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Tuesday, October 7 ~ MOJO salutes Leonard Cohen


MOJO Magazine raises banner o'er special year for Leonard Cohen appreciation

Allison Crowe joins Judy Collins, Katie Melua and more in MOJO Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Allison Crowe, Canadian musician - photo by Billie Woods
Allison Crowe, Canadian musician - photo by Billie Woods

2008-10-07 17:46:40 - Canada's bicoastal musical marvel Allison Crowe is among those invited by MOJO magazine to celebrate Leonard Cohen, master of song, on a soon-to-be-released tribute CD. Crowe contributes her cover of "Joan of Arc" - a favourite first heard on the 1971 Cohen album "Songs of Love and Hate".

It's been a wonderful year for appreciation of poet and songwriter+ Leonard Cohen - highlighted by all the live performances, and, the love that's flowed famously at the Glastonbury Festival and more concerts across North America and Europe.

MOJO magazine, one of the world's great music publications, has put together a delightful tribute - one well-designed and timed to raise the banner high over a year that's been very special for lovers of Cohen, just turned 74. As they explain it: "The November 1 issue of MOJO (cover dated December) is celebrating deep and moving music, the kind of stuff we need in the run up to the holiday period. The accompanying MOJO cover mounted CD will be made up of 15 tired and emotional masterpieces from the pen of veteran songwriter Leonard Cohen."

Here be the final running order of the tracks on the upcoming tribute album:

1 Suzanne 3:42 - Ian McCulloch
2 In My Secret Life 4:23 - Katie Melua
3 Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye 3:02 - Claudine Longet
4 Sisters Of Mercy 3:34 - Dion
5 Story Of Isaac 4:09 - Linda Thompson
6 Priests 4:01 - Eyeless In Gaza
7 Joan of Arc 4:55 - Allison Crowe
8 Hallelujah 5:46 - Susanna And The Magical Orchestra
9 Avalanche 5:13 - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
10 Chelsea Hotel No.2 4:19 - Josh Ritter
11 Take This Longing 6:16 - Phil Campbell
12 Tower Of Song 3:46 - Martha Wainwright
13 Song For Bernadette 4:21 - Judy Collins
14 Famous Blue Raincoat 5:08 - The Handsome Family
15 Tonight Will Be Fine 2:45 - Mr David Viner


MOJO - Leonard Cohen Covered - December 2008


Alongside the MOJO cover-mount CD, there's expected to be plenty of love for Leonard Cohen reigning o'er the magazine's print and online editions, in Q magazine, and on MOJO Radio next month.

Allison Crowe is currently at the mid-point in her third European tour of 2008. It's a visit that's seen her perform to passionate audiences in Frankfurt, Paris, Siegen, Vienna, and now Prague, Czech Republic - after which she flies to the Highlands of Scotland for a concert in Durness, a fundraiser for the John Lennon Memorial Garden. Following this weekend in the Highlands, she performs in Edinburgh, before returning to North America where she'll ready her annual Tidings holiday concert series in support of a host of charities from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.

Allison Crowe, Billie Woods - Euro Tour Fall 2008


Allison Crowe and Billie Woods are rocking continental Europe. Above, they find a moment of peace between concerts and trains. Below, Allison, reading tarot cards, sees good fortune in Frankfurt, Germany. It's a lock.


Allison Crowe, Billie Woods - Euro Tour Fall 2008 - good lock

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - Europe 2008


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