About the Crew

Every Band needs  a good Crew.

Behind the Scenes, we have:

Céline Sawchuk: Graphic Design, Photography   photo by Howard Fry

When Céline Sawchuk (née Greb) migrated recently from the Black Forest community of Dennach, Canada’s Pacific coast region gained a freshly creative graphic designer – the mind behind Mind Palace – as well as a most expressive and talented cellist and singer. Céline’s 17 years of classical training brought her to great audiences at the Peter und Paul Fest Bretten, with the popular ensemble ‘Sudden Inspiration’, (+ featured in the band Maskenball‘s Blutrot” music video), and touring across Europe, especially in tandem with her keyboardist Father. Coming from a very musical and creative family Celine chose Graphic Design as her daily work and music as her passion. Both her Mother and Stepfather have a Design Firm on their own (kahru.de) wich Celine took as an example to create her own business.

Clodagh Mara O’Connell: Merch.+ Manager

Milka Smid - Intl. Tour Coordinator & Liaison - photo by Kate Fay

Milka Smid: Intl. Tour Coordinator & Liaison   photo by Kate Fay


Adrian du Plessis: Personable Manager


Axel Dollheiser - Driver, Road Manager

Axel Dollheiser: Road Manager, Driver