News  Notes from Alley

Saturday, July 24    

Hey everyone!!

It's Allison here.

Happy summer!!!

I hope everyone is having a lot of fun! :o)

Well, lots of stuff is happening in my corner of the world, from distribution to recording and beyond (it's 36 degrees Celsius out today, so my brain is a little bit fried from the sun!!! but I'll try my best to write!) :o)

My first album, Secrets, is now out, which is exciting in itself, and I have also gotten national distribution, so things are really starting to roll along! This means it will be in all sorts of record stores very soon!

Also, I have just finished recording 6 new tracks to add on to Tidings, so, watch for that too!!! release date to be announced (it truly was Christmas in July... hehehe)

In other fun news, my boyfriend Steve and I have been working together and writing some stuff, which has also been a lot of fun, and is a great way to spend the summer days!!


that's it for now,

I’ll check in and say hello again… soon!

Next up: lots of different tour dates throughout the rest of 2004 and beyond!!!!

take care,

and again,


 Allison Crowe :o)