Allison Crowe ~ Repertoire  (ABC List)

Allison Crowe - music - illustration by bobi.k - Vienna, 2008

Allison Crowe - illustration by boki.b - Vienna + Buenos Aires

  Song, album + video links for Allison Crowe's music

Alive and Breathing  (Allison Crowe)  ~  This Little Bird

Angel  (Sarah McLachlan) ~ Tidings    +   video

Angels  (Allison Crowe) ~  Little Light   +  video  

Anything  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Aquarius Rising  (Allison Crowe) ~ Songs of Hope for Haiti  video

Arthur  (Allison Crowe) ~ Arthur / Up to the Mountain  +  video

Away  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Believe Me If All  (music Traditional/words Thomas Moore) ~ secrets   +   Live at Wood Hall

Better  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Better Man (Eddie Vedder) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

Between Two Trees (Harry Hibbs) ~ unrecorded

Bill  (Jerome Kern, P.G. Wodehouse, Oscar Hammerstein II) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Bird on a Wire  (Leonard Cohen) ~  Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare  +   video

Black Velvet Band (Traditional) ~  Newfoundland Vinyl

Both Hands  (Ani DiFranco) ~  Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare  +  video

By Any Terms  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded
By Your Side  (Allison Crowe) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Cage Is Empty  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

A Case of You  (Joni Mitchell) ~  This Little Bird

Chelsea Hotel No. 2  (Leonard Cohen, Ron Cornelius) ~ Spiral   video

Chasing the Rain  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Choose to Be  (Allison Crowe) ~ Little Light

Circular Reasoning (Allison Crowe) ~ This Little Bird   +  video

Cliffs of Baccalieu (Jack Withers) ~  Newfoundland Vinyl

Control (Allison Crowe) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

Crayon & Ink (Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + 6 Songs  +   Live at Wood Hall

Creep (Thom Yorke - Radiohead) ~ Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare   +   video
Dark Blue (Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + 6 Songs     

Darling Be Home Soon (John Sebastian - Lovin' Spoonful) ~ This Little Bird  +  video

Dearly  (Allison Crowe) ~ Spiral    video
Delay (Allison Crowe) ~ unfinished  +  video
Disease (Allison Crowe) ~  Little Light  +  Live at Wood Hall  + Tidings Concert

Dissolve (Allison Crowe) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

Don't Breathe (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Don't Care  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Don't Lie to Me  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Don't Think  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Don't Wanna Be Nice (Allison Crowe) ~ unreleased

Double-Edged Swords  (Allison Crowe) ~  Spiral   +  video

Doughnut Song (Tori Amos) ~ Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 

Do You See  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Easy (Terry Skinner) ~  Newfoundland Vinyl

Effortless (Allison Crowe) This Little Bird
Fade Away
(Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + 6 Songs   +   Open Minds Open Windows

Fallen  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

Famous Blue Raincoat - choral (Leonard Cohen) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

Finally (Allison Crowe/Stephen Clevette) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Fire (Allison Crowe) ~ Live at Wood Hall

First Noel, The (Origin Unknown; Traditional ~ Arranged by A. Crowe) ~ Tidings  +  Tidings Concert 

Forget About Me  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Gate 9  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Going Home Tonight (Allison Crowe) ~  Spiral    +  Going Home Tonight (pre-album) video

Hallelujah  (Leonard Cohen) ~ Tidings    +    Tidings Concert    +   videos
Happy People (Allison Crowe) ~ Little Light

Heart to Head (Allison Crowe) ~  unrecorded

Heavy (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Hold Back (Allison Crowe) ~ Little Light   +   video

Hooray (Everything You Wanted) (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

How Long (Allison Crowe) ~ secrets   +   Live at Wood Hall

I Don't Know (Allison Crowe) ~  Spiral   video

I Dreamed a Dream (Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Imagine (John Lennon) ~   Live at Wood Hall   +    Tidings Concert    +    video

I'm Alright (Allison Crowe) Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare  video

Immersed (Allison Crowe) ~ secrets   +   Live at Wood Hall

Independence Day (Ani DiFranco) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Indifference (Pearl Jam) Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare     +    video

I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) (Ronnie Shannon) ~ This Little Bird  +  video

In Love In Vain (Jerome Kern/Leo Robin) ~ Live at Wood Hall

In My Life (John Lennon/Paul McCartney - The Beatles) ~ Tidings    +   Tidings Concert    +    video

In the Bleak Midwinter (Words - Christina Rossetti, Music - Gustav Holst ~ Arranged by Allison Crowe) ~ Tidings    +   Tidings Concert 

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Words - Edmund H. Sears, Music - Richard Storrs Willis; Traditional ~ Arranged by A. Crowe) ~ Tidings     +     Tidings Concert     +    video

It's All His (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Jeremy coda (Pearl Jam)live/unreleased  (ending Philosophy)   +  video

Joan of Arc (Leonard Cohen) ~ secrets

Josephine (Tori Amos) ~ unreleased

Just to Fall (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Lamplight  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Lay Down (Melanie Safka) ~ Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare

Leave It to Me (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Let It Be (John Lennon/Paul McCartney - The Beatles) ~ Tidings  +   It Was 40 Years Ago Today   +   Tidings Concert   +  video

Life (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded
Lisa's Song (Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + 6 Songs    +   video

Little Light (Allison Crowe) ~ Little Light

Mary (Patty Griffin) ~   Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare    +    Tidings Concert      +  video

Me and Bobby McGee  (Fred Foster, Kris Kristofferson) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Men Who Die for a Living (Gary O'Driscoll) Newfoundland Vinyl

Midnight (Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + 6 Songs   +   secrets

Mobile Goat Song, The (Tom Cahill) Newfoundland Vinyl

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) ~  Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 
(Allison Crowe) ~ secrets

A Murder of One  (Counting Crows) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Muse, The (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

No (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

No Matter the Battle (Allison Crowe) ~  Spiral     +    video

Northern Lad (Tori Amos) Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 

Northern Lights (Allison Crowe) ~ Little Light   +   Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare    +  video w. David Cartier images

November's Daughter (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Now (Allison Crowe) This Little Bird

O Holy Night (Placide Clappeau/Adolphe Adam ~ English translation by John Sullivan Dwight. Arranged by Allison Crowe)  ~ Tidings    +    Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare   +    video

Oceans (Allison Crowe) Spiral   +   video

1000 Oceans (Tori Amos) ~   Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 
On the Air (Allison Crowe) ~ unreleased

Open Letter  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Open the Way  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Out from St. Leonard's (Gary O'Driscoll) ~ unrecorded

Paralyzed  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded
Philosophy (Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + 6 Songs   +   secrets

Phoenix (Allison Crowe) ~ This Little Bird

Playboy Mommy (Tori Amos) Live at Wood Hall
Pray For Rain (Allison Crowe) ~  Live at Wood Hall

Providence  (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Pull You Through (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Raining in Baltimore (Counting Crows) ~ secrets   +  Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 
(Allison Crowe) ~ unreleased

Release (Pearl Jam) ~   Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare      +   video

Ring of Fire (June Carter Cash, Merle Kilgore) ~ "Man of Steel" (Movie Soundtrack) unreleased

River (Joni Mitchell) Tidings   +    Tidings Concert    +    video

Running (Allison Crowe) ~ Live at Wood Hall

Running Away (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Running for Home (Matthew Good Band) Little Light
(Allison Crowe) ~ Lisa's Song + Songs    +   video
Sea of a Million Faces (Allison Crowe) ~ secrets   +   Live at Wood Hall
Secrets (That Aren't my Own)
(Allison Crowe) ~ secrets   +   Live at Wood Hall

Seven Old Ladies (Traditional) Newfoundland Vinyl

Shadows (Allison Crowe) ~ unreleased

Shine a Light (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards - Rolling Stones) ~ Tidings
(Allison Crowe) ~ This Little Bird

Silent Night (Franz Gruber/Joseph Mohr ~ English translation by John Freeman Young. Arranged by Allison Crowe) ~ Tidings   +   Christmas in Rock Vol. 4    +   Tidings Concert     +     video
Skeletons and Spirits (Allison Crowe) This Little Bird    +   video

Skipper Billy's Wake (Ellis Coles) ~   Newfoundland Vinyl

Smells Like Teen Spirit  (Nirvana) ~ Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare

Snow (Allison Crowe) ~ Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare    +    Songbook

Sonny's Dream (Allison Crowe) ~  Newfoundland Vinyl

Soul Cake (Traditional) ~   Souling    +   video

Spiral (Allison Crowe) ~   Spiral    +   video

Sun Came Out Today, The (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Sweet Dreams (Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Eurythmics) ~  Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare   +  video

Sweet Forget Me Not (Bobby Newcomb) Newfoundland Vinyl

Tarry Trousers (Traditional) ~ Tarry Trousers  +  video

Take It Away (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Tenses (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

There Is (Allison Crowe) ~ Live at Wood Hall   +   This Little Bird

These Words (Allison Crowe) Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare    +   YouTube

30 for 60 (Ron Hynes, Al Pittman) Newfoundland Vinyl II   +   YouTube

32 Flavors (Ani DiFranco) Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 
This Little Bird (Allison Crowe) ~ This Little Bird

Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters & Collectors) ~ Spiral   video  +  video v2

Through These Heavy Graces (Allison Crowe) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

Time After Time (Rob Hyman, Cyndi Lauper) ~ Little Light    +   video

Tiny Red Light (Trad.) Newfoundland Vinyl

Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen) ~   Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare    +   video
Unstable (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Up to the Mountain (Patty Griffin) ~ Arthur / Up to the Mountain (guitar)   +    Tidings Concert (piano)  +  video (piano)

Up In Flames (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

Wake Up (live) Spiral   +   video

Wedding Song (Allison Crowe) ~ Little Light   +   video

What About You (Allison Crowe) ~ secrets    +    Live at Wood Hall

What Child Is This (Words - William C. Dix, Music - Greensleeves, Music Origin Unknown; Traditional ~ Arranged by Allison Crowe) ~ Tidings    +   Tidings Concert    +    video

Whether I'm Wrong (Allison Crowe) ~ secrets    +    Live at Wood Hall   +   video

When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) ~ Little Light
Who Will Save Your Soul 
(Jewel Kilcher) Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare 

Why (Annie Lennox) ~ Spiral   +   video    +    video v2

Words (Allison Crowe) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

You (Allison Crowe) ~ unrecorded

You All Haunt Me (Allison Crowe) ~ Heavy Graces  +  video

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (John Lennon/Paul McCartney - The Beatles) ~ unrecorded




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Her Royal Majesty's Recording  (2001) ~ three song "demo" recorded at HRMR - Bif Naked's studio - engineered and produced by Doug McCarvell and Peter Karroll

Lisa's Song + 6 Songs  (6 Songs 2001/ Lisa's Song 2003) ~ Allison's debut release, an EP recorded with a trio live-off-the-floor at Larry Anschell's Turtle Studios

Open Minds Open Windows  (2003) ~ west-coast Canada benefit compilation

It Was 40 Years Ago Today  (2004) ~ Beatles tribute featuring alt rockers, punks+

secrets  (2004) ~ Allison's debut singer-songwriter CD/album

Tidings  (EP 2003 EP/ CD 2004) ~ "music for the season and all time" recorded live-off-the-floor

Live at Wood Hall  (2005) ~ double-album recording of two night's live concerts - voice and piano

Christmas in Rock Vol. 4  (2005) ~ German compilation of seasonal songs

This Little Bird  (2006) ~ album created from Canada's Atlantic to Pacific coasts

Cohen Covered  (2008) ~ MOJO magazine salutes Leonard Cohen

Little Light  (2008) ~ Allison blends guitar and piano songs in this collection

Spiral  (2010) ~ Allison' first song collection to feature orchestration, strings, as well as band, accompaniment - produced by Hollywood film-scorer Kayla Schmah

Arthur / Up to the Mountain  (2011) ~ double-A-side single (digital release)

Tidings Concert  (2012) ~ recorded live in concert - songs for the season and all time

Newfoundland Vinyl (2013) ~ music to come from, and out of, Newfoundland and Labrador

Crowe: Covers, Live + Rare  (2001 - 2013) ~ mix of recordings from home and studio, concerts, clubs, festivals+

Heavy Graces (2013) ~ new songs from the pen and soul of Allison Crowe, alongside her interpretations of tunes composed by Leonard Cohen and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder

Souling (2014) ~ traditional Christmas carols arranged & performed a cappella

Newfoundland Vinyl II (2014) ~ hearty and hardy songs of Canada's Atlantic coast

Songbook (2013/14) ~ oeuvre-spanning collection representing 2001-2013 releases


Videos  (2001 - 2014) ~ video versions of music live, in concert, at home and in the studio


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