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GMTF Newfoundland Vinyl 2015

June 13 - August 28

Performances each Tuesday and Friday - click here for complete schedule and show-times
The Ethie Room

Shallow Bay Motel and Cabins
, 193 Main Street, Cow Head, Newfoundland A0K 2A0

Newfoundland Vinyl - The Flip Side - Ed Hollet - TNL logo

Newfoundland Vinyl - Allison Crowe returns as Director of TNL's perennial Summer favourite - with a fabulous cast and crew!

Gros Morne Theatre Festival

(709) 639-7238 or toll-free 1-877-243-2899

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Allison Crowe Band Concerts

Friday, October 23

7:30 pm

venue details tba
Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, bodhran) joined by her exciting band: Billie Woods (vocals, guitar); Celine Greb (vocals, cello); & Dave Baird (bass)

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Friday, October 30


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details tba

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Friday, November 13


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Allison Crowe Europe 2016

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Allison Crowe Tidings 2015

ho, ho, ho... and mistletoe

Saturday, December 12

Music 8:00 pm

Arts and Culture Centre

11 University Drive, Corner Brook, Newfoundland A2H 6C3
"Music for the season and all-time"

Fun, thrills and soul-stirring song with Allison Crowe's Tidings

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Corner Brook ACC Box Office - tba

(709) 637-2580


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Allison  Crowe looks forward to performing live all over the world - and we hope to see you there and there :)


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