, vocals).



    "No matter where Allison Crowe is in this world, that voice, that conviction, it crosses all borders. She’s one of those rare artists that fits into any culture, any community because she is who she is – an incredible talent," observes Jeff Pitcher, Artistic Director, Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador.


    Home in Corner Brook, NL Allison’s writing a book of prose poetry, “Fluttering”, and composing songs for a new album, “Rare Birds” (her 22nd release on Rubenesque Records). In 2017 she’s returned to Cow Head for a sixth year as Musical Director of “Newfoundland Vinyl”, a rollicking hit at TNL’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival.


    On the road, concerts blending rock, folk, Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, and roots, across Europe and North America commingle with other adventures – including Allison’s cameo in the Hollywood Superman blockbuster “Man of Steel” and touring as featured singer/pianist with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet.


    In league now, Allison, Céline and Dave unite soon with Sarah White (mandolin, ukulele, bouzouki, vocals) & Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica). "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make," says bandleader Allison. And that’s just what happens.


    In concert:


    Saturday, September 23 - Rotary Arts Centre, 5 Park Street, Corner Brook - RAC Box Office 630-0012 + more info @…/allison-crowe-and-ba…  +  &


    Tuesday, September 26 - LSPU Hall, 3 Victoria Street, St. John's - LSPU Box Office 709-753-4531 + more @ +


    Showtimes: 8:00pm  A musical wonderment!


    More @ +


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison  and 'mates Ready to Rock ~ August 24



    Allison Crowe, Celine Sawchuk and Dave Baird are united on the rock - Newfoundland - and soon to join their bandmates for musical wonderment! Here's an update from Allison:


    on the road again St John's bound! (Dave isn't actually sad he's just concentrating lol) #music #touring #newfoundland


    Allison Crowe, Céline Greb, Dave Baird Corner Brook to Stt. John's, Newfoundland




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    Allison Crowe's Super Hollywood Cameo ~ August 5



    Up, up, and away to an high-fidelity look behind the scene of the Superman blockbuster, “Man of Steel”, in which Allison Crowe appears as “Singer in Cassidy’s”. Hollywood director Zack Snyder explains how it all came together – and more






    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Sunday Sojourn ~ July 30



    Wake up you sleepy heads… for adventure, even on a lazy Sunday afternoon. “No Matter the Battle” pits Allison Crowe and Band, film-scorer Kayla Schmah, and cinema magician Georges Méličs against the moon’s inhabitants – and we’re all aboard:


    No Matter the Battle + Le Voyage dans la Lune (Excerpt II) from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



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    Allan Showalter's "10 Reasons I Love Canada" ~ July 1



    “O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us!” quoth the bard Robbie Burns. A Canada Day post from the personal blog of Allan Showalter, the word-spinner of magic @ "Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered":


    Canada Flag - Allan Showalter's "10 Reasons I Love Canada"



    10 Reasons I Love Canada


    Leonard Cohen

    Robertson Davies

    Allison Crowe

    Holly Cole

    k.d. lang

    Barenaked Ladies

    Ron Sexsmith

    Carol Shields

    Joni Mitchell

    Gordon Lightfoot

    1. American born but really, truly Canadian



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Celebrating avec "Montreal" ~ July 1



    Long story short - this is a beautiful cover of my song "Montreal" by a wonderful student and singer in Dorval (musicians of L'école Dorval-Jean XXIII).


    Short story long (and rambling): So writing songs (for me, anyways) can be a weird thing - and can feel like no one will ever hear you, or care, or connect with how deeply you feel what you're saying - but then you kind of have to accept that maybe that doesn't matter, and it is in that instant only about what the creation for you means right then - and maybe that's all it'll ever be, it's absolutely possible no one will care, and so you just do it anyway, because it's what you do.


    Maybe after you write it, it doesn't matter what it means to you, it isn't about yourself at all, it's about what someone else can take away from it, heal, commiserate, rage, sing or laugh along - and you put every emotion you have in to whatever you're saying in one moment - but then that time passes, A LOT OF TIME PASSES VERY QUICKLY, and everything takes on different meanings. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it makes you cry.


    Students in Dorval are celebrating 375 years of Montreal, and this is a young woman singing a verse and chorus of my song "Montreal" , and I can honestly say that a) i never saw that coming b) i don't actually know what to say so i am saying too much and c) I'm crying.




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    Newfoundland Vinyl - 2017 editions opens ~ June 23



    I am so SO proud of everyone involved with Newfoundland Vinyl for all the hard work they've done in this past few weeks - I can not thank you enough for your hearts and souls - and here we are at opening night! Break legs and have a blast! #newfoundland #music


    Newfoundland Vinyl - 2017 ediition


    Opening tonight - "Newfoundland Vinyl" runs through September 1, 2017 at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. For show info and tickets visit Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador @



     Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Salute to mandolinist+ Sarah! ~ June 5



    Salut, Sarah! Happy Birthday :) Multi-instrumentalist+ Sarah White, nurtured in Canada’s coastal provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, marks this special occasion in Cow Head, NL, where she’s Assistant Company/Production Manager for TNL’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival.


    Sarah White - mandolin, bouzouki, guitar - Allison Crowe and Band


    Foto of Sarah White by Allison Crowe


    Her contribution of mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, vocals+ to Allison Crowe and Band will enrich upcoming shows and recordings – right now, celebrate with Sarah’s mando and more in this concert bootleg of “Arthur” from the band’s most recent European tour:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Lift-off @ Gros Morne Theatre Fest ~ June 3



    Musician Allison Crowe’s now settled into Gros Morne, one of the world’s most naturally beautiful locations, readying with cast and crew for the sixth annual production of “Newfoundland Vinyl” – a rollicking part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. Conceived by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador Artistic Director Jeff Pitcher, the show’s directed by Crowe and this year opens on June 23.


    In anticipation of this Summer’s selection of songs+, here’s the sounds of music from the early years of “Vinyl”:



    GMTF’s season launches tonight with a presentation of Marie Jones' “Fly Me to the Moon”. Lift-off is 8:30 pm in The Warehouse Theatre, Cow Head. For TNL’s full calendar of theatre and concerts to come - orbit



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Home for the Holidays and more ~ May 20



    It’s an holiday weekend o’er numerous Canadian provinces (outside of NB, NS and NL). The biggest celebration happens in Prince Edward Island and soon carries over to Newfoundland – marking a return home of the prodigal son, Link. Allison Crowe’s dashing friend has been visiting UPEI’s Small Animal Hospital where the super medical team has set him back on track. Next stop, home, as evinced in Allison + band’s joyful rendition of Gary O’Driscoll’s universally hearth-felt anthem:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Happy Birthday to cellist+ Céline! ~ May 17



    Happy Birthday, Céline! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Today we celebrate the birthday of Céline Sawchuk (née Greb), cellist and vocalist in Allison Crowe and Band – and the graphic designer of band posters, album art and more. Originally from the Black Forest of Germany, Céline now is home on Canada’s Salt Spring Island.


    As Allison and the group ready songs for their next album and concerts, here’s the sound of Céline’s strings and voice united with Alley and co. on “You All Haunt Me” from their “Heirs+Grievances” double-disc debut:


    Céline Greb - cellist, vocalist - Allison Crowe and Band


    Céline Greb - foto by Colby Sawchuk



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Happy Mother's Day ~ May 14


    Happy Mother’s Day! Schönen Muttertag – all the best to Mothers in all languages and lands


    The bond of John Lennon and Paul McCartney had much to do with their Mums. From this well of creativity, here’s Allison Crowe’s serving of “In My Life”:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    World Migratory Bird Day ~ May 10



    It’s “World Migratory Bird Day”, the aim of which in 2017 is to “highlight the interdependence of people and nature, and more specifically people and migratory birds, as they share the same planet and the same limited resources.” World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) was initiated in 2006. That’s also when when musician Allison Crowe migrated from Canada’s Pacific coast to its Atlantic shore where she’s nested e’er since.


    Celebrating a common trajectory, here’s “This Little Bird”, from Crowe’s album of the same name:



    And, for info on WMBD, and the cause that’s under wing of the slogan “Their Future is Our Future – A Healthy Planet for Migratory Birds and People”, flock to and UNESCO’s site @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Whether I'm Wrong" ~ April 6



    Allison Crowe with her first song and performance she posted online - "Whether I'm Wrong"



    Whether I'm Wrong - Allison Crowe live-in-the-studio from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Heirs+Grievances" Full Riches ~ April 3



    Heirs+Grievances”, already a glorious album of music from Allison Crowe and Band, is now an even fuller experience. Two song tracks are restored to the original release: a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No.2” and a live-in-the-studio take of “Secrets (That Aren’t My Own)” – a signature of Crowe’s repertoire.


    As concert versions of both songs are heard on “Introducing”, the live-CD element of the double-album, these tracks were dropped from last year’s physical pressing. Now, they’re reunited with the other tracks captured at Turtle Recording. A work of “artistic genius”, as “The Celtic Music Fan” describes the album, is now ever-more brilliant.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Lettin' Loose the "Black Velvet Band" ~ March 15



    Sweet serenade for the donning of something green and celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend:



    Allison Crowe lets loose the “Black Velvet Band” from her first “Newfoundland Vinyl” album:



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Hold Back" + "Effortless" Ciné ~ February 25



    “Cinema changed him and he changed cinema,” Agnčs Varda, the great Ixelles (Brussels)-born French photographer and film director, says of cultural confrčre, French-Swiss director/screenwriter/critic, Jean-Luc Godard.


    JLG’s short “Une femme coquette” is filmed in Geneva with credits to Hans Lucas (a nom de guerre the ground-breaking iconoclast used also for writings in ‘Cahier du Cinéma’). It’s rarely exhibited and seen until its recent sharing online with the world by Australian cinéaste and critic Dave Hesler. (Gracias, Nina, for flagging the original now available in full via YouTube @ and elsewhere.)


    This early (1955) creation of Godard, as excerpted here, finds its images meeting new sound – from Canadian musician Allison Crowe. “Hold Back” is recorded by Crowe herself at home in Corner Brook, NL. The ciné song’s lyricism reveals “an heart of mystery and some fears faced”.



    Effortless” is recorded by Ryan Adams in a log-home of Crowe’s friends on Salt Spring Island, BC. “Trying not to try so hard” is the puzzle.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Halifax Voices to Glow ~ February 21


    Considering the weather – and, perhaps, a limited number of Zambonis – the special advance ticket offer for “Music Speaks Louder Than Words” is extended now until March 7. Online Box Office info is @ and the event page on facebook is @


    Allison Crowe joins The ScotianAires, Atlantic Barbershop Chorus Champions, and award-winning women’s barbershop quartet, Tonic! for a concert celebration – Saturday, April 1 at the Bella Rose Arts Centre (283 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax, NS). Rejuvenating voices and song will be capped with camaraderie at the "Afterglow" party!


    Allison Crowe, The ScotianAires, Tonic! April 1, 2017 Concert banner




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "The Allison Crowe Show" ~ February 17


    Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey… entertainment media masters all. Coming this Spring – delivering musical excitement of an whole new order – The Allison Crowe Show!


    Allison Crowe with Sarah White, Keelan Purchase & Greg House in concert – featuring performances by Bridget & Dahlia, and Emma Peckford – on-stage at the Rotary Arts Centre in beautiful downtown Corner Brook.


    RAC Theatre Co-ordinator Brad Randell reveals this first poster – and there’s an event page @ + advance tickets now on-sale c/o Stay tuned for rock’n’revolution :)


    The Allison Crowe Show feat. Bridget & Dahlia, Emma Peckford




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Tapping GIW ~ February 14







    "Great Island Wonder" Uncorked ~ February 14



    There’s a lot of love expressed when Allison Crowe sings and plays. Love for another. Love for humanity. Love of place. Love of peace. Love of freedom. There’s heartbreak and loss, too. Exorcism. Transcendence. "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music” – the artist’s raison d’etre.


    Great Island Wonder” is the official release of a concert bootleg that’s long circulated in torrent trading circles. Mélanie Bilodeau of Denman Island, on Canada’s Pacific shores, presented this concert to her home community and neighbours on Hornby Island, BC in 2005 – it’s captured resonantly by Audioarchivist John MacMillan:


    A sister, companion in ways, to “Live at Wood Hall” recordings of concerts earlier that Spring – this night’s undercurrents surface in song debuts of “I Don’t Know”, “You”, “Skeletons and Spirits” and reflect a different sort of intensity.


    This date was soon followed by a cross-Canada tour, embarking birth-place Nanaimo, BC and reaching St. John’s and Corner Brook, Newfoundland, on Canada’s Atlantic coast, where Allison Crowe made her new home. Bi-coastal love established then is grown ever-deeper now. (Another shift – this may be the final concert capture of entirely vocal-piano repertoire. By her next tours of Canada and Europe Crowe was including guitar songs, as well, in her set. In more recent years she’s added fiddle and bodhran.)


    Sharing the tape – John MacMillan describes this ‘Live on Denman Island’ doc in these ‘Personal notes’:


    “To be honest, this was a fairly ‘dark’ show - there seemed to be demons rearing their ugly heads for this concert. The song selection is pretty, um, deep and somewhat, well, I dunno what to call it. Not to go into all the dreary details, but I was beginning the end of a relationship with a partner who was the catalyst of making this show happen, and I believe Alley was going though a breakup that kind of came to a peak at this show. Like I say, the song selection and audience banter seems to reflect this stuff that was going on behind the scenes. Despite the personal hardships, I think it is a brilliant performance, with some humour thrown in as well. Allison Crowe is a great songwriter, a fantastic musician, and an amazing vocal talent. I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I enjoyed the show.”


    (MacMillan’s ‘Technical Notes’ to the recording are found on the Great Island Wonder” album page.)


    The album’s front cover, foto by Allison Crowe’s released earlier this year. Here now is the back-side: Straits of Georgia and Part of Vancouver Island (Map) – adapted from “Ocean to Ocean, Sandford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872” (pub. 1873).



    Great Island Wonder - Allison Crowe - album back cover





    "Tonight Will Be Fine" ~ February 14



    “In celebration of Valentine's Day, Cohencentric offers Allison Crowe's romantic cover of Leonard Cohen's Tonight Will Be Fine”:


    Tonight Will Be Fine - Allison Crowe on Cohencentric - Valentine's 2017



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe, Tonic! & The ScotianAires Share the Love ~ February 13



    Mother Nature’s showing Canadians a lot of love for wind, ice and snow this season. Still, Spring is coming – and with its flowers and bird song arrives, in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, unalloyed joy in the form of a concert featuring Allison Crowe, Tonic! and The ScotianAires.


    At the Bella Rose Arts Centre, Saturday, April 1st “Music Speaks Louder than Words” (even those words used to describe the weather):


    Music Speaks Louder Than Words - April 1, 2017 concert - Allison Crowe, Tonic!, The ScotianAires


    "On Feb. 14 give the gift of music! Share the a cappella love!"



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Secrets" of Mona Lisa ~ February 10



    “There is hope,” writes musician Allison Crowe. “That word keeps coming up. It makes me think that maybe it’s real. It is resilient. You can try to leave it out but it keeps putting itself back in place. You can try to deny it but it won’t stay buried.”


    Crowe’s writing her first book, “Fluttering” about which she says: “There's a few paragraphs that are just sort of thinking out loud but, for the most part, there's either poems, prose, thought pieces, or stream of consciousness.”


    She’s composing, as well, for her next album – the artist's 22nd on Rubenesque Records' label. “Rare Birds” brings together again her brilliant bi-coastal band for concerts and recordings.


    Right now, here’s one of music’s great voices and one of rock’s great songs – “Secrets (That Aren’t My Own)” – a previously-unreleased version from Allison Crowe and Band’s “Heirs+Grievances” sessions.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "When I'm Gone" ~ February 5



    Many good hearts these days are looking to help one another in this life. Phil Ochs wrote a song for our times – and Allison Crowe helps deliver the message, “When I’m Gone”:


    When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) - Allison Crowe from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Global Community Celebrates Cohen ~ January 29



    Allison Crowe is among the artists and community members of Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, paying tribute to the maestro Leonard Cohen – events in a global chain of people celebrating the life and creativity of the bard:


    No Way to Say Goodbye, a Tribute to Leonard Cohen - Corner Brook, Newfoundland


    "No Way to Say Goodbye, a Tribute to Leonard Cohen" - Rotary Arts Centre, Corner Brook, NL Canada - Photo courtesy Dean Peckford - posted to The Leonard Cohen Forum



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Year of the Fire Rooster ~ January 28



    Celebrate this first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year with Allison Crowe on a musical and cinematic voyage that’s of, and out of, this world:


    Going Home Tonight - Allison Crowe and Band - Heirs + Grievances from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Great Island Wonder" ~ January 26



    For the love of music, for the love of all life, this February 14, whether you celebrate Valentine’s or V-Day, or however, simply, you mark another day of existence – there’ll be a special soundtrack coming from Allison Crowe.


    A rare batch of “Great Island Wonder”, (named, also, for the love of bootlegs), is 18 song performances straight from the heart – and banter galore – captured by audio archivist John MacMillan in concert on Canada’s Denman Island a dozen years ago. This show, hosted by Denman’s Mélanie Bilodeau, offers a repast – an edible, audible, document of the artist’s solo repertoire at one delectable moment in time.


    Album art was originally anticipated to be wholly cartographic in nature – however, with such an Hipgnotic foto now facing us, the song+ info will be mapped out solely on GIW’s back cover to be released with the music on 14.02.2017.


    Great Island Wonder - Allison Crowe - album front cover


    Album cover foto: Allison Crowe



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "You All Haunt Me" ~ January 22



    Allison Crowe is writing this season. Poems, prose, thought pieces, stream of consciousness... words that may become songs, companions thereto, or something totally different.


    Over 2017 she’s bringing together a bigger bi-coastal band, adding new members soon. While all this creativity unfurls we’ll share discoveries of recordings past.


    Her music catalogue is already free of over-production – art without artifice. Still, even more unvarnished is this version of “You All Haunt Me” – a song most recently heard on Allison Crowe and Band’s debut, “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances” ( This is the song first recorded simply to preserve the tune. As with the band version, the video features scenes from cinema classic “Ménilmontant”.


    Journalist Erin Fletcher, describing Allison Crowe in concert, found words that fit this, and any, track of hers just as well: "The music is the woman. She communicates about love, death and life through her songs. Her voice is unmistakable, and in the same song she can be powerfully raw, yet hit a high note so delicately it slips through her lips and kisses your ear.”


    You All Haunt Me from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Music Speaks Louder Than Words" ~ January 17



    Just announced! Allison Crowe returns to the lovely Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia - her first visit since performing in H-town with Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 2012. This upcoming special concert event - "Music Speaks Louder Than Words" - happens Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the Bella Rose Arts Centre.


    Here's the scoop from The ScotianAires:  Much fun ahead  :)


    ScotianAires with Allison Crowe - Music Speaks Louder Than Words



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~ January 16



    We need always strive for peace and love in our lives and justice in society as we’re reminded on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Here’s the piano version of “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)".


    Allison Crowe performs the Patty Griffin song live-in-the-studio of Newfoundland’s “Out of the Fog”. Thanks to musician, photographer, activist+ Bob Benvenuti for introducing Allison to this music.



    Celebrating this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Allison Crowe’s guitar version of Patty Griffin’s MLK song – tribute to the great civil rights activist and Baptist minister – “Up to the Mountain




    Visuals come from “Faces: Broadway” part of the “Faces: Newfoundland" installation created by Philip N. Robbins and Jillian Parsons (known then for their work with Stockpile or Larger Than a Cat).



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "I remember you well..." ~ January 14



    This weekend Allison Crowe joins the Bay of Islands Sunday Session (Ivan Emke et al), Nick Hamlyn, Ruth Lawrence, Daniel Payne, Dahlia & Bridget, Helen Fox Reid, Emma Peckford, Tara Manuel with Michael Rigler, Louise Gauthier w. Tom Brennan and Cindy Kawaja, Gary & Whit on-stage in “No Way to Say Goodbye…” – a loving tribute to the buckskin boy who’s uplifted our world through words and music, the bard Leonard Cohen.


    As the artists soon take the Rotary Arts Centre stage, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland we all share in the salute. Here’s a live-in-the-studio, (previously unreleased), track from Allison Crowe and Band’s “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances” debut. Allison (vocals, piano) and LIN (cello) check-in with “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” – “I remember you well…”:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "No Way to Say Goodbye, a tribute to Leonard Cohen" ~ January 7



    When maestro Leonard Cohen passed away this Winter Allison Crowe and Band were in the midst of a concert tour. Immediate on-stage and audience outpourings of emotion and acknowledgement of the great loss of the man and artist flowed then.


    No Way to Say Goodbye, a tribute to Leonard Cohen - RAC, January 14, 2017


    Now, event organizers in Allison’s snowy home of Corner Brook, Newfoundland are planning a celebration of Leonard Cohen, his poetry, music and life – to happen next Saturday, January 14 at 8pm in the city’s Rotary Arts Centre:


    No Way To Say Goodbye, a tribute to Leonard Cohen” – to benefit the Artist Emergency Fund for Newfoundland and Labrador, CAPE (Cultural Artists Plan for Emergencies) – brings together Allison Crowe, Louise Gauthier, Tara Manuel, Dahlia & Bridget, Ruth Lawrence, Daniel Payne, Gary & Whit, Emma Peckford, Helen Fox Reid and more Cohen comrades and partisans.


    Earlier, at 4pm, January 14, also at the RAC, will be a screening of “Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Leonard Cohen” – the National Film Board’s 1965 documentary portrait directed by Donald Brittain & Don Owen:


    NB The concert of Saturday, January 14 is sold out! A second, matinee, show is happening Sunday, January 15 - 2:30pm at the RAC.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Clodagh Mara O'Connell Joins Allison Crowe & Co. for New Adventures ~ January 3



    The music of Allison Crowe has travelled greatly this century. Now, with bandmates, LIN, Sarah White & Dave Baird, there’s more adventure ahead.


    And, it’s with immense delight and gratitude we welcome aboard Clodagh Mara O’Connell – newly appointed Road & Merch Manager for the group.


    Clodagh is a lawyer and former music journalist and screenwriter. Her deep love of music and the arts has been the constant in her life and work. Clodagh’s passions and talents flow together with Allison + band in, both, admin and hands-on areas.


    Art and all at Rubenesque Records Ltd. has never shone brighter as we enter this New Year. A new web home is being built @ - and the ol’ faithful site remains @ – enjoy all the music @


    Allison Crowe and Band + Team 2017



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Snow ~ January 2, 2017





    Fireworks all across the bay.


    For Shannon






    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Happiest New Year!! ~ December 31



    Happy New Year!! In every way :) Sláinte mhaith!


    Felice anno nuovo! Gelukkige nuwejaar! Ilufio čtussé! Gëzuar vitin e ri! E glëckliches nëies! عام سعيد aam saiid! Shnorhavor nor tari! Amokitanone! Yeni iliniz mübarək! Aw ni san'kura! Mbuee! Urte berri on! З новым годам Z novym hodam! Shuvo noboborsho! Asgwas amegas! Mbembe mbu! Nauka sal mubarak hoe! Bonne année! Sretna nova godina! Bloavezh mat! честита нова година Chestita nova godina! Hnit thit ku mingalar pa! Sun lin fi lok! Bon any nou! Malipayong bag-ong tuig! 新年快乐 Xin nian kuai le! Bledhen nowedh da! Pace č salute! Sretna nova godina! šťastný nový rok! Godt nytĺr! Sale naw tabrik! Mbu mwa bwam! Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Feliĉan novan jaron! Head uut aastat! Eƒé bé dzogbenyui nami! Mbembe mbu! Bamba mbou! Gott nýggjár! Manigong bagong taon! Onnellista uutta vuotta! Mikudo xwe yoyo! Lokkich neijier! Bon an! Dioul mo wouri! Feliz ano novo! გილოცავთ ახალ წელს Gilocavt akhal tsels! Frohes neues Jahr! Καλή Χρονιά Kali xronia! Sal mubarak! Rogüerohory ańo nuévo-re! Bňnn ané! Barka da sabuwar shekara! Hauoli makahiki hou! שנה טובה Shana tova! Ombura ombe ombua! Nav varsh ki subhkamna! Nyob zoo xyoo tshiab! Boldog új évet! Gleđilegt nýtt ár! Obi anuri nke afor ohuru! Selamat tahun baru! ᐅᑭᐅᒥ ᓄᑖᒥ ᖁᕕᐊᓱᒋᑦᓯ Ukiumi nutaami quviasugitsi! Ath bhliain faoi mhaise! Buon anno! Sugeng Warsa enggal! あけまして おめでとう ございます Akemashite omedetô gozaimasu! Aseggas ameggaz! ಹೊಸ ವರ್ಷದ ಹಾರ್ಧಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು Hosa varshada hardika shubhashayagalu! Nav reh mubarakh! Zhana zhiliniz kutti bolsin! Sur sdei chhnam thmei! Ngethi cya mwaka mweru! umwaka mwiza! ЖАӉЫ ЖЫЛЫӉЫЗДАР МЕНЕН Zhany zhylynyzdar menen! 새해 복 많이 받으세요 Seh heh bok mani bat uh seyo! Sala we ya nű pîroz be! Mvhura zompe zongwa! Sabai di pi mai! Felix sit annus novus! Laimīgu Jauno gadu! Bón ŕnno nęuvo! Bonana! Laimingų Naujųjų Metų! Gelükkig nyjaar! Omwaka omulungi! E gudd neit Joër! Среќна Нова Година Srekna nova godina! Arahaba tratry ny taona! Selamat tahun baru! Nava varsha ashamshagal! Is-sena t-tajba! Kia porotu te ano ou! Kia hari te tau hou! Navin varshaachya hardik shubbheccha! Kaoha nui tenei ehua hou! Ose:rase! Шинэ жилийн баярын мэнд хvргэе Shine jiliin bayariin mend hurgeye! Węnd na kô-d yuum-songo! Umyaka omucha omuhle! Naya barsha ko subhakamana! Ngeu' shwi pong mbeo paghe! Jostouse anna! Godt nyttĺr! Bon annada! Subha nababarsa! naya sar Mubarak! Ungil beches er rak! Bon anja! Nawe kaalmo mobarak sha! Gelukkig Nieu jaar! سال نو مبارک Sâle no mobârak! Szczęśliwego nowego roku! ਨਵੇਂ ਸਾਲ ਦੀਆਂ ਵਧਾਈਆਂ Nave saal deeyan vadhaiyaan! Bun di bun onn! Baxtalo nevo bersh! Un an nou fericit! С Новым Годом (S novim godom)! Ia manuia le tausaga fou! Luholâš uđđâ ive! buorre ĺdĺ jagev! Lihkolaš ođđa jagi! Leklvaz ođđ eeˊjj! Buerie orre jaepie! Nzoni fini ngou! Bonu annu nou! Bliadhna mhath ur! Срећна Нова година Srećna Nova godina! Mwaha mwema! Goredzva rakanaka! Nain saal joon wadhayoon! ශුභ අළුත් අවුරුද්දක් වේවා Shubha aluth awuruddak weiwa! Omaka t'etcha kin washte kte ni! Srečno novo leto! Dobir leto! Sanad wanagsan! Feliz ańo Nuevo! Wan bun nyun yari! Mwaka mzuri! Gott nytt ĺr! Es guets Nöis! Manigong bagong taon! Ia orana i te matahiti api! соли нав муборак Soli nav muborak! Assugas amegaz! இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் Iniya puthandu nal Vazhthukkal! Yańa yıl belän! నూతన సంవత్శర శుభాకాంక్షలు Nuthana Samvathsara subhakankshalu! สวัสดีปีใหม่ Sawatdii pimaď! Tashi delek! Sanat farah wa khare! Tshidimu tshilenga! Itumelele ngwaga o mosha! Posa varshada shubashaya! Yeni yılınız kutlu olsun! Gluk in'n tuk! Vyľ Aren! Щасливого Нового Року / З Новим роком Z novym rokom! Naya sal mubarak! Yangi yilingiz qutlug' bo'lsin! Chúc Mừng Nǎm Mới! Ene boune anéye! Bone annéye! Blwyddyn newydd dda! Bon lanné! Dewenati! Nyak'omtsha! אַ גוט יאָר A gut jor! Eku odun! Barka'n da djiri tagio! Unyaka omusha omuhle!



    New Year's Countdown / Auld Lang Syne from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe Rides Out 2016 on NPR Red River Radio's "Caravan" ~ December 30



    NPR’s “Caravan” rides into the New Year with a show featuring music from Allison Crowe, Townes Van Zandt+ in a line-up of great artists. The program’s global mosaic of Roots, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Alternative and more includes a concert segment – this week enjoy Iris DeMent at Newport. Capping 2016 on Red River Radio “Caravan” Host/Producer Bill Beckett notes:


    “Airs Friday, December 30, at 9 p.m. This week on the Caravan we'll feature music new music by Jason Isbell, Terra Naomi, Lisa Loeb, The Howling Brothers and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band... plus music from Townes Van Zandt, Allison Crowe, Roy Book Binder, Robert Earl Keen and a couple of classic tracks from the Bluebirds. This week in our Concert Hour, Iris DeMent take the stage at the Newport Folk Festival, and in our final hour we'll seek answers to One Simple Question. Join us Friday at 9 for the Caravan on Red River Radio.”


    Tune in live from anywhere in the world – this Friday, December 30 @ 9:00pm Louisiana, USA time:


    Carvan - December 2016 - Allison Crowe and more on NPR Red River Radio w. Bill Beckett


    Foto: NPR/Red River Radio Caravan




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Tidings ~ December 25



    "Tidings" music for the season and all time - and no need, even, to get up and flip the record over. Enjoy:




    Enjoy all 29 songs - sacred and secular, trad to modern - now open on Allison’s Musical Advent Calendar further down this webpage and also @





    ho, ho, ho... and mistletoe



    "A Voice Made For Christmas Carols By & Memories From Allison Crowe" – Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered ~ December 19



    Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” chimes with tradition and good cheer – and today the blog’s editorial Santa Allan Showalter hangs out this bright stocking feature: “Allison Crowe’s resonant, rich, gorgeous voice seems as much a manifestation of Christmas as an instrument for singing holiday songs:”


    “A Voice Made For Christmas – Carols By & Memories From Allison Crowe” –  Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered





    Whether I'm Wrong (Day 22) - December 18



    Day 22 on the Musical Advent Calendar opens on this song from Allison Crowe – featured by the UNESCO-endorsed ‘New Songs for Peace’ project – “Whether I’m Wrong”:


    Whether I'm Wrong - Allison Crowe live-in-the-studio from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    Mark each day through Christmas with a new song on Allison’s Musical Advent Calendar @




    Silence - December 15



    Today, Day 18 on the Musical Advent Calendar, brings “Silence” – in two forms. Allison Crowe’s brilliance as composer and performer is wondrously evident in each recording – captured a decade apart – and both created in the same, real-time, as the experience of listening.


    Firstly, here’s Allison solo, singing and playing in a friend’s log-home on Salt Spring Island, Canada. This 2006 recording was released just last year on her “Sylvan Hour” album – described by pioneering culture blog Muruch as “truly a masterpiece” (


    Silence from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Second version of “Silence’, open Day 18 on the Musical Advent Calendar, is this recording, live-off-the-floor – found on Allison Crowe and Band’s 2016 debut, “Heirs+Grievances” ( – an album that’s testament to Crowe’s “absolute personal commitment" to song (Some Diurnal Aural Awe) and “artistic genius” (The Celtic Music Fan).


    Silence - Allison Crowe and Band - Heirs + Grievances from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    Each day through Christmas delivers a new song – and today, a pair of recordings - opening on Allison Crowe’s Musical Advent Calendar @





    Christmas in the Harbour - December 9



    Christmas in the Harbour”, looking out Allison Crowe’s window – and music as immediate as the falling snow. This carol from songwriter Gary O’Driscoll’s first heard some 35 years ago – in an holiday special of “Up at Ours”, the NL television comedy-drama series created by actor, playwright+ Gordon Pinsent. It’s now a perennial favourite:


    Christmas in the Harbour from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    Each day through Christmas celebrate a new song on Allison’s Musical Advent Calendar @


    Foto by Allison Crowe






    Feed NL Day - December 8







    If It Be Noel - December 5



    It’s possible that everybody knows – certainly “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” has pegged today for “Allison Crowe’s Delightful Performance of The First Noel”:


    The First Noel - Allison Crowe - Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered


    If it be Noel, December 5 is Day 9 on Allison’s Musical Advent Calendar. Each day through Christmas a new link to celebrate this season will open @





    Calendar Fun - December 4



    Snow falling coast-to-coast in Canada, it's time to warm up inside Santa's workshop - and see how Allison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar comes together. Next year, everyone can be doing this!


    For example, to create the antique angel icon start with a scan of a vintage postcard from The Graphics Fairy, a great resource for DIYers and Crafters -


    Antique Angel @ The Graphics Fairy- Alison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar



    Next, crop the image into a circle shape using Lunapic - - add a dash of colour, if you choose. Figure out the date for your selection and add the number. Then, let it be


    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar - Let It Be - Antique Angel



    Each day through Christmas a new link will open on Allison's Musical Advent Calendar @





    "All the Colours of a Song" - December 1



    Day 5 of our Musical Advent Calendar opens with “Blue Christmas” – from Allison Crowe’s remarkable all a cappella collection, “Souling” (2015). Composed by Jay W. Johnson & Billy Hayes, the song’s first recorded in 1948 by Texan Doye O’Dell - “All America’s Cowboy”. Several popular renditions followed – and, in 1957, another singer/actor, this time from Tupelo, Mississippi, stamped it indelibly as an holiday classic.


    Blue Christmas from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    Allison Crowe’s fresh arrangement and performance of an Elvis Presley signature tune launches December’s 25 song videos - blending her own originals alongside music from The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Gary O’Driscoll, Aretha Franklin, Eartha Kitt, Stevie Wonder, Patty Griffin, Phil Ochs and Nat King Cole. (November’s calendar revealed Crowe’s takes on gems heard decades earlier by Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Ryan’s Fancy, Harry Hibbs, Bell Island’s Ray Mclean +.)


    Allison Crowe’s repertoire, including her classic “Tidings” and a cappella “Souling”, unites traditional tunes, carols and hymns, with sounds of rock, jazz, folk, Celtic and soul to celebrate “music for the season and all time”. "You really have to see Allison Crowe live. The way she splits those notes, it's like light through a prism - all the colours of a song," reflects longtime radio/tv host Rick Dennis. From a vantage point atop a snow-peaked mountain in Canada, print journalist Stephen Smysnuik observes: "Crowe's voice (is) as much a manifestation of Christmas spirit today as Bing Crosby's was in 1942. It's as warm as an open fire; as gorgeous as snow-frosted evergreens; as tender as that hug you give your mother on Christmas day."


    Each day through Christmas a new music video link will open @ plus @ the original location on this page - see calendar below! 





    Musical Advent Calendar:  November 27 - December 25



    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – November 27 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent - November 28 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent - November 29 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – November 30 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 1
    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 2 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 3 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 4 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 5 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 6 - Dave Baird
    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 7 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 8 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 9 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 10 - Sarah White Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 11
    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 12 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 13 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 14 - LIN Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 15 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 16
    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 17 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent - December 18 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 19 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 20 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 21

    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 22

    Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 23 Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 24 - Christmas Eve Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – December 15 - Christmas Day Allison Crowe's Musical Advent – Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Each day through Christmas another music video link will open - click on each image to enjoy the music there revealed and shared.


    "Best of this season and of all the seasons to everyone near and far... may the New Year and those years to come bring you joy, contentment, the best of what you want, and the clarity of who you are..." ~ Allison


    ~ Peace on earth, goodwill toward all ~


    Images courtesy: The Graphics Fairy + band fotos by Billie Woods & Stephen Drover+



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Musical Tidings on tap: Allison Crowe @ ACC - November 25



    Capping a sensational year - concert tours in Europe and Canada for her 20th international record release - being home this week and part of “A Beary Merry Christmas” festivities at the Arts and Culture Centre heralds a joyous holiday season for Allison Crowe. Before stockings are hung by the chimney with care the Corner Brook musician rejoins her mates at Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador to load up the sleigh with still more delights.


    In 2016 Crowe helmed her fifth Summer as Musical Director of TNL’s much-loved “Newfoundland Vinyl” – performing, too, on-stage in “Vinyl” and with the ensemble of “Neddy Norris Night”, a traditional music hit at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head. Crowe’s now MD for “Ed & Ed’s Newfoundland Christmas Concert” which delivers Yuletide spirit to the ACC CB from December 1st – 4th. Hosted by three wise-cracking charmers, Ed, Ed & Edna, TNL’s old-tyme revue bundles fashion, fortunes-told, and an original Mummer’s Play into family-friendly fun - skits, songs, carols, even a sing-along:


    Peals of merriment will be echoing from “Ed and Ed’s” encampment, (of the weekend prior), when Allison Crowe enlivens the ACC stage on Saturday, December 10th (8pm start) for her annual “Tidings” concert. Invigorating songs of Newfoundland and from o’er the sea flow freely, tapped alongside barrels of the singer-songwriter’s own compositions and cherished carols.


    It’s a thrilling blend of rock, jazz, folk, Celtic and soul that Allison Crowe pours out in song. Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle & bodhran) is sure to be joined by surprise musical guests for a singular night of celebration sharing timeless carols, vital originals and fresh takes on trad tunes spanning centuries as well as modern classics. “Be prepared to be amazed.”



    TIDINGS TICKETS: $29.00 General / $24.00 Students/Seniors (HST and Service Charge Included in Ticket Price) @ Corner Brook ACC Box Office, 11 University Drive, Corner Brook NL A2H 6C3 Telephone: 709-637-2580


    Wishing you Joy, Peace & the Very Best of Health and Times! Sláinte!


    In My Life - Allison Crowe performs The Beatles from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Hail "Mary" - November 24



    On a "Tidings" concert tour, Canadian musician Allison Crowe began performing "Mary" - this song composed by Patty Griffin, the sublime singer-songwriter from Old Town, Maine, USA.


    (Allison fell in love with the song when US cable television program "Sons of Anarchy" featured it in its Season two episode "Balm".)


    The New Year kicking in, Crowe pulled her piano stool over to the kitchen table, sat down and recorded a version simple and true. We have this live recording, too - unadorned, as well, save for by honesty:


    Mary (Patty Griffin) - Allison Crowe live from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    Photos: Edward McCrea - Ladysmith Photography @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Super, soft, stylish band t-shirts - November 22



    The loveliest t-shirts imaginable are now hung by the chimney with care - online. Allison Crowe and Band + Rubenesque Records logo fashion tees are available in Allison’s Bandcamp shop ( and on Allison’s homesite @


    Comfortable, soft, heather grey, unisex tees in two beautiful designs – in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL sizes. Fuller info on each site (NB Bandcamp shopping is US currency, Allison’s homesite is CDN currency.)


    Allison Crowe and Band / Rubenesque Records t-shirts - on display


    Allison Crowe t-shirts are now available - in beautiful designs created by Allison and cellist LIN


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    It's a Wrap - November 19



    Allison Crowe - Musical Wonder Woman - 767px


    Musical wonder woman Allison Crowe's flown coast-to-coast across Canada now, and the lasso of truth promises to circle the globe, all in good time


    Sarah White, LIN and Dave Baird of Allison Crowe and Band


    Musicians Sarah White, LIN, and Dave Baird gave their all on Allison Crowe and Band's "Heirs+Grievances" tour. The first North American leg is now a wrap - and it's time all are home for a rest. New musical stirrings await.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    The Icing on the Cake - November 16



    and the finale... (this was difficult to film but you get the idea haha) #ganache #chocolate #baking #cake #birthday #scorpio #food



    Allison Crowe + the icing on the cake on Instagram @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Life's Secrets - November 16



    Allison Crowe’s oeuvre comprises more than 200 songs – found online in the “ABC List” @


    "Anything I do sing, it's part of my life," said Billie Holiday, whose supreme voice is captured on recordings from last century. The same is true for Allison Crowe, a great voice alive today.


    Secrets (That Aren’t My Own)” – on Allison and Band’s debut double-album, “Introducing / Heirs+ Grievances” – features Allison’s vocals and piano-playing, accompanied by cellist LIN:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Songs of Life and Death - November 16



    With, both, “Cover Me” and “Coverville”, a pair of the world’s premiere homes for lovers of cover songs, sending birthday wishes to Allison Crowe today, it’s an invitation to explore the artist’s body of interpretive work. All music can be found linked via the “ABC List” @  


    A supreme interpreter and arranger of songs - traditional, Celtic, jazz, Broadway, hymns, carols and aires – Crowe’s famed for her renewal of popular songs – including those first penned by Canadian icons Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, and Atlantic coast treasures Gary O’Driscoll, Al Pittman / Ron Hynes, Wince Coles, Harry Hibbs+, alongside tunes from The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco,Counting Crows, Lovin’ Spoonful, Phil Ochs, Annie Lennox, Radiohead, Ronnie Shannon, Patty Griffin, Kris Kristofferson, the Rolling Stones and more.


    In this rich and varied repertoire, each of Crowe’s singular performances is a favourite.


    Having just come off the road with Allison Crowe and Band – during our travels we learned of Leonard Cohen’s passing. Tonight, his manager released these details:


    “Leonard Cohen died during his sleep following a fall in the middle of the night on November 7th. The death was sudden, unexpected, and peaceful. He is survived by his children Adam and Lorca, and his three grandchildren Cassius (Adam’s son), and Viva and Lyon (Lorca’s daughter and son).” 


    Allison Crowe, together with countless people all over our world, shares a special bond with the bard “born with the gift of a golden voice”. This relationship intertwines with the DNA of Leonard Cohen songs – among those in her repertoire is his universal “Hallelujah”. Of this, “Cover Me” founder and editor Ray Padgett opines:


    “Born in British Columbia, Crowe has amassed a loyal following in Canada and Europe. The songwriter’s songwriter pure tones sound like a bell, no show-off acrobatics necessary. The amazing thing isn’t just that she performs the best version of Leonard Cohen‘s oft-covered ‘Hallelujah’ (sorry Jeff); the amazing thing is that she does so using the same solo piano style that everyone else does. There’s nothing particularly creative about it; her voice is just that good! So throw all those other ‘sensitive’ covers. This one’s the keeper.”


    The blog 'anacronyms' says:“Crowe's version is a living thing, a meditation and a celebration and a benediction."



    Thank you, sincerely, L. Cohen. We have the music.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Sincerely, L. Cohen Covers - November 16



    Brian Ibbott, Mayor of Coverville, USA, lights candles as well, today – with his podcast’s “tribute to singer, songwriter, poet and legend, Leonard Cohen” @ - tweeting:


    "For today’s ep, I tried to pick L.Cohen covers I haven’t played before. But you should check out covers by @allisoncrowe22 - I’ve played all... Would help if I got that Twitter account right! @Allison_Crowe - and it’s her birthday today! Check out her amazing L Cohen covers!... She does a beautiful Hallelujah, Chelsea Hotel No. 2, Bird on a Wire and Famous Blue Raincoat. All great."


    And here's Allison's take on L. Cohen's "Joan of Arc":




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Spotlight on... - November 16



    Today - November 16 - marks the birthday of the great musical artist, Allison Crowe. Celebrated as an original songwriter and performer in popular music genres, Allison's song interpretations are also globally loved. "Cover Me" tweets in appreciation, reprising this Spotlight from the blog’s founding editor, Ray Padgett @ 


    "Happy birthday to Canadian singer-songwriter @Allison_Crowe. Hear her covers of Stones, Pearl Jam, Cyndi Lauper +more"


    “There are some voices that speak (or sing) for themselves. You know the ones. Voices where it doesn’t matter what they sing. Voices where it doesn’t really matter what instruments support them. Solomon Burke has such a voice. Jeff Buckley had it. Allison Crowe has it too...”



    Allison Crowe in Dublin - foto by Billie Woods


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Happy Birthday, Allison :) - November 16



    Allison Crowe - climbs the ladder - Happy Birthday


    Celebrating - November 16!!



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    The Music - November 14



    "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make" ~ Allison Crowe.


    Set-list from Allison and Band’s “Heirs+Grievances” concert tour this season.


    Set-list - Allison Crowe and Band - Heirs+Grievances Autumn 2016 Tour




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Happy Band - October 30



    Happy band l-r: Allison Crowe, Sarah White, LIN, Dave Baird – after rocking the house in the fabulous Charlie White Theatre, Mary Winspear Centre. Thank you, Tofino, Ucluelet, Ladysmith, Sidney and Victoria, so far, on this tour. Thank you, world!


    Happy band - Allison Crowe, Sarah White, LIN, Dave Baird - foto by Coco Éclair


    Foto courtesy of the fountain of friendship that is Coco Éclair Paintings by Jin Chung.


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Time for Tees - October 28



    Rubenesque Records logo - t-shirt front - Allison Crowe and Band Allison Crowe and Band - t-shirts 


    Allison Crowe and Band plus Rubenesque Records logo t-shirts. Super fun, comfortable and cool, heather grey cotton tees available now on the quartet’s "Heirs+Grievances" concert tour and soon available 'round the world via online order.


    Allison Crowe Band logo t-shirt front Allison Crowe Band logo t-shirt back



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Road's Ahead for Allison Crowe and Band - October 12



    What’s bound to be among the most legendary, and fun, musical tours ever is launched next week


    Musician Allison Crowe is moving into a new home right now, adding to pre-tour excitement in Newfoundland – before reuniting with bandmates LIN, Sarah White and Dave Baird on Vancouver Island, British Columbia – for the first run of “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances” concerts in North America.


    Allison Crowe - pre-tour 2016 packing plus


    Allison notes: "taking a break from packing and moving to get some work done lol #touringbands


    Allison Crowe on Instagram @ 



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    New Home - October 12



    Allison Crowe - new home


    so excited to have a coffee with my guitar and notebook... so grateful. #ocean #naturalbeauty #newfoundland #autumn


    Allison Crowe on Instagram @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Why Music? Why Breathing?" The Celtic Music Fan Reviews Allison Crowe and Band's Debut - October 8



    “I have not heard of anyone who sings with the vulnerability or childhood innocence and the piercing intensity of Edith Piaf the way she does, well at least not in this lifetime,” says writer/editor Baxter Labatos, founder of “The Celtic Music Fan”, in a review of Allison Crowe and Band’s debut. “It is quite amazing how she can do so many things with her voice. She’s a woman with a guitar who belts out like Aretha Franklin, a bodhran player with soul in her heart and, yes, a pianist with the grace of a classical performer.”


    Of “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances”, the double-disc now coming to North American audiences in concert, the percipient international blogger sums up: “The powerful voice and instrumental prowess will delight fans and new converts of Allison Crowe’s artistic genius.”


    Enjoy the full review – and the music @




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Arthur Sparkles in Cohencentric Setting - October 4



    Gem of a music-lover’s blog, “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered”, reveals facets of artistry on display in a rare bootleg of Allison Crowe and Band. The recording, just unearthed from an European audio-trove, features the quartet performing a song sparkling in the diamantine prose of Allan Showalter, Cohencentric’s master wordsmith:


    “ ‘Arthur’ is elegantly, efficiently lapidarian, interweaving deeply personal questions of devotion and loyalty, Arthurian legend, intense romantic longing, and, of course, sex. It is, in a word (albeit a conveniently coined term) – Cohenesque. The video for ‘Arthur’ is also a visual treat, featuring sweet, awkward, altogether fetching clips from home movies, shot in Johannesburg and the Natal Coast of South Africa, of the honeymoon of two young people of my own parents’ generation.”




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Arthur - Allison Crowe and Band - Euro Live Bootleg - October 3



    One of the great popular songwriters of this century, the lyrics and tunes of Canada’s Allison Crowe (vocals, piano on this song) are heard newly enriched via the company of bandmates: LIN (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, vocals) and Dave Baird (bass).


    "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make," Crowe states matter-of-factly. Her sensational quartet delivers on this promise.


    Arthur” - with its themes of love, loss, memory and aging – transports via this live bootleg audio captured on Allison Crowe and Band’s recent European concert tour.


    Hearty thanks to musician Luca Welker and Tontechniker Hans Buschbach and to the singing, clapping, people of Vaihingen an der Enz and environs who brought such energy and enthusiasm to the show!


    Now, we can share in the experience. The music video’s gentle-volume – so, please, turn it up loud. Away we go…




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe and Band Tour Rising - October 1



    Come see my band and I on the road in October and November in BC! :) check the pic for dates and locations #music #tour #band #bc #vancouverisland #sunshinecoast #britishcolumbia #touringbands


    Allison Crowe and Band - Autumn 2016 Tour - Introducing / Heirs+Grievances


    Allison Crowe foto & design



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison, LIN, Sarah & Dave Thrilling Live - September 24



    Allison Crowe, LIN, Sarah White & Dave Baird - Introducing / Heirs+Grievances 2016 - North American Tour


    Prepare for joy and fun, gravitas and levity in harmony, across Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast as a great artistic, journey courses on-stage again soon – when Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle & bodhran) and bandmates LIN (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitarist, vocals) & Dave Baird (bass) bring their “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances” tour to North America.


    Experience the excitement of the group and its evolving sound live:


    Sat., October 22 @ 7:30pm – Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre, Tofino
    Thur., October 27 @ 7:30pm – Ladysmith First United Church, Ladysmith
    Sat., October 29 @ 7:30pm – Charlie White Theatre, Sidney/Victoria
    Thur., November 3 @ 7:30pm – Port Theatre, Nanaimo
    Sat., November 5 @ 7:30pm – Tidemark Theatre, Campbell River
    Thur., November 10 @ 7:30pm – Patricia Theatre, Powell River
    Sat., November 12 @ 7:30pm – Heritage Playhouse Theatre, Gibsons (Sunshine Coast)


    The quartet’s thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and rock flowed across Europe this Spring. It’s now somewhere else – be part of it all in-person and online:

  + +



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Why music? Why breathing? - September 22



    Allison Crowe and Band - Why music? Why breathing?



    Inside the cover of Allison Crowe and Band’s debut, “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances”.


    The answer – literal and figurative! (To quote Homer Simpson, “It works on so many levels.”)



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe and Band Ready to Tour Again - September 18



    Allison Crowe and Band - Heirs + Grievances Tour wrap



    Bandmates (left to right): Dave Baird (bass); Sarah White (mandolin, guitarist, vocals); Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle & bodhran): & LIN (cello, vocals) make a thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and rock. Prepare for joy and fun via the quartet's debut, "Introducing / Heirs+Grievances", and with the band in concert. Next tour dates for the musical revolution happen October/November 2016.


    Allison Crowe and Band following their most recent concert in Europe - next bring their singular sound live to Canada.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "First Listen" on CBC Radio - September 11



    Allison Crowe and Band brought their new music live to audiences in Europe this Spring – performing sensational concerts in Germany, Slovenia, Italy, England and Belgium. Since then, Allison’s been go-go again - musically directing as well as singing and playing on-stage with TNL’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival.


    Now, as the Corner Brook artist readies with bandmates to tour the new double-album in Canada for the first time – Allison Crowe catches breath long enough for an engaging chat with Heather Barrett, Host/Producer of Weekend AM, CBC Radio One’s weekend morning show across Newfoundland and Labrador. Tune in today, between 8:00 and 8:30 am NL time – or catch the conversation via our national public broadcaster’s super-handy web feature player:


    Click here for First Listen -


    First Listen on CBC Radio - Heather Barrett chats with Allison Crowe - Introducing / Heirs+Grievances


    It’s a special segment of WAM, called “First Listen”, which brings the islanders together to talk about, and share a couple of songs from, Allison and Band’s double-disc debut, “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances”.


    Update: "First Listen" on CBC Radio with Host/Producer Heather Barrett now has up this delightful web-feature - with text as well as audio-play of the show's chat with Allison Crowe about her band's debut release. Tune in for a tracks from the live "Introducing" and studio set "Heirs+Grievances" as the amazing Allison and Band prepare to bring their music and joy to the world.

  - First Listen article



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "My life in a nutshell" - September 9



    My life in a nutshell. #fiddle #knitting #coffee (not pictured here but prolific in quantity)


    Allison Crowe - fiddle knitting



    Allison Crowe on Instagram @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Introducing" Allison Crowe and Band - September 4



    "Introducing”, the concert half of the debut album from Allison Crowe and Band is available for the first time digitally – on the music site of Rubenesque Records @ UK writer Mike Ferguson, (posting in “Some Diurnal Aural Awe”), anticipates audiences will be “royally entertained” by a show “full of the joy and fun that comes across on this cd's live offering”.


    Together with the studio set, (“Heirs+Grievances”) that forms the physical CD collection, the music, (27 song tracks representing 20 unique song titles), delivers a thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and original rock that bridges vital originals with fresh interpretations of classics by Annie Lennox and Gary O'Driscoll.


    "Heirs + Grievances is a gorgeous, full circle showcase of Allison’s growth as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her extraordinary voice is unrestrained and beautifully accompanied by her bandmates." ~ Muruch


    “I don’t believe Crowe ever sings a song without an absolute personal commitment... This is an album that should and could develop a greater audience for Crowe beyond those who already adore her.” ~ Some Diurnal Aural Awe


    “In the past, Crowe has devoted herself to trad folk, contemporary rock, Christmas songs and music of Leonard Cohen, all of which have merged into these two discs to create a portrait of an idealist — with the addition of her between-songs talk on the live recording revealing a bubbly personality.” ~ Tom Harrison, The Province




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    On Tour Soon - Stirring Anew the Magic of Introducing / Heirs+Grievances - September 1



    Allison Crowe and Band - Introducing/ Heirs+Grievances Tour 2016


    Allison Crowe and Band will come together and be back on the road/stage this October and November stirring anew the magic of the Introducing / Heirs+Grievances Tour! Allison Crowe – vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran; Lin - cello, vocals; Sarah White – mandolin, guitar, vocals; and Dave Baird – bass. Concert details and more very soon!



    l-r: Sarah White, Allison Crowe, Lin, & Dave Baird


    Tour banner design by Lin. Foto by Allison.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    15 Years of Rubenesque Records - August 23



    My record company turned 15 today - besides feeling 100 years old, I feel other things. I feel lucky to get to do what I do, even though I absolutely want to throw up my hands and quit sometimes. I feel hopeful that there is art in this world and that there is expression - I wouldn't be here without it. I feel grateful to somehow always be surrounded by giant hearts with bodies who inspire me when I stop believing inspiration is even a thing. I feel like if you don't like what you're listening to, or writing, or anything - and you think those days are gone and that those things are dead - write what you believe. Create the art your soul is missing. Share it and listen in return to your kindred spirits. They're waiting just like you are. Actively search. Communicate what you can and listen until you can't anymore. Find the medium that works for you. Just love. Just do. ~ Allison


    Allison Crowe - Wonder Woman - Rubenesque Records 15th Anniversary




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe's Rubenesque Records Celebrates - August 23



    Rubenesque Records, the music label of Allison Crowe, is 15.


    Rubenesque Records logo - Allison Crowe's record label - deign by Céline Greb


    Rubenesque logo - conceived by Allison Crowe & designed by Lin Lin


    An artist, a person with the integrity of this Canadian islander was always going to find her own way and on August 23, 2001, Allison incorporated Rubenesque Records Ltd. and carried on the road less-traveled – stating: "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make."


    Righteous Babe Record’s founders, musician Ani DiFranco and manager Scot Fisher, remain a model of truly independent spirit and creativity in today’s record industry – hopeful proof that "If you are disgustingly sincere and terribly diligent, there are ways for any serious artist to operate outside the corporate structure."


    Rubenesque Records marks its 15th year with the debut of Allison Crowe and Band – “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances” – the 20th release by the label, and the launch of another, exciting, creative phase.


    Virtuosic, versatile and visceral – Allison Crowe’s amazing body of work is experienced through more than 150 original song recordings, on board with Canadiana, sea chanteys, Celtic aires, hymns, carols, tunes of Newfoundland and Labrador, centuries-old broadside ballads renewed, as well as singular interpretations of Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, The Beatles, Broadway, jazz, soul and so much else.


    Allison’s talents and accomplishments are too vast and varied to be summed up in words. The music says it all @


    Allison Crowe August” is what DJ Mark Jabroni of CHMR Radio in St. John’s, NL has proclaimed this month. Rubenesque itself has some special music releases, tours, concerts and more fun in the works to celebrate with gusto this August – and everything after.


    Right now, bridging the years, here’s vintage video of Allison performing in Vienna early this century paired with audio from her band’s most recent concert in Vancouver. “Secrets”, Allison Crowe’s piano and vocals with cellist Lin Lin is part of “Introducing”, the live disc half of Rubenesque’s newest (RRL 00020). Sláinte mhaith!!




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Allison Crowe's Resonant Echoes of Woodstock" - August 19



    Blogger Allan Showalter, a literary locksmith transcending via “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered”, the online key for many a pair of Cohenphilic roller skaters, today picks a classic from the Woodstock era: “Allison Crowe Revitalizes Melanie’s “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)”:


    "Allison Crowe’s Resonant Echoes Of Woodstock


    Allison Crowe’s cover of Melanie Safka’s hymn to peace and love merits special attention.


    First, the story of the song’s creation is necessary..."





    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    CHMR's A-show Marks Week 3 of "Allison Crowe August" - August 19



    Allison Crowe August” Week 3 is the main event on today’s card as CHMR 93.5FM Radio ( double-teaming DJs FanBoy Mark Jabroni and Reverend Jason Cantwell keep up their musical A-show. You can even phone in, or email a request, to ‘The Friday Morning Markout’, ‘Ring-Rust’, and ‘Uberswank’. All the music of Allison Crowe is the big draw. Her band’s debut, “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances” can be won. Listen in online for the latest sounds of this month-long slow burn. Search "CHMR's RING RUST" on the Stitcher app, or listen live via



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Week 2 of "Allison Crowe August" Live - August 12



    Woke this morning to the sounds of ‘The Friday Morning Markout’ on CHMR Radio – with genial show-host FanBoy Mark Jabroni ringing in “week 2 of ‪#‎AllisonCroweAugust‬!


    Hearing the DJ spin almost the entire two-night concert set of Allison – “Live at Wood Hall” – on the air’s a welcome reminder of how great is this release: It’s an all-time fan fave, particularly in Europe where the sound of solo voice and piano is especially appreciated. Here’s a capsule description from when Rubenesque Records first posted this double-disc – dim the lights and enjoy the concerts:


    Live at Wood Hall is an exciting journey through Allison Crowe's concert repertoire, recorded with a simple clarity in the converted chapel of Victoria (B.C.)'s Conservatory of Music. Alongside more than an album's worth of original songs of love and hope, social and political conscience, and real beauty, Allison covers cherished favourites - including Ani DiFranco ("Independence Day"), Counting Crows ("A Murder of One"), Tori Amos ("Playboy Mommy"), Janis Joplin ("Me and Bobby McGee"), and John Lennon ("Imagine"). Colours in the artist's musical palette range from roots & blues, through folk, pop/rock, jazz and Broadway. There's even a traditional Irish aire, "Believe Me If All (Those Endearing Young Charms)", sung acappella. Once again, Larry Anschell (Turtle Studios) captures the music on tape and Alix Whitmire designs the beautiful artwork/CD cover. " 'Music, man, that's where it's at'/ it is a religious line/ outside, the chimes rung/ an they/ are still ringin."


    Full album credits, track-listing and all at the link below. And, to enjoy week 3 of “Allison Crowe August” upcoming - search "CHMR's RING RUST" on the Stitcher app, or listen live via 




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Lisa Marie Remembered - Today in The Toronto Star - August 7



    Lisa Marie Young is remembered today by her Mother Joanne Young and friend, Dallas Hulley, in The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper:


    Allison Crowe wrote “Lisa’s Song” in 2002 for Lisa and her family.



    National and international focus can hopefully help people come forward to say who’s involved and what happened after the “Jag guy” Chris Adair took Lisa from the house-party where she’d been celebrating with friends – now 14 years ago.


    Those who know the truth and fear reprisals, anyone wary of communicating within Nanaimo and environs can know there are options now to get the truth out – where it can matter. The Toronto Star’s reporter on the story, Verity Stevenson, the investigative team in Australia and other countries behind the true crime podcast ‘Casefile’, and the commissioners and staff, in Ottawa and beyond, conducting the just-launched Canadian federal government inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women – all present new channels to confidentially share information. Others are ready to listen now as well when people reach out to tell more of Lisa's story.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Allison Crowe August" and Everything - August 3



    Corner Brook's Allison Crowe, internationally-heralded recording artist and touring sensation, returns to the Gros Morne Theatre Festival concert stage to share a repertoire of gorgeously thrilling rock, jazz, Celtic, folk, roots, pop and soul music that's bound to include selections from Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador's hit show "Newfoundland Vinyl". Allison (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle and bodhran) is joined in concert by very special guests, Sarah White (mandolin, guitar and vocals) and Dave Baird (bass) for a midsummer's night full of fun and celebration. (


    CHMR’s Mark Jabroni, Host of The Friday Morning Markout, Ring-Rust, and Uberswank, raises the banner on “Allison Crowe August”, declaring: “Every Friday in August, the music of Allison Crowe will fill the CHMR airwaves! Including her new double CD!”:


    And in this Corner Brook - on the Mark all month with FanBoy Jabroni ( and the Reverend Jerry Cantwell on CHMR 93.5-FM tag-team broadcasting from the campus of Memorial University, St. John’s, NL. Check the slamming schedule @ and tune in from anywhere in the world. Join the fray at Ring Rust:


    Allison Crowe August - CHMR 93.5 FM with FanBoy Mark Jabroni & Reverend Jerry Cantwell


    The celebrating started early with a salute to and from Stephanie Beaumont of “Sea and Be Scene”, stellar supporter of East Coast culture on the occasion of SABS’ 6th anniversary:


    Find out what’s on Allison’s Summer musical menu via “Sea and Be Scene” and in sister NL newspaper links here as well! Here’s a taste…


    "Between the recording and playing of music and her work in theatre, Allison Crowe's life as a Corner Brook-based artist sees little rest. This summer has been no exception," writes Danette Dooley.


    Dooley catches up with Crowe between performances of "Neddy Norris Night" and "Newfoundland Vinyl: The Greatest Hits" at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival -- and days before the musician's own concert, with very special guests, this coming Friday night (9pm, August 5), at GMTF.


    All the news from stage and studio -- with Allison Crowe and Band's debut album -- live in The Western Star @


    The Telegram, singing from St. John's, keeps up the chorus of Danette Dooley's feature in the sister to "The People's Paper": "Allison Crowe taking on new challenges in busy artistic year":


    Allison Crowe w. guests in Concert is part of GMTF's "Who's Darkening Our Door" Concert Series. Concerts are performed in the Ethie Room, Shallow Bay Motel, 193 Main Street, Cow Head, NL, A0K 2A0


    For tickets and more info call: show contact info or toll-free show contact info or visit:


    $30.00+HST adults; $15.00+HST students - Thanks!


    Wishing you and yours the very best this Regatta Week and Summerlong!



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe's Busy Year Features in Sister Papers - August 1



    “Between the recording and playing of music and her work in theatre, Allison Crowe's life as a Corner Brook-based artist sees little rest. This summer has been no exception,” says Western Star writer Danette Dooley.


    Allison Crowe - The Western Star + The Telegram - Danette Dooley feature - August 1, 2016


    Dooley catches up with Crowe between performances of “Neddy Norris Night” and “Newfoundland Vinyl: The Greatest Hits” at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival – and days before the musician's own concert, with very special guests, this coming Friday night (August 5), at GMTF.


    All the news from stage and studio – with Allison Crowe and Band’s debut album – live today in The Western Star @


    The Telegram, singing from St. John’s, Newfoundland, keeps up the chorus of Danette Dooley's feature in the sister to "The People's Paper": “Allison Crowe taking on new challenges in busy artistic year”:



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Foto Fun - July 31



    Allison Crowe - Celebrating Sea and Be Scene - Heirs + Grievances contest foto


    Fun reveal - Allison Crowe's foto for "Sea and Be Scene" - to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Stephanie Beaumont's site saluting East Coast Canada! (with a contest, to boot)



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Sea and Be Scene's 6th Anniversary Salute! - July 29



    Sea and Be Scene” is “celebrating 6 years of celebrating Canada’s East Coast”! Stephanie Beaumont, SABS Host, Publisher & Producer, is a clarion voice on the web and television, too, for what makes the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador so special!


     And there’s plenty that does! Rolling with this month’s anniversary fun, SABS catches up with “the truly gifted, ever gorgeous, always creative - Allison Crowe”. Find out what’s on Allison’s Summer musical menu and enter the stellar contests Stephanie’s rounded up for this big celebration!


    Hearty congrats to Diane Arsenault of Beaver Cove, NS who’s already won a copy of “Heirs + Grievances”, the debut album from Allison Crowe and Band.


    Sea and Be Scene 6th Anniversary Celebration w. Allison Crowe


    Allison and all of us salute Stephanie and “Sea and Be Scene” on this special anniversary!! Thanks for your super support of Maritime and Atlantic Canada @ &



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Release (27.07.2001) - July 27



    15 years ago to this hour, Allison Crowe, one of our truly great musical artists and live performers, in any genre, performed her first international concert with her own band. Allison’s rock-jazz+ trio comprised herself on vocals and keyboard (this was pre-guitar, fiddle and bodhran shows), Dave Baird on bass and Kevin Clevette on drums.


    Allison’s combo launched the opening night of the WorldWide Jammer Convergence (WWJC) in Seattle, Washington – an event which brought together Pearl Jam fans from all across the USA and world. After a full set of her band repertoire, and a couple of encores – Allison came back to perform solo this Pearl Jam song, “Release”:


    Release (Jammer Convergence - Seattle live) from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    In 2001, cameras and portable devices were not the feature they are at concerts today, and we’re so fortunate that Jammer Pam Abramowicz Wolfers captured this musical moment in time. WWJC organizer and event MC Sandi Heinrich takes the mic for a final note to this historic night of rock and roll.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    The Elusive Resurrection - July 26



    Times of great trouble in this world. Times, also, of great inspiration. And of great hope.

    Hear “The Elusive Resurrection”, from Newfoundland poet Al Pittman’s first collection (Brunswick Press, 1966*):


    “Oh for the strength
    the indomitable courage
    to cast away
    this shroud
    and leap to life
    to run and sing
    to free these lips
    that now do nothing
    but argue
    and would kiss
    to reach
    into the sun and stars
    and grasp
    what little of heaven
    has been given us
    to devour”



    Another NL great, singer-songwriter Ron Hynes, turned a poem from Pittman’s final collection, “Thirty-for-Sixty”, (published by Breakwater Books in 1999*), into a song. Musician Allison Crowe, home in Corner Brook, NL, where Al Pittman grew up, delivers here the essence of those words:




    * Both poems appears in Breakwater’s 2015 release “Al Pittman: Collected Poetry”.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Lisa Marie Young's Story on Casefile - July 24



    The case of Lisa Marie Young of Nanaimo, Canada is focus of the latest episode (26) of ‘Casefile’, an haunting Australian+ true crime podcast featured in Rolling Stone and on iTunes. It can be heard desk-top via Soundcloud @ and on devices @ and (+ numerous podcast-playing apps for, both, apple and android).


    Lisa Marie Young - Case File 26



    Musician Allison Crowe wrote “Lisa’s Song” for Lisa, a school-mate, and for Lisa’s family in 2002. It’s now over 14 years since loved ones last saw Lisa – daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter, cousin, mentor, friend and all else that’s Lisa. Her story from June 30, 2002 is tragic. And it needs to be told until there is justice and, ultimately, some closure:


    In December 2015, Canada’s government announced an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women in this country. Draft terms of reference, recently leaked online, “do not go far enough in scope to look specifically at the effects indifferent or ineffective policing has had on families," says Sheila North Wilson, Grand Chief, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (


    “If anyone has info and wants to get in touch please do so at Will treat any info anonymously,” notes the international team behind ‘Casefile’. You can also email producers of the series c/o and get in touch via direct private message on facebook @ and the show’s website @ 






    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Neddy Norris Night - July 21



    This is it, the night of nights. No more rehearsing and nursing a part…


    This is the opening of “Neddy Norris Night” at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. The show, directed by Stephanie Payne, takes to the stage in the wide-open heart of an UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site – Gros Morne National Park, in Newfoundland, Canada.


    This production of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador (TNL) is the second musical stage-show of the Summer to include Allison Crowe in its cast/band – fiddle and all. “Newfoundland Vinyl: The Greatest Hits” opened last month – and runs until September 2, 2016.


    In “Neddy”, Allison joins director Stephanie Payne, and fellow musicians Dave Baird, Colin Furlong, and Matthew Wheadon. TNL explains:


    “You don’t have to travel far in Newfoundland and Labrador to hear our traditional music – it’s a cultural touchstone, both a shared experience and a national badge of honour. With its narrative power, distinctive sound and strong links to Western Europe, traditional music represents the province’s history and culture, and forms a vital link between the past and present. For many it’s also a proud and powerful manifestation of the ‘unique Newfoundland and Labrador character’.”


    The show’s mounted by a production team of Stephanie Payne, Stefanie Power, Lindsay Code, Jeff Pybus and Dan Fletcher – and runs through to September 1, 2016.


    More info on showdates, times, and tickets @


    Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador - logo - opening night w. Allison Crowe




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Reflecting Life - July 19



    The occasion of a friend’s birthday rekindles “Home Reflections”. Musician, photographer and more, Shona McMillan met Allison Crowe when both performed at the “John Lennon Northern Lights Festival” – a magical time and happening in Durness, Scottish Highlands.


    Imagery of the McMillans with Goldie, Snowy, the budgies – and a wee friend, Stewart Hall, dropped by for a visit – is accompanied by Allison’s performance of “When I’m Gone” – a tune from the pen of the great topical songwriter Phil Ochs. Shona’s poignant description of this creation on YouTube, old cine films shot by her family in 1960s Edinburgh, says best what it’s all about:



    It’s capped by Shona’s “mum's favourite saying which was the philosophy by which she tried to live her life: ‘I pass this way but once, any good that I can do - Let Me - for I may not pass this way again’."


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Adventures in Music" - July 18



    “Music can be something that unites us, that appeals to our shared humanity, rather than something that divides”, notes Chester, England’s Toby Goodwin, self-declared “music geek” behind the “musicgigsnthings” blog - delivering a 21-song Soundcloud playlist that brings together electro-pop, indie rock, jazz, folk, alt-rock, funky, grunge-tinged sounds and more – for this week’s edition of “Adventures in Music”:


    Toby Goodwin - musicgigsnthings blog - gravatar


    Included in this set is “a singer with roots in Canada’s extremities, Corner Brook in Newfoundland and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Allison Crowe and Band. ‘Silence’ has folk and country influences running through it but given her unique spin. Her voice quivers with emotion throughout and the melancholic strings only add to the poignancy of the song, which sends shivers down your spine” –









    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Wedding Song - Cohencentric's Marvellous Take - July 8



    Allan Showalter, always illuminating and entertaining concierge and much more at the Chelsea Hotel of culture blogs, “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered”, shares the keys to Allison Crowe’s “Wedding Song” video – its musical gallery hung with fotos by Billie Woods:


    Checking in with nods to Andrew Marvell, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Lucinda Williams and Alicia Keys – our guide observes: “Turns out all the hype about about Allison’s vast tonal, thematic, and emotional range is true.” And, with another turn of phrase, unlocks this realization: “Once you’ve heard one Allison Crowe song, You’ve heard one Allison Crowe song.”



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    NPR's "Caravan" Rides Again - July 8



    Bill Beckett, Host/Producer of “Caravan” on NPR’s Red River Radio, tells us tonight's show includes music from “Heirs + Grievances” - the debut album of Allison Crowe and Band. From anywhere in the world, you can tune in live, online, and enjoy the Friday, July 8 show starting at 9pm Louisiana, USA time:


    Here’s what’s cued up on “Caravan”: “This week we'll hear tracks from Ben Folds Five, Terra Naomi, and Cloud Control plus tunes from Allison Crowe, Nick Brumley and Buddy Flett. In our second hour, we join renowned Jazz Artist McCoy Tyner - Live on Stage at Disney hall, and this week in our final hour, It's All Water Under The Bridge, with tracks from Dan Bern, Gemma Hayes, Jack Johnson, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Bruce Springsteen.”



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Newfoundland Vinyl: The Greatest Hits - July 6



    In Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park, one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth, this Summer there’s near 33 1/3 revolutions of “Newfoundland Vinyl’ – the stage hit that keeps spinning joyfully.


    Canadian playwright+ Jeff Pitcher, Artistic Director of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador since 2000, previews things in this clip from film-maker Peter Buckle:



    After catching Vinyl’s “The Greatest Hits” edition live, he says “what an amazing cast. So much truth, honesty and affiliation with the artists that wrote our famous songs. Moments like this I'm so proud to be the AD of this company.”


    Since 2012, when ‘Vinyl’ was conceived by Pitcher, Allison Crowe has served as Musical Director for the production at TNL’s annual Gros Morne Theatre Festival. In the GMTF 2016 program, Crowe notes: “Going over ideas for this year's ‘Vinyl’, I couldn't help but be a little jealous of the song selection that makes up the 'best of...' theme. So much so, in fact, that I wanted to be in the show! As MD, I’ve had a lot of fun choosing songs and hearing them performed night after night – and, over the years, I was always in the audience singing along. Now, I join the cast with a mix of great music from years previous and a bunch of songs we've never done before - so excited to share it all with you!”


    Renewing popular and traditional NL songs of the vinyl (record) era, sounding brilliant and looking sharp in period dress, the show’s cast/band features: Dave Baird; Adam Christopher Brake (as Ed); Allison Crowe; Craig Patrick Haley; Robyn Huxter; Marquita Walsh; and Colin Furlong in a guest appearance singing Ron Hynes.


    On board Vinyl’s production team: Director & Musical Director – Allison Crowe; Stage Manager – Stefanie Power; Set Design – Derek Butt; Set Coordination – Howard Beye; Costume Coordination – Lindsay Code; Sound Design –Max Simms; and Lighting Coordination – Jeff Pybus.


    Now playing three to four nights a week through to September 2, 2016 in The Ethie Room of the Shallow Bay Motel Cabins & Conference Centre, Cow Head, NL. More info on tickets+ for this rollicking musical experience @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Historic Cassidy Inn Disappears in Ring of Fire - July 5


    The historic Cassidy Inn, where Clark Kent / Superman (Henry Cavill) was bussing as Allison Crowe performed "Ring of Fire" in a bar scene for the 2013 Hollywood blockbuster, "Man of Steel", has played its final note in a blaze. The entire building is now ash following a July 4th inferno.


    Cassidy Inn inferno - Nick Boyle Photography - July 4, 2016


    Cassidy Inn inferno, July 4, 2016 - Nick Boyle Photography


    The Cassidy, located just south of Nanaimo, BC, Canada was originally a coal miner's hotel, and, in later years, a biker bar, and, lastly, a movie set. Photos and more history of the building and MoS can be found in Allison's "Man of Steel" gallery @


    Hollywood movie director Zack Snyder talks about filming an scene in the historic Cassidy Inn with musician Allison Crowe – for “Man of Steel”, the 2013 reboot of the Superman film franchise:



    Last night, July 4th, the Cassidy, a coal-miner’s residence and biker bar before it became an Hollywood movie set, vanished in a giant ring of fire. Word on this news story is @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Independence Day - July 4 Musical Salute!



    The independent spirit fuels the music and operations of Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records. It’s only natural that Allison Crowe, since embarking on her own course as an international touring and recording artist, looks to Ani as a model. Allison’s Rubenesque Records Ltd. has taken the road less traveled since 2001. From “Live at Wood Hall”, (released by RRL in 2005), here’s Allison in concert with a cover of Ani’s song, “Independence Day”:



    This track joins a cadre of tunes for a July 4th feature of the “Cover Lay Down” blog. Boyhowdy presents music of Allison + Ani alongside Eva Cassidy, Lucy Wainwright Roche, Richard Shindell and a dozen more artists performing songs of Paul Simon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bobby Darrin and more.


    "Cover Lay Down" founder Boyhowdy, aka Joshua Farber, pens the latest installment to an eloquent "America The Beautiful: More Coverfolk For A Thoughtful Fourth" posting this Independence Day for our American friends and neighbours. It's an episode worth revisiting, notes Farber, "as music which speaks of and for a people, American folk music holds a particular place in the conversation which is America...making it real and vivid, whether it is through the lens of policy critique or protest cry, the immigrant experience or the internal monologue of a singer-songwriter struggling to be free."


    Farber wraps the intro to this musical salute: "Happy Birthday, America. Long may your contradictions endear us to you. May you never lose hope. And may we never stop singing."



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    An Artful Sunday Serving - July 3



    Today, Sunday, July 3, Michael Enright, Host of CBC Radio’s “The Sunday Edition”, starts the first hour of his program with an essay on ”why we don’t know anything”. Following this, Enright meets up with “extraordinary polymath” Steve Martin, known to many as comedian, musician and more – and the pair venture through the Art Gallery of Ontario. On Canada Day the AGO opened its comprehensive exhibit, “The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris”, curated by Martin, “an eloquent missionary on behalf of” Harris, a member of Canada’s famous “Group of Seven” landscape painters.


    Bridging this gallery tour with the show’s next segment – a serenade to a “smart, long-living, matriarchal animal” (the donkey) – is a celebratory musical performance from Allison Crowe and Band. (No spoiler as to the song.*) Tune in across Canada (on CBC Radio One - Sunday at 9 a.m. outside NL and 9:30am in NL + 'Round Midnight' Monday at 12 midnight).


    Around the world, as well, enjoy the show, any time, by visiting - and clicking on LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE 01:42:58. Allison and Band are heard a little more than 32 minutes into the program – but stick around, as 'The Sunday Edition' delivers more stories in its second hour, and, as promised, “a full course of great music to garnish your Canada Day weekend from Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Allison Crowe, Papa Haydn and the Gene di Novi trio”.


    *p.s. Now the show has well aired, it's no spoiler to reveal the rollicking tune is "Foggy Shore of Home" - penned by Bay Bulls-born Gary O'Driscoll as recorded by Allison and Band on their debut album, "Heirs + Grievances" @



    CBC Radio The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright - Allison Crowe and Band - July 3, 2016




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Portugal Embraces the Music of Allison Crowe - July 2



    July 1st we celebrate Canada here – still we are part of the main, a global, cultural, community, and this week, Allison Crowe’s licensed her music for play in stores and market-places throughout continental Europe’s western-most country, the republic of Portugal. Her songs will be heard daily across the Algarve’s beautiful coast, the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, in the open air of Lisbon’s artful street galleries, riding the slopes and falls of the country’s lush interior, its mountainous northern region, mingling in the mystery and magic of coastal Alentejo. Up and down the Iberian Peninsula this sound we know and love will ring out.


    Why Portugal? There’s a full palette of joys and emotions to be discovered in the art of Allison Crowe. In certain of her songs, too, there is ‘saudade’ – that quality described as “a bitter-sweet, existential yearning and hopefulness towards something over which one has no control”. The “unassailable determinism which compels the resigned yearning of saudade” is the soul of Portugal’s Fado music.


    Here, now is Allison Crowe and Band with the sounds of “Silence”:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    CBC Radio's Sunday Edition Cues up Celebration - July 1



    Michael Enright, erudite Host of CBC Radio’s “The Sunday Edition” promises for this July 3rd: “A full course of great music to garnish your Canada Day weekend from Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Allison Crowe, Papa (Franz Joseph) Haydn and the Gene DiNovi Trio”.


    CBC Radio Sunday Edition with Michael Enright - Allison Crowe and Band Canada Day 2016


    About the show – which broadcasts on CBC Radio One - Sundays at 9 a.m. (9:30 NT) 'Round Midnight' Monday at 12 midnight, and on Sirius XM Channel 169 - Sundays at 9 a.m.(ET) 'Round Midnight' Sunday Midnight (ET): “For two hours every weekend, The Sunday Edition presents an eclectic blend of conversation, documentaries, personalities and music. The program distinguishes itself through its unpredictable choice of stories. It brings a perspective that is original, intelligent and sometimes funny, reflected through the personality of host Michael Enright.”


    For international audiences of Allison Crowe and bandmates - LIN, Sarah White, and Dave Baird - we’ll post links for listening online before this Sunday’s show :)



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    New Website in Works for Allison Crowe and Band - July 1



    There’s a bumper crop of things to celebrate at present – so, on we go with the harvest! The new homesite of Allison Crowe and Band is coming together – thanks to the great graphic talents and wonderful design sense of LIN (pictured here), also cellist and vocalist with the group. With concerts upcoming for Canada this Fall and Winter - it'll just require some tweaking of the online ticket/box office, and embedding of Allison's music "ABC List" and a few other features before this will be the place to go to keep up with the thrilling combo of Allison Crowe, LIN, Sarah White and Dave Baird. Right now, here's a preview tour of the new site @


    Celine Greb - cellist, vocalist and web art designer



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe and Band's Debut Cresting Canada - July 1



    Enjoying this glorious day, dialing in to ‘The Big Groove Radio Show’ signal from British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast – Host Brad Mennie’s all-Canadian playlist for July 1st cues up: “From Nanaimo, BC native, now based all the way on the other side of the country - the other side in Corner Brook, Newfoundland - Allison Crowe. Yes! Great to have her back in the mix with a first listen from her new album ‘Heirs + Grievances’. With just some gorgeous sounds and vocals here exploring in all different directions. But because it’s Canada Day I thought the roots of Foggy Shores of Home just seemed to fit perfectly. All those other sounds will be definitely explored in future editions of the show.


    With Allison and Band now home in Canada following a sensational concert tour of Europe, the sounds Mennie’s sharing today are being added to music libraries of radio stations across this vast land – including: CFRC (Kingston, ON), CHRW (London, ON), CHMR (St. John’s, NL), CHLY (Nanaimo, BC) and our nation’s public broadcaster, the CBC. (There’s plenty more word to come from H+G’s new music cresting the airwaves.)


    The double-album is now released in Canada – and will soon be in stores on the mainland. Right now, “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances” is available to islanders - on the Pacific coast @: Fascinating Rhythm (51 Commercial 250-716-9997), in Nanaimo; Lyle’s Place (770 Yates 250-382-8422) in Victoria; & SaltspringSound CA (131 McPhillips 250-537-00650), SSI, British Columbia. On Canada's Atlantic shore, the band’s debut is found @: MALA (74 Broadway 709-634-4004) in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.


    The CD collection includes the studio session, “Heirs + Grievances”, and a live set, “Introducing”. It can be ordered by mail for world delivery, and, digitally, the studio recordings are @:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes


    A Case of You Opens Weekend - June 30



    Launching Memorial Day (NL) and Canada Day July 1st into July 4th Independence Day (USA) weekend with “A Case of You”. Fermented by Joni Mitchell with Leonard Cohen in her blood – the song’s decanted here by Allison Crowe. In this vintage revery, (from “A Farewell to Arms”), Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper join the party uncorking bittersweet truth:


    A Case of You from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Whether I'm Wrong live-in-the-studio - June 28



    Whether I’m Wrong”, the first song performance video from Allison Crowe to be posted online – more than a decade ago – is now hosted here in a new, hi-fi, version. (When the vid was initially posted 20MB was huge for a file upload!)


    In Spring/Summer 2003, Allison Crowe was residing in an apartment in New York City’s Chelsea neighbourhood. Whether or not the sun poured in like butterscotch it was a sticky time. This song was born then. Today, naturally, it’s just as vital our voices be heard.


    Whether I'm Wrong - Allison Crowe live-in-the-studio from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


    Captured live-in-the-studio by visionary director Alex Postowoi and crew at Turtle Recording, White Rock, Canada. Audio engineer - Larry "Turtle" Anschell; Film Editor - Shirley Anne Claydon; Cameras - Karen Duthie & Randy Rotheisler.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe's ABC - June 20



    Knowing your ABCs has been a musical joy ever since the Jackson 5. Now, updated with her debut band release, “Heirs + Grievances” is Allison Crowe’s ABC list of songs @


    Allison Crowe - music - illustration by bobi.k - Vienna, 2008


    Allison Crowe - illustration by boki.b - Vienna + Buenos Aires


    This page links to the artist’s full repertoire – over 159 unique song recordings released over 26 albums, singles, EPs and compilations (and still more tunes not yet recorded). Original songs, interpretations, a cappella, piano, guitar, solo and band tunes, traditional, alternative, sea shanties, hymns, carols and aires. Allison Crowe’s body of work encompasses rock, folk, jazz, Canadiana, Celtic, and soul among many-splendoured genres. Hers is a remarkable, singular, oeuvre and a voice without peer in popular music this century. Show you what it’s all about…


    Counting on ABCers from American Bandstand, The Jackson 5:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Pandora serves up "Heirs + Grievances" fresh from Allison Crowe and Band - June 18



    “Only in Canada, eh? Pity!” is a tagline familiar to Canucks – for Red Rose Tea. Today ’t’is a pity that Pandora’s blend of personalized internet radio is available only in America. Still, for our music-loving friends in the USA, we’re happy to note Pandora has bagged the debut release from Allison Crowe and Band – “Heirs + Grievances” – and it’s now streaming alongside such earlier, solo, albums as “Tidings”, “Newfoundland Vinyl”, “Spiral”, “Sylvan Hour”, “This Little Bird” and plenty more steeped in Allison Crowe’s singular brew of rock, folk, jazz, Canadiana, Celtic, and soul. If you’re south of the 49th, drink in the sounds @


    Heirs + Grievances - Allison Crowe and Band - album cover 400px



    For anyone wondering what's in our cups - should it be stronger than orange pekoe - here's a clue:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Silence - video debut - June 5






    Amazing Allison Crowe and Band – debut album “Heirs + Grievances”:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Lisa's Song - video debut - June 3



    Hope. Faith. What we need to carry on.


    "Lisa's Song" - Allison Crowe and Band from the group's debut album "Heirs + Grievances".





    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Words - video debut - June 1



    In 2013, Murúch, the pioneering blog that's been sharing music and culture notes online since 1999, premiered a solo version of Allison Crowe’s “Words”, saying: “What a lush piece of work that song is! There’s a touch of Celtic folk in the instrumentation, haunting backing vocals and a slow building, seething tension until Allison unleashes her wail toward the end of the song.”


    “Words” was named #1 of the year’s top songs by Murúch (2013’s other top ten picks came from artists: Alice Boman; Trent Dabbs; Lorde; Vienna Teng; Foxygen; Imagine Dragons; MS MR; & Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu):


    Now, Allison Crowe and Band unleash a group performance of “Words” with visual accompaniment from another pioneer - Winsor McCay, who revolutionized comics and animation a century ago, through such creations as 1921’s “Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend: The Pet”:



    Waking here from the surrealistic pillow of “Heirs + Grievances” lyricism.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Simply Amazing - May 30



    Amazing Radio, London, England-based international and independent radio, featured "You All Haunt Me" this weekend on the station's Amazing Rock Show. Thanks to show host/DJ Aaron Phillips and Producer Neil Reynolds for picking up on the debut from Allison Crowe and Band. Now on Amazing @ enjoy a playlist of 29 songs – the entire new studio album, “Heirs + Grievances”, plus a song from each of 16 earlier EP/album releases from Allison.


    Amazing Radio + Tunes - Allison Crowe  


    To hear the premiere broadcast of “You All Haunt Me”, it’s @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Now I'm 64 - video debut - May 27



    Reflecting now with home-movies of Allison Crowe and her delightful rendition of a song that’s one of the treasures of Canadiana renewed by “Newfoundland Vinyl”, Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s much-loved hit.


    This year’s edition of “Vinyl” has begun rehearsals in prep for a “greatest hits” run this Summer at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, June 11 – September 2, 2016:



    Now I’m 64” is a traditional Newfoundland parlour song – here delivered by Allison Crowe and Band on their debut release, “Heirs + Grievances”. Earlier variants include recordings by Atlantic Canada musical legends Ryan’s Fancy, Harry Hibbs and more. The invaluable lyrics and video site “GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador” has plenty to help us cherish an history that’s, joyfully, tunefully alive today:



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Going Home Tonight - video debut - May 25



    Home. Whatever it is, wherever it is, it’s usually profoundly meaningful to us.


    Ticket for a musical journey on life’s gossamer wings is Allison Crowe and Band – here with song number nine from the group’s debut album, “Heirs + Grievances”.



    Well before PanAm Jet Clippers were on the air, the magic of French film-maker Georges Méličs carried people up, up and away to fresh perspectives. Imagination finds home in this travelogue from 1902, “Le Voyage dans la Lune” (A Trip to the Moon).



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Now - video debut - May 23



    Dynamo Allison Crowe appears as a singer in Cassidy’s bar in director Zack Snyder’s epic Superman reboot “Man of Steel” notes Mike Devlin, veteran music scribe for The Times Colonist (The Daily Planet of Victoria, Canada), in the paper’s latest “Scene and Heard” column:


    Crowe’s cameo in the 2013 Hollywood blockbuster finds her performing in a north woods road-house where Clark Kent toils bussing while Lois Lane tracks the elusive hero. In creating the visual album for this year’s debut release from Allison Crowe and Band, “Heirs + Grievances”, it’s a natural to look to Lois & Clark for footage that fits “Now”:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Turtle on KISM + Times Colonist - Allison Crowe In the News - May 23



    Much of Canada celebrates Victoria Day today. Ideal holiday-time to catch up on some fun music news. Broadcasting from Mount Constitution on Orcas Island, Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of this continent is classic rock station KISM 92.9 where “Locals Only” show host Pooner Clark, a DJ with Idaho roots, interviews special guests. A recent chat with Larry Anschell, founder of storied Turtle Recording Studios and Brad Graham, Turtle engineer/producer extraordinaire, is now online: (btw, the two DJs pictured with the audio, "Brad and John", are with a different program – they’re not Clark, Anschell or Graham)


    Turtle Recording Studio - KISM Locals Only

    Anschell recounts the originally-mobile, 1987-established British-Columbia-based, studio’s history capturing the sound of artists on both sides of the nearby Canada/US border – from Kenny G to Pearl Jam, Sarah McLachlan to Soundgarden and Alice in Chains ( As well, he and Graham spin current tracks of Jason Mitchell, Five Alarm Funk, Tonye Aganaba, Russ Robson and Sean Simpson.


    About 22 minutes into the program, you’ll also hear a new recording from Allison Crowe and Band. Starting in 2001, to date Crowe has teamed up with Turtle on several singles, one EP, three albums and three double-albums. Videos of the artist performing “Hallelujah” and other songs from “Tidings” live-in-the-studio, enjoyed by many millions of people around the world, show Turtle’s studio when it was located beach-front in White Rock, BC. “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances”, the just-released debut double-disc from Allison and Band is recorded live-in-concert by Brad Graham and in the studio’s new, forest, location by Larry “Turtle” Anschell. For their ‘ears’, their integrity, and their special attunement to her honest style of music-making, Crowe and musical partners love working with the Turtle crew.


    Introducing “Lisa’s Song” for the KISM radio show, Anschell provides insight into Crowe and her ways: “This was a live recording off-the-floor. She tends to just like to lay it down as real as can be… She’s really an amazing talent. Whenever I hear her, I get goose-bumps. And, you, know, that doesn’t always happen… being as jaded as we are in the recording business. When you’re struck just by real talent it’s an amazing thing.”


    In print this holiday weekend, the convivial “Scene and Heard” column in The Times Colonist newspaper, based in BC’s capital city of Victoria (named for the same Queen we celebrate today), updates readers with word on Allison Crowe’s activities from “Newfoundland Vinyl” to her band’s new record release:


    TC rock music+ scribe Mike Devlin notes the video series for “Heirs + Grievances” is building on Vimeo Today we’ll add the eighth song vid to this visual album.


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    On the Air - video debut - May 21



    Ani DiFranco, “the little folksinger that could”, an inspiring model for Allison Crowe and her team, says she understands why so few musicians actually follow her DIY route – it’s hard work going against the current!


    Still, there can be perks for a traveling troubadour. Behold the PanAm ‘Jet Clipper’, one of such aircraft checking in for decades at Gander International, Newfoundland’s hangars for refuelling on trans-Atlantic flights. It spirits passengers and crew in style.



    Allison Crowe and Band’s just-wrapped concert trip to Europe touched souls in Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and England. “On the Air”, written when Crowe was a teenager, still packs great emotional weight – and soars now without some personal baggage of early flights.


    On board for this musical journey, Allison Crowe (vocals, piano), LIN (cello, vox), Billie Woods (guitar, vox), Dave Baird (bass) – and, in the wings, Sarah White (mandolin, vox). It’s on the manifest for for the band’s debut release “Heirs + Grievances”.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Why - video debut - May 19



    “Do you know how I feel?”


    An essential question raised in “Why” – the Annie Lennox song covered here by Allison Crowe and Band – and via the poetry of Jean Vigo’s 1934 film “L’Atalante” (from which the accompanying visuals are drawn).



    A 13-song video series for Allison and Band's debut album is now unspooling on facebook (as a playlist) and on Vimeo @ as an album (that's complete when the song “Silence” posts online Friday, June 3, 2016).



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Oceans - video debut - May 17



    A Mari Usque Ad Mare”. Canada’s motto well frames the dominion of Allison Crowe – “from sea to shining sea”. From her birth in the harbour city of Nanaimo, BC on the Pacific coast to her creative years at home in Corner Brook, NL on Atlantic shores there’s a vast expanse of beauty.


    Crowe’s approach to music-making, along with bandmates LIN, Billie Woods, Sarah White and Dave Baird – on record and on-stage – is so true, as well, that in an industry of processed audio and calculated everything, the sound of Allison Crowe and Band is refreshingly real as that of the natural world.


    Diving further into the just-released album, “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances”, take a swim now in “Oceans”:






    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Rubenesque Records Ltd. - logo to celebrate - May 16



    Rubenesque Records logo - Allison Crowe's record label - deign by Céline Greb


    It’s nearing 15 years now that Rubenesque Records, Allison Crowe’s label, has been taking the road less-traveled to the creation and dissemination of music. Over twenty ‘official’ – studio and live - releases, 150+ song recordings – singular originals and timeless interpretations, hundreds of videos, many, many millions of plays, views and more by people sharing the feelings – all adding up to an wholly unique body of work from one of the all-time great voices in popular music.


    There’s much to celebrate in this anniversary year for Rubenesque. The banner is raised with this new logo designed for the label by cellist and graphic artist LIN – a member of Allison’s band that carries forward bringing joy, fun, and meaning to the music.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Foggy Shores of Home - video debut - May 13



    In a recent posting, Devon-based music-and-literary-blogger Mike Ferguson cites the “joy and fun” that comes across in a new live recording from Allison Crowe and Band ( Allison and bandmates LIN, Billie Woods, Sarah White and Dave Baird – on record and on-stage – bring that essence of life, and, for a fun-filled Friday, or any day, here be the irresistibly joyous “Foggy Shores of Home”.


    The tune is penned by Gary O’Driscoll, one of Canada’s great songwriters – with such other classics as “Out from St. Leonards” and “The Men Who Die for a Living” to his credit. O’Driscoll, born in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, and now at home in Ontario, Canada, crests high among Allison Crowe’s favourite songwriters to cover – as he brilliantly captures the joys as well as the heartaches of people.


    From the studio disc of the just-released double-album, “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances” Allison and the band celebrate and embrace home – where e’er your port'o'call.



    With the band’s bassist Dave now driving to Gros Morne National Park, NL where he’ll be a sea captain for the Summer, we welcome another sailor man in this music video. Ever-green Fleischer Studios characters – Popeye and Olive Oyl – keep things rolling in this newest addition to the “Heirs + Grievances” visual album.


    It's refreshing - like lemonade for a nickel a shot.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "what is tomorrow" today - May 12


    Musician Allison Crowe met photographer Gerrit Meier in August 2000 – as the German artist was just launching the international “what is tomorrow” project – which has become a photo-exhibit and now a book.


    Crowe and her band visited Port Alberni, BC, Canada for a concert at the Capitol Theatre – and while setting up for the night’s show, Meier took this photo and captured these words of the 19-year-old singer-songwriter:


    “In my opinion, tomorrow today and yesterday are all tied together. It just depends on what we choose to make of it. Tomorrow could be life-changing or it could remain the same as yesterday depending on how you choose to see it. Remembering the only constant in life is change, and just going along with the flow of our decisions, we see every twist and turn in life and will not remain dormant. So, in essence, if you take hold of now, and are not afraid to let go of the things that hold you down, tomorrow can be yours.”


    Allison Crowe - Gerrit Meier foto - what is tomorrow


    Foto+ by Gerrit Meier


    Allison Crowe – from “what is tomorrow: man in expectation of the 21st century” (ISBN 978-3-00-023165-0).



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "what is tomorrow" - May 11


    What is tomorrow? Tomorrow is when Dave Baird, bassist in Allison Crowe’s band, begins the 6553+ km. trek from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada to join Allison in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.


    Baird, most famous for his live performances and recordings made with Crowe - including CD releases “6 Songs”, “This Little Bird”, “Spiral” and just-released “Heirs + Grievances” - is a much sought-after jazz, funk, and rock bassist and teacher (at Arbutus Music) on Canada’s west coast. His stellar shows include gigs with Wunderbread, Jon Bone, Kings Without, Nat, Milad Kassiri, The Thieves and the Canadian Tenors among many combos. As well he’s a premiere birder on Vancouver Island, the Pacific “rock”. (Bird + bard = Baird. Then there’s his beard…)


    Dave Baird’s migration is to the Gros Morne Theatre Festival this Summer, on the Atlantic “rock”, the west coast (of NL) – where he joins a fabulously-talented and spirited cast, crew and company for the fifth edition of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s rollicking stage hit “Newfoundland Vinyl”:



    It should be noted at this juncture, Allison Crowe’s own first venture to the lovely isle of Newfoundland, more than a decade ago now, resulted in her falling in love with the place and people, and making it her home. That transnational trip’s given Crowe two true homes – her birthplace of Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver lsland, and her chosen nest, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. Could the same delightful fate be in store…


    what is tomorrow” is also a photographic project and exhibit that’s become an artful and inspiring book published in Europe by Gerrit Meier, and subtitled “man in expectation of the 21st century” (ISBN 978-3-00-023165-0).


    Hamburg-based photographer Meier took up his project in 1999, at the turn of the last century. From 2000 - 2007 he traveled through Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Morocco, Spain, South Africa, and Denmark – capturing images of people, and asking them, simply “what is tomorrow”?


    The fotos and unedited statements of 68 subjects - aerospace technician, artist, cuator, car dealer, school teacher, golf pro, guest service attendant at hotel and more – have been printed together with an audio CD – a timeless capsule of perspectives.


    Allison Crowe and her then trio were preparing for a concert at the Capitol Theatre in Port Alberni, BC on August 12, 2000 when Gerrit Meier happened upon them – and Allison and bassist Dave became some of the first subjects for the project. (The band’s drummer, Kevin Clevette, was shy and sat out the photo/questioning.)


    We’ll round up teenage Allison’s pic/quote for, yes, tomorrow. Right now, here’s Dave’s take from that moment in 2000:


    “Tomorrow is whatever decisions we make today. If we make poor decisions there may be no tomorrow. If we make good decisions today then tomorrow is a good future. I hope tomorrow is a great day.”


    As Dave gets behind the wheel and heads due east, we hope so, too

    Slán agus beannacht leat!


    Dave Baird - Gerrit Meier foto - what is tomorrow


    Foto+ by Gerrit Meier


    Dave Baird – “what is tomorrow



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Tarry Trousers - video debut - May 7




    Sailing into this happy Mother’s Day weekend – here’s a traditional tune, “Tarry Trousers”, gorgeously raised aloft by Allison Crowe and Band on the group’s debut album “Heirs + Grievances”.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Arthur - video debut - May 2




    Love, family, age – elemental themes bond with Arthurian legend in this song of life's mystery and magic - the second tune, and video, from "Heirs + Grievances", the debut album of Allison Crowe and Band.




    Allison Crowe Music Notes


    You All Haunt Me - debut video - April 25




    "You All Haunt Me" opens the debut album from Allison Crowe and Band. And the first music video for the double-disc set is this song paired with scenes from Ménilmontant, the silent cinema classic from Dimitri Kirsanoff featuring partner Nadia Sibirskaďa and Yolande Beaulieu.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Timeless + Transcendent: Allison Crowe and Band on Tour and Record - April 24



    Like Bob Dylan at Newport, like Bruce Springsteen at The Bottom Line, Allison Crowe and Band electrified musically on tour in Europe this past month. Here’s the group’s final bow – on stage in Brussels after the second or third encore of the night: l – r - Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals); LIN (cello, vocals); Dave Baird (bass); and Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran).


    Allison Crowe and Band - final bow - Racines Bruxelles, April 19, 2016


    This closing concert of the first leg of of the “Heirs + Grievances” tour happens in a place where love and life carry on following recent tragedy. Allison Crowe’s performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” blew past the soundboard’s limits, allowing artist and audience to continue a capella while the audio equipment was reset.


    The power of music to transcend was evident throughout the group’s month-long tour of Germany, Slovenia, Italy, England and Belgium.


    Waking now in Canada, the debut album of Allison Crowe and Band is named 'CD of the Week' by Tom Harrison, dean of western Canada’s rock music writers.


    “In the past,” notes Harrison, “Crowe has devoted herself to trad folk, contemporary rock, Christmas songs and music of Leonard Cohen, all of which have merged into these two discs to create a portrait of an idealist — with the addition of her between-songs talk on the live recording revealing a bubbly personality.”


    Full review @:



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    We have the music - April 21



    One of the greatest rock and roll escapades since the ’60s ends a chapter today in Europe as Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), LIN (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), und Dave Baird (bass), part ways after this first leg of their “Heirs + Grievances” tour. We say farewell for now to Milka Smid, Intl. Tour Liaison, and Axel Dollheiser, Driver & Road Manager.


    Thank you for coming out and being part of it all – Frankfurt, Izola, Firenze, Berlin, Dennach, Vaihingen an der Enz, Neunkirchen, Grunbach / Engelsbrand, Hamburg, Hastings, Hoielaart and Brussels!! We hope to bring the music to the whole world.


    Allison Crowe and Band - Heirs + Grievances Tour wrap


    “My heart is full but it's also breaking , if I'm being honest - this is exactly the same picture i posted last night from @racines_bruxelles but for some reason it took a series of 6? Anyways why not?? - I couldn't ask for a better band or more amazing friends from all over the world - from Frankfurt to Brussels - and last night's show was the most fun I've had in years - which just makes it harder to know the tour is over! If anyone knows me - I'm usually tired at the end of tours - and yes I'm tired now - but I feel I could keep going forever - can't wait til next time -candles wtf forever! Holy f×× and THEN SOME - remember to never owl alone. (Inside jokes sorry haha)”


    Allison Crowe on Instagram @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Allison Crowe and Band - Live on Tour - April 7



    On Easter Sunday 2016 the “Heirs + Grievances” Tour of Allison Crowe and Band hopped into Radio Koper in Slovenia as part of a visit hatched by the country’s brilliant arts patron and cultural liaison Milka Smid-O’Reilly. The quartet chatted with radio host Drago Mislej aka Mef and musician/translator Matej Krajnc (of popular Maribo-based group Sužnji Sendvičev) and performed four songs live-on-air before RK’s in-studio audience.


    Canada’s Allison Crowe uniquely inhabits the world of song – continually adding breadth and depth to a richly peerless repertoire for piano, vocals, guitar, fiddle and bodhran. Crowe’s “supernaturally agile and exquisite voice”, (as it's distilled by Muruch), is mated ideally with her sublime international touring band: LIN (cello, vocals); Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals); and Dave Baird (bass). The group’s gorgeously thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and original rock bridges vital originals with fresh interpretations of classics by such artists as Leonard Cohen and Annie Lennox.


    The freshness and range of musical ideas and expression heard in each performance attests to the sagacity of Allan Showalter, eminence grise of “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” blog, in his observation: “Once you've heard one Allison Crowe song, You've heard one Allison Crowe song.”




    Here's a traditional song, "Tarry Trousers", out of TNL's "Newfoundland Vinyl" hit show, with Allison, Sarah and LIN harmonizing Catch four songs from Allison Crowe and Band, (plus a preceding full set by Matej Krajnc & Sužnji Sendvičev), on the RK Easter show – “OKROG OSMIH z MEFOM - MATEJ KRAJNC in SUŽNJI SENDVIČEV ter ALLISON CROWE & BAND” @ : “V Studiu Hendrix Radia KOPER je Drago Mislej - MEF v njegovi nedeljski oddaji, 27. marca 2016, gostil Mateja KRAJNCA in Sužnje Sendvičev ter kanadsko pevko Allison CROWE z njeno skupino.” Hvala!!


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Introducing / Heirs + Grievances Release! - March 22



    "Introducing / Heirs + Grievances" is released!:


    When critics liken you to Edith Piaf, Elton John, Aretha Franklin and Modest Mussorgsky, it’s a good sign you’re truly one-of-a-kind. So it is with musical explorer Allison Crowe who, since creating her own record label in 2001, uniquely inhabits the world of song – continually adding breadth and depth to a richly expressive repertoire for piano, vocals, guitar and bodhran.


    Crowe’s “supernaturally agile and exquisite voice” is complemented ideally by her international touring band: LIN (cello, vocal harmonies); Sarah White (mandolin, vocal harmonies); and Dave Baird (bass). Longtime friend, musician and photographer Billie Woods contributes guitar and vocal harmonies to the band’s recordings. The combo’s gorgeously thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and original rock bridges vital originals with fresh interpretations of classics by Annie Lennox and Gary O'Driscoll.



    Alongside multi-genre concert and recording projects over this past year the Nanaimo-born, Newfoundland-based artist’s active as music curator and arranger for acclaimed stage productions of: Atlantic Canada’s folk and popular song; the collaborative works of Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill; and choral renderings of traditional Christmas carols.


    A singular artistry and virtuosity make Allison Crowe performances legendary - and fun. In the Scottish Highlands she brought down the house on a bill with Carol Ann Duffy, Britain’s Poet Laureate, and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Master of the Queen's Music. In Hollywood Superman movie director Zack Snyder is outspoken in his respect and admiration. Touring with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet audiences responded with spontaneous standing ovations.


    "The most honest, heartfelt, and directly intimate concert in my entire life,” says longtime American public broadcaster Ross Hocker. “Allison has a special gift that is so very rare in musicians today. She is true to her mind, heart and spirit. She also has a most wonderful humor which envelops her audience."


    "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make," sums up Allison Crowe.


    "Heirs + Grievances" is the debut studio album of Allison Crowe and Band (and the 20th release on Crowe's label, Rubenesque Records Ltd.) The digital album contains 13 exciting tunes and honestly potent performances. It’s a magnificent set of songs from Allison Crowe and her extraordinary band of musicians. The physical CD comes with a bonus, live, set – “Introducing”. Enjoy!!


    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Glasbena poslastica iz zasede - March 17



    Mandrač - Allison Crowe and Band feature - 17.03.2016


    Mandrač, Slovenian journal of news and culture, today features Allison Crowe and Band in advance of the group performing in concert at Palazzo Manzioli, Izola on Saturday, March 26, 2016.


    This article tells the magic of how things comes together as a consequence of dedicated and wondrous global arts patron and presenter Milka Smid-O’Reilly reaching out to Crowe years ago – seeking her help in obtaining permission from Sony/ATV, publishers of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, to allow a translation of the song into Slovenian.


    Through their contact the country’s renowned and much-loved musician, Enzo Hrovatin, was enabled to make a version of this universal song in his tongue. The friendship formed then between figures of the cultural community in this European nation and the Canadian team of Allison Crowe has flowered beautifully ever since.


    This Easter weekend, the exciting and amazing quartet of Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), LIN (cello, vox), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vox) & Dave Baird (bass) will perform in the restored Venetian late-Gothic Manzioli Palace - built in 1470 and now the heart of Izola’s Italian centre. Special guest is the delightful recording artist and music producer Martin Štibernik aka Mistermarsh.


    Fittingly, with all the Irish roots on both sides of the water, this news adds to Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Sláinte, everyone!



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    You All Haunt Me - Allison Crowe and Band - March 15




    "You All Haunt Me" opens the debut album from Allison Crowe and Band: "Introducing / Heirs + Grievances".


    More on this new double-album of music - and the band's concert tour - coming soon.



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Heirs + Grievances Tournee - March 10


    These are the concert dates for my 'Heirs and Grievances' tour with the band. Let me know if you can make it to any of these! :) can't wait to see you all!


    Heirs + Grievances Tournee 2016 - Allison Crowe and Band


    Allison Crowe @


    Heirs + Grievances Tour - Europe dates Spring 2016


    24 March – concert – Mampf – Frankfurt, Germany

    26 March – concert – Palazzo Manzioli – Izola, Slovenia

    29 March – concert – Teatro del Sale – Florence, Italy

    01 April – concert – Grüner Salon – Berlin, Germany

    06 April – concert – Peterskirche – Vaihingen an der Zen, Germany - w. special guests Maskenball

    08 April – concert – Stummsche Reithalle – Neunkirchen, Germany

    10 April – concert – Alte Turnhall Grünbach, Engelsbrand, Germany - w. special guests – Mr. Knebel’s musicians – Joint Venture

    12 April – concert – Birdland – Hamburg, Germany

    16 April – concert – St. Mary in the Castle – Hastings, England

    19 April – concert – Racines – Brussels, Belgium



     #music #newalbum #tour #ontheroad #band #europeantour



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Ready to rock and roll - March 10



    The albums are all finished and ready to go for the tour starting next week!! woot woot!


    Heirs + Grievances preview - Allison Crowe - March 2016


    Allison Crowe @


    #newmusic #tour #europeantour #music



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    #fiddle #bodhran #guitar #piano - March 9



    This is actually a more accurate representation of what my day looks like today Hahaha ;)


    instrument collage - Allison Crowe - Instagram March 2016


    Allison Crowe @


    #fiddle #guitar #bodhrán #piano #music #tour #europeantour



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    #piano - March 9



    Allison Crowe - piano - Instagram - March 2016


    My view for today.


    Allison Crowe @


    #piano #rehearsal #nofilterneeded #music #europeantour



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    "Introducing" label proof - February 22



    And a little preview of the CD label for 'Introducing' (the live companion to Heirs and Grievances) designed by LIN! Sooon...


    says Allison Crowe @


    Introducing - Allison Crowe and Band - label proof - design by Celine Greb



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Fun ahead - February 12



    Excited - Allison Crowe - February 2016



    This is me being excited about all the cool stuff going on - SEEMINGLY ALL THIS WEEK ALL AT ONCE - some of which is truly 15 years in the making... can't wait to share with you all as it happens! First up, a super fun show on Saturday the 13th with TNL at the Arts and Culture Centre in Corner Brook - come see us! We're a lot of fun.


     Allison Crowe @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Introducing / Heirs + Grievances sneak peek - February 9



    Introducing / Heirs + Grievances - Allison Crowe and Band - sneak peek



    So excited! My new full band album 'Heirs and Grievances' is off to the presses tomorrow! Here's a little sneak peak of what it's going to look like with the cover art proofs! Art by LIN - cover photo by Billie Woods. Release date coming soon, as well as our European tour!


    Allison Crowe @



    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 18



    On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day – celebrating the birth of the civil rights leader and marking the struggle for equality, justice and peace that continues today – here’s Allison Crowe with her guitar take on Patty Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain”:




    Paying tribute with piano – Martin Luther King Jr. Day musical celebration by Allison Crowe w. Patty Griffin’s paen “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)”:




    Allison Crowe Music Notes



    2016 - January 1



    “Allison Crowe is an indie darling,” says Kyle Northrop, “grizzled veteran of the radio broadcasting industry”, in “iAm Indie: 15 for ’15”. Northrop’s album round-up for “BackLog Adventures” blog finds Crowe’s super, solo, “Sylvan Hour” keeping time with releases from Mountain Goats, Mumford and Sons, Alabama Shakes, Father John Misty and fellow Canadians Metric, & Ben Caplan among others. “With a voice on par with Sarah McLachlan or Joni Mitchell, Allison Crowe is a true hidden gem.”



    thing of the year - iAmindie


    A singular artist, touring and recording on her own for much of this century, in 2015 Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran) made the transition to fronting a freshly creative and exciting musical group featuring: cellist/vocalist LIN, guitarist/vocalist Billie Woods, multi-instrumentalist Sarah Melanie White, and bassist Dave Baird.


    This news lands Crowe in “Monday Magazine's Top 20 stories from 2015”: Laura Lavin, Editor of Monday, arts and culture monthly of Victoria, (capital city of British Columbia, Canada) – traces Crowe’s path from school bands in her birthplace of Nanaimo, BC to current work with Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador in her home of Corner Brook, NL and Summertimes as part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival for which she musically directs TNL’s hit show, “Newfoundland Vinyl”: (“Allison Crowe says so long to solo”).


    2016 promises, firstly, “Introducing” / “Heirs & Grievances” – a double album, (one live set plus one studio set), from Allison Crowe and band – and then the galactically great show goes on the road. Happy New Year!



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