About the Band

Allison Crowe and Band create beautiful music anew each time they perform. Making the magic – and pictured here – are:


Céline Sawchuk - Alick Tsui Photography

Céline Sawchuk: cello & vocals  Alick Tsui Photography

When Céline Sawchuk (née Greb) migrated recently from the Black Forest community of Dennach, Canada’s Pacific coast region gained a freshly creative graphic designer – the mind behind Mind Palace – as well as a most expressive and talented cellist. Céline’s 17 years of classical training brought her to great audiences at the Peter und Paul Fest Bretten, with the popular ensemble ‘Sudden Inspiration’, (+ featured in the band Maskenball’s Blutrot“ music video), and touring across Europe, especially in tandem with her keyboardist Father. (Céline actually wanted to play cello since age 3 – but only at 5 years old was she big enough to fit behind her chosen instrument.)


Sarah White - Alick Tsui Photography

Sarah White: mandolin, guitar+ & vocals  Alick Tsui Photography

Nurtured by the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Sarah White sings and plays mandolin, guitar, guitar-banjo, tenor ukulele and bouzouki. When not performing music on-stage, Sarah’s hard at her longtime gig as a theatre stage manager and technician (earning her BFA. in Theatre Stagecraft from MUN’s Grenfell Campus). With Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador (TNL), as well, she serves as Assistant Company Manager / Assistant Production Manager. Sarah and Allison first met and teamed up at TNL’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival – much music and comedy have since ensued.


Dave Baird - Alick Tsui Photography

Dave Baird: bass & vocals  Alick Tsui Photography

Dave Baird grew up a couple-of-doors away from Allison Crowe – and the pair have been playing together, in a wide range of combos, since high school band days. The Nanaimo, BC native, versatile on acoustic and electric bass, is a much sought-after jazz, funk, and rock player – and teacher – who’s performed with NMA Big Band, Wunderbread, and The Canadian Tenors among others. As well as playing on numerous of Allison Crowe’s internationally-acclaimed recordings from „Lisa’s Song + 6 Songs“ (2001) to „Introducing / Heirs + Grievances“ (2016) – Dave’s renowned as a premiere birder on Vancouver island, Canada.


Keelan Purchase - Alick Tsui Photography

Keelan Purchase: accordion, guitar, harmonica, bodhran & vocalsAlick Tsui Photography

Transplanted Newfoundlander Keelan Purchase, (he entered this world in Guelph, Ontario), has lived most of life on the lovely isle – making his home in Corner Brook, NL for these past dozen+ years.  Asked by Allison at the band’s recent LSPU Hall concert about the instruments & accoutrements surrounding him, Keelan shares: “I got two boxes (accordions). I got a harmonica. I got an amp. I got a drum. I got a guitar. I’ve got capos. I’ve got a song in my heart and a dream – to be the next Frank Willis!” (the legendary “One Man Band from Newfoundland”). “Working on it ;)” he adds good-naturedly. An actor (working on a Theatre degree at MUN/Grenfell), and regular TNL / GMTF cast-member, Keelan’s button accordion magic has also enlivened the Stratford Theatre Festival’s production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” (in Stratford, ON).