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For mail order, please fill in, print out, and send to:

       Adrian du Plessis, Mgr. c/o
       Allison Crowe Music
       Box 227, Ganges P.O.
       Salt Spring Island, B.C.
       CANADA V8K 2V9

Don't forget to include the amount listed for your order in the form of a Postal Money Order or Bank Draft - payable to Allison Crowe or Rubenesque Records Ltd. Please ensure that any money orders are negotiable in Canada. (Some post office-issued money orders, for example, are only negotiable in the country of issuance.) Thank you very, very, much! ( :

To be safe, PLEASE DO NOT send cash or personal checks in the mail. NB Please make payments to Allison Crowe or Rubenesque Records Ltd. ~ All prices include shipping & handling.

Should it helps to convert your home currency to the Canadian (CDN) dollar equivalent please visit 

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Spiral ($15.98 CDN)

Little Light ($15.98 CDN)

This Little Bird ($15.98 CDN)

 Live at Wood Hall  ($18.98 CDN)

 Tidings  ($15.98 CDN)

 Secrets  ($15.98 CDN)

 Lisa's Song + 6 Songs ($10.98 CDN)

 Bob Masse concert poster (SOLD OUT)