Barking up the Song Tree

Oh hi – Linkers and I released a new song today. ❤️ Art by  Click link / copy here: 

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The air is still… but still.
Why are we suffering?
I am not one to not hold back
So I’ll just sit here
Thinking and thinking and thinking
All the air is moving
I see you in the dust
Is that your skin
Or just a memory
I am invoking all of the powers
I have , but there’s not much left
To cry out
To lie awake at night
There isn’t much power left in my dreams
In my dreams
In my dreams
In my dreams
There’s a chill , but still
Everything moves around
me when I’m frozen
And I wring my hands
And I hold my breath
With my hands on my stomach
I wish
I wish I had more left
And all of these voices
That I hear
Are gone so far away
From there
And I don’t know where he is
So I can’t say
I can’t say
I can’t say
Even if I
Even if I
I can’t say
I can’t say
Cause we all live
And we’re all gonna die
And I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry for that.

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