2003:  Monday, December22 ~ Tidings TV special broadcast info

 We're getting various reports of when and where the tv special "Allison Crowe: Tidings" can be seen across Canada. Here's how it looks right now. The special will be broadcast on The New VI on Tuesday, December 23 at 20:00 and on Thursday, December 25 at 17:00 and 22:00 on The New VI (Cable 12 in southwestern B.C., and Channel 259 on Bell ExpressVu satellite coast to coast. Please do check local cable and satellite listings). On Christmas Day, the 25th, the special will be shown at 22:00 on CHUM's The New VR (Barrie ~ on the Bell ExpressVu satellite as station 216, and StarChoice at 346), The New RO (Ottawa and the National Capital Region ~ and Bell satellite channel 207, StarChoice 342), The New PL (London ~ Bell channel 219, StarChoice 349), The New NX (Wingham), and The New WI (Windsor). On December 25, Christmas Day, the New VR will also broadcast "Tidings" at 18:00, and will broadcast the special again on Boxing Day, December 26, at 12:00 (noon).


Any and all program/scheduling info is appreciated ~ and we'll post info on the Tour page as we learn it! NB some stations list the program as "Tidings" - others have it billed as "inside Pandora's Box." Enjoy!

Sunday, December14 ~ A Note from Me :o) (Alley)


Allison has been wanting to write directly to you, and, now, there is a new section to the website called "Notes from Alley". This is where you'll find the word from Alley about seasons, songs, life at home and on the road. Today, she's in a thankful mood ( :


December 12 ~ Tidings: Holiday TV special on the New VI + CHUM's NewNetwork


An one-hour tv special, "Allison Crowe: Tidings", will be broadcast across Canada on December 23 and 25. A live concert performance was recorded Inside Pandora's Box, the studios of The New VI in Victoria, B.C. Other footage was shot in the singer-songwriter's home-town of Nanaimo, at the residence of Mr. And Mrs. Claus (AKA Christensen), with host Bruce Williams.

Special thanks to Doug Slack, Production Manager, Creative Services for guiding the "Tidings" special, and assembling a wonderful creative team that includes Producer Stephen Olafson and all at the New VI's Victoria HQ (and for bringing in top tech help such as Pacific Audio Works and Allison Piano).

"Tidings" feature seven song performances by Allison Crowe (voice/piano) and her present trio of Dave Baird (bass) and Kevin Clevette (drums). The songs arranged and interpreted for this holiday special include traditional carols ~ In the Bleak Midwinter, Silent Night, O Holy Night, & What Child Is This ~ alongside Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) and Angel (Sarah McLachlan). As well, Whether I'm Wrong, an original song (recently accepted for presentation by the UNESCO-endorsed New Songs for Peace project) will be part of the show.

This set-list closely follows that of Allison Crowe's new six-song CD, "Tidings". In less than two weeks since its release, tracks from Tidings have been play-listed on radio stations from Vancouver Island to New Brunswick. One of America's top recording producers (a veteran production partner of such artists as Joan Baez, who became aware of Tidings mp3s online), has remarked on how he "really love(s) Allison's vocal quality on Tidings" and notes how compelling is the "rich and emotional low end of her voice and the powerful and impactful belting in the upper ranges." Less technically, the Vancouver Province newspaper calls Tidings "Crowe's best-recorded work so far, featuring soulful performances." Minneapolis-based Collected Sounds says: "The whole EP is beautiful". And, of the lead-off track, Hallelujah, Collected Sounds Editor Amy Lotsberg says: "Her voice will give you chills. If it doesn't, check your pulse, you may not be alive. It's incredibly moving." The Mind's Eye reports: "Even after Christmas is over, this CD will be an inspirational listen."

The tv special, Allison Crowe: Tidings, airs December 23 at 8 p.m. and December 25 at 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. on The New VI (Channel 12 in British Columbia). From coast to coast in Canada the program can be seen on the Bell ExpressVu satellite system, Channel 259. "Allison Crowe: Tidings" will also air nationally on CHUM's The New VR (Barrie), The New RO (Ottawa and the National Capital Region), The New PL (London), The New NX (Wingham), and The New WI (Windsor). When we have the times and dates clear, that info will be posted!

November 7 ~ Tidings: 6 Songs for the Season


Tidings, a seasonal song collection, will be available starting November 25 ( :


Tidings: 6 songs for the season


These tracks include traditional carols, and not-so-traditional songs, all interpreted, even  redefined, through the artistry of Alley accompanied by her bassist Dave and drummer Kevin. Along with tunes hundreds of years old, there's modern songs written by Leonard Cohen, The Rolling Stones, and Sarah McLachlan.


Tidings is a collection united in spirituality and faith. We all know that this time of year is not simply about pine cones and holly berries. That's the fun part, and, with good fortune, most of our experiences will be happy ones of this special season, and of sharing with loved ones and family. Life's fuller territory is expressed in the songs selected, and Allison's voice channels these diverse creations through emotional explorations of pain, redemption, ecstasy and joy. It's a true recording, made live-off-the-floor one winter's eve in Canada.



October 10 ~ "Whether I'm Wrong" joins New Songs for Peace roster


Allison's new tune, "Whether I'm Wrong", has joined contributions of such international artists as Chumbawumba, fellow Canadians Bob Snider, Chris Brown & Kate Fenner and others in the New Songs for Peace Project.

"Whether I'm Wrong", recorded, live, off-the floor, in one take recently at CBC Studio 2 in Vancouver with Engineer Gary Heald, was part of a feature appearance by Allison Crowe on CBC Radio's North by Northwest program with host Sheryl MacKay.

You can listen now to "Whether I'm Wrong" and, for those with slower, or dial-up, internet access, it's also on this site  

The NSFP site notes: "This UNESCO-endorsed project is intended to encourage people to think about peace, talk about peace, and write a new song that we will collect and self-publish in a book. These songs will promote peace, cultural acceptance and understanding for those who work towards peace throughout the world.

In November 1998, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 2001-2010 the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (resolution 53/25). The Assembly has, in turn, called upon non-governmental organizations (NGOs), religious bodies, educational institutions, artists and the media for their support. Its aim is to introduce the thought of peace, foment discussion as well as encourage poetry and songwriting and therein touch the lives of every child in the world.

With individual advocates such as UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the support of global organizations like UNESCO, New Songs For Peace will make its contribution to peace through the musical expression of international artists."

Happy Thanksgiving Canada. Peace to all.

September 24 ~*Lisa's Song*~ help find Lisa Marie Young


"We're hoping that keeping Lisa's name out there might somehow bring in some information. And I hope people listening to Lisa's Song will remember to keep themselves safe, to keep their family members safe if they can." ~ Joanne Young, Lisa's Mother


Lisa Marie Young, a friend of Allison's since high school, went missing in Nanaimo, British Columbia, on June 30, 2002. Lisa disappeared in the early morning hours after being out with friends at a downtown club. Police efforts have, so far, failed to determine Lisa's whereabouts. Lisa's family continue to organize vigils and searches.

Allison has written a song for Lisa and her family. We are grateful to the supportive and generous souls at Seacoast Communications, CFAX 1070 and B107.3 All Hits Radio (in Victoria, B.C.) ~ together with the Pacific Music Industry Association ~ for financing this recording of "Lisa's Song". It was created "live-off-the-floor" and Engineered & Produced by Seacoast Sound Studio's Rick Erickson. Deep thanks to Brad Edwards and Mel Cooper & their team for such commitment to this cause.

A special EP, "Lisa's Song + 6 Songs", has just been released to help raise awareness of, and funds for, the continuing search for Lisa. All proceeds from the sales of this CD go to the Lisa Marie Young Search fund administered by Lisa's family.

("Lisa's Song" is the first release from Allison's new, independent label, Rubenesque Records Ltd., which is committed to making music and conducting business with a conscience.)

At present, "Lisa's Song" is available at the following retail outlets: Victoria ~ Lyle's Place; Nanaimo ~ Blackball Records, Fascinating Rhythm, ReRuns for Wee Ones, and Fruits & Passion; Kelowna ~ The Verve; Chilliwack ~ Bozzini's. Starting next month, A&B Sound will carry "Lisa's Song" in its Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo stores. More outlets and cities will be added to this list.

More info can be found on Lisa's Page where you can also hear Lisa's Song.

A web site has been set up to gather information.

Please help any way you can to find Lisa.


Lisa's Song

I want to be the one
To say that I found you safe
And held you in my arms
I want anyone else in the world
To tell me
That they did too

And took you home
Across the field and to your door
And said, hey baby it's cool,
There's no reason to be scared anymore
Took you home
And held you in, held you in, held you in

Just stay at home
Don't come outside to play
Circumstance beyond control
I feel so helpless
My mind is racing and breaking
Me into a million pieces
Because I can't

Take you home
Across the river and to your door
Take you home and
Cut through the darkness
You don't have to cry anymore

Take you home
And hold you in, hold you in, hold you in

You can call me, you can call me
You can call me, you can call.

Take you home
Across the sea and to your door
Take you home
But I'm so scared
That home isn't here anymore

Take you home
Hold you in
Through the nightshade and under the stars
Hold you in, Hold you in, hold...

September 16 ~ back on air, back on stage, and back on track


Allison Crowe, a voice that unites genres and generations, has recently returned to her West Coast B.C. home after sessions in New York City. Following almost nine months of intense negotiations with a new U.S. record label, the rising star from Nanaimo made a rare choice: she rejected promises of fortune and fame to continue pursuing a course that is true to her values and vision.

In this age, when dance arrangements may be more important than musical arrangements, and celebrity may rank before artistry, Crowe is a commercial artist of integrity. She's a throwback to a time in popular music when acts such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Janis Joplin were the singer-songwriter vanguard.

'Alley', as she's known to her friends and fans, remains open to the possibility of the right record deal coming along, but she's not waiting on anyone else to make things happen. She's launched her own, independent, label, Rubenesque Records Ltd. The label's first release is "Lisa's Song + 6 Songs", a special EP created to raise awareness of, and funds for, the ongoing search for Lisa Marie Young. Lisa disappeared over one year ago from Nanaimo, B.C. This recording was supported by All Hits Radio B107.3 and Seacoast Communications, and the Pacific Music Industry Association. Further word on "Lisa's Song" will be made later this week (+ info will be posted on Lisa's Page).

Along with guiding the pre-production and recording of Allison Crowe Band's debut album, "Alive and Breathing", the new label intends to support live events, and mentoring situations, that will enable emerging artists, particularly young women, to gain experience and find their voices in the music industry and life.

And Allison Crowe is more than happy to be back in Canada and doing what she loves most: making music for people. Yesterday, she performed live on New Day, the New VI Television's breakfast show, debuting material with host Bruce Williams. This Saturday, September 20, between 8 and 9 a.m. (Pacific Coast time), CBC Radio's North by Northwest program ("Creative People and What They Create...") will feature a pair of Allison's newest songs, recorded live-off-the-floor by Engineer Gary Heald in session at CBC Radio's Studio 2. NXNW Host Sheryl MacKay will chat with Alley about her life, music and upcoming concerts.

On Friday, September 19, the Allison Crowe and her trio returns to the public stage at The Verve in Kelowna, B.C. On this occasion, hosted by Brad Stevenson, they'll be supported by Vancouver singer-songwriter, Stacy Burke. Originally from Montreal, Stacy moved to the West Coast of Canada in 1994. She has been singing since she was a four-year-old, traveling with her father, a professional musician, and his band. By her teenage years she was entering talent contests and winning. After a couple of years spent globetrotting, Stacy, now 23, has returned home and focused her attention towards reaching a bigger audience. With a beautiful, pure, voice, Stacy is turning heads and drawing listeners in with her own acoustic guitar compositions and interpretations of songs by such influential artists as Tori Amos.

On Saturday, September 27th, presented by Bozzini's "Good Taste Concerts", Allison Crowe's combo will perform at the Arts Centre theatre in Chilliwack, B.C. supported by Maple Ridge singer-songwriter, Erin Tinney. Already, at 16, Erin has an extensive musical background. Ten years of piano study with the Royal Conservatory of Music and seven years of cello study have been augmented by school band as well as vocal work under Carrie Tennant, the highly supportive Choir Director at Maple Ridge Secondary School. (Erin toured Germany and Holland this summer with the MRSS choir.) Erin's own concert performances combine with stints in the Surrey Symphony Intermediate Orchestra, Surrey Youth Orchestra, and, last year, the Vancouver Youth Orchestra. In the popular music realm, her melodic influences include the Beatles, Oasis, Weezer, Coldplay, and Radiohead. At the Chilliwack Arts Centre, Erin Tinney will accompany herself on piano. With her sensitive, natural, songwriting and singing, style, Erin will perform a set of original compositions.

Saturday, October 25, will mark another concert embracing the Rubenesque Records philosophy of showcasing young/emerging artists in venues offering superior acoustics, affordable ticket prices, and which are open to all ages. On this night, Allison Crowe's trio will perform with special guests (tba) at the ArtSpring theatre on Salt Spring Island, B.C.

More recording and concert news will be announced soon.


August 29 ~ Alive and Breathing


"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" sang John Lennon. And, in the succinct phrasing of Bob Dylan: "When something's not right, it's wrong."

For the past year Allison Crowe has been exploring a future with a music industry group in the U.S. Ultimately, it's proven to not be the right path forward for Alley and her trio.

These times have been trying in ways ~ growth can be painful! Ultimately, though, it's all good, and staying true to one's course, however difficult that can be at times, brings fulfillment and meaning to this life.

Alley and band, with a fresh perspective, welcome a return to the public stage. In the days ahead, our team will be on the road, meeting you, again, or, for the first time. The first concerts of the season are booked for Kelowna, Chilliwack, and Salt Spring Island, B.C. (Regional shows will be followed by national/international touring in 2004.)

You'll be hearing news of Alley's own, independent, record label, Rubenesque Records Ltd., doing cool things as it grows to reflect its creator's vision and personality. (Much as Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records is a manifestation of Ani's philosophy and imperatives.) Along with supporting live events, and mentoring situations, one of the label's initial goals will be to guide the recording and release of Allison's debut full-length album, tentatively titled "Alive and Breathing".

This official site has a new look as well. (New photos are going up this weekend.) Alix Whitmire, our web-designer, deserves full credit for giving us such a wonderful web-home! allisoncrowe.com will continue to evolve and embody the spirit and character of Alley, the trio, and all of you, as well, through such interactive features as the guestbook and message board.


Let's stay in touch - here, on this site, & through Alley's Yahoo! Club and Julie's Pain Unspoken site.


"All things pass away, but love and music last forever."

peace & cheers, Adrian


July 20 ~ Inside Pandora's Box: rebroadcast tonight!

"Allison Crowe: Inside Pandora's Box" has been packaged for broadcast tonight, at 10 p.m. on The New VI television station.


(Viewers in the southwestern region of British Columbia, check your local tv listings or visit The New VI for broadcast details.)


This one-hour, five song performance + interview, special was the first of the Inside Pandora's Box series to air nationally when it was first telecast on December 8, 2002. This program, hosted by Alex Lee, is an original television production shot live-to-tape from The New VI's downtown location in Victoria, B.C. Producer Doug Slack and his entire crew applied great talent, dedication and care to the making of this show, and this is a wonderful opportunity to catch it again, or for the first time if you happened to miss the earlier broadcasts.


March 28 ~ Spring will soon be sprung


"Whether I’m Wrong" is the newest song from Allison. That’s 12 complete songs added to the repertoire this year! Pretty crazy. ( :


And... SOON, we’re going to have a very cool, new, poster for 2003.


Allison Crowe concert poster by Bob Masse Bob Masse, one of the world’s premiere poster artists is designing an Allison Crowe piece. (Pictured is the artwork nearing completion.) Bob, one of the pioneers of the form, has been creating concert posters since the 1960s. His psychedelic pictorials of such ‘60s and ‘70s icons as The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Santana, The Doors and Janis Joplin are legendary collectibles. With a revival of the art form in the 1990s, he has been commissioned to create original posters for such contemporary performers as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and No Doubt.

Also, soon to be available for viewing is the music video for Scared produced by the Transmission 2 Video crew.

April is bound to be the coolest month. ( :

(until May, that is...)

...and it’s all coming up SOON!














March 7 ~ New Songs+

Allison has added seven new original songs to her repertoire, and is completing another three tunes. The new song titles are: Hooray (Everything You Wanted), Immersed, Wake Up, By Your Side, What About You, Pray for Rain, and Sea of a Million Faces.


Alley and the guys are anxious to return to the public stage, and will debut these and other songs live in the next couple of months.


Many thanks to all of you who've emailed with ideas for venues and locations for Allison's concerts. All this info is very helpful and much appreciated ~ please keep your suggestions coming. ( : 


February 21 ~ Crayon and Ink Piano Transcription now onsite


One of Allison's most popular songs has now been transcribed for piano by Alley's bassist, Dave Baird. Devoted fan and pianist Renée Doucet requested this transcription for piano and it's now available on this site for all to enjoy ~ click here.

Allison is busy writing new songs for her upcoming album...

February 20 ~ "Best of" Canadian indies webcast+


This Sunday, February 23, from 7 - 9 p.m. ET, Great White Noise will be web-casting an indie show case radio program brought to you by Fox 105.3 FM Fredericton.


Allison Crowe and her band will be on this "Best Of Rock Search 2003" show from the Fox, and the site hosts plan on leaving the leaving the program on the web 'til the end of the month (after the original simulcast) for those who can't listen in on Sunday.


Special thanks go out to Tim McKay, Fox DJ and Production Manager of Astral Radio Atlantic for making the effort to check out hundreds of Canadian indie acts, and for his genuine support of Allison and trio.


While still on the web, props to Mikeway, site manager, and Reece, Toriphile, at a dent in the tori amos net universe, for letting Tori Amos fans know about Allison's "Playboy Mommy" cover. ( :


January 21 ~ Scared video

Transmission 2 Video, based in Victoria, B.C., Canada is completing production of a video for "Scared" - one of the songs featured on Allison Crowe's 6 Songs+ CD. Using concert and documentary footage shot in Victoria and Nanaimo, B.C., Transmission 2's Angela Kendall and Brian Dutkewich anticipate the 'Scared' video will be ready for release in the next few months.

Stay tuned. ( :

January 20, 2003 ~ Collected Sounds Spotlights Allison

Collected Sounds, a premiere online website dedicated to women in music has added an Artist Spotlight on Allison Crowe to its pages. You'll find Alley in good company - listed alphabetically between such folks as Jonatha Brooke and Ani DiFranco. Amy Lotsberg, the site's Minneapolis-based founder, last year reviewed Allison's 6 Songs+ CD. Collected Sounds has recently gained attention for the astute ears and discerning taste of its founder and contributors in high-lighting such artists as California's Vienna Teng (featured last week on National Public Radio in the U.S. and appearing tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman).


Be sure to visit this web-home for good music "where you can discover new artists or learn more about the ones you already love."

January 5, 2003 ~ Pain Unspoken Update!

Pain Unspoken, an Allison Crowe fan site has undergone a complete makeover. Site founder Julie Dumont has teamed up her friend, Shawntasy, and web designer Alix Whitmire and it's a beautiful new world! The design is very cool, and there's so much content - and things are organized really well. (I've just been checking out all the music downloads!)

Jen Waterhouse, in Oz, will now be working on details of the Allison Crowe International Fan Club, and will have a few surprises as well, down the road ( : Julie has her own kind of pain, unspoken, right now - and is just recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed. That's the sort of thing you always remember. And more fondly as the years pass... Get well soon, Jules, and thank you, Shawntasy and Alix for all you're doing with Pain Unspoken!!!


Please visit the new pages, sign the guestbook, plant yourself on the guestmap, vote in the polls, +++ and have fun!






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