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It's Hallelujah time for Allison Crowe
"Nanaimo singer has built success on her terms, even though it has taken time."
Mike Devlin, The Vancouver Sun (Canada)
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Talented lineup joins Crowe in annual show
"This annual concert brings some aid to the Woodlands Secondary School basketball and band programs -- well-springs of a new generation of athletes and musicians."
Lynn Welburn, Daily News (Canada)
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Songbird returns for concert
"Allison Crowe returns to Nanaimo for her annual holiday concert in support of youth organizations."
Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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Crowe Flies Home to Nanaimo
"Nanaimo-born Allison Crowe returns home to celebrate this holiday season following her year of touring and concerts in such cities as Vienna, Munich, Prague and Berlin."
Amanda Davis, The Mind's Eye (Canada)
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Crowe returns with an evening of good tidings
"Allison Crowe, together with the Campbell River Childrens Choir and Director Barbara Prowse, bring Tidings, a night of musical warmth and fun to aid Campbell River’s Hospice Society and Food Bank."
Campbell River Mirror (Canada)
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Musician Brings Tidings to Town
"Singer Allison Crowe is coming to Ladysmith — and bringing some Christmas greetings with her."
Allison Vail, Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle (Canada)
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As the Crowe flies (Hallelujah for Allison Crowe): In Nanaimo or Newfoundland, singer does her own navigating
"The music industry would likely describe Allison Crowe's career as a slow build. Crowe's evaluation is considerably more plainspoken. She calls it success on her own terms."
Mike Devlin, Times Colonist (Canada)
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Holiday Q&A: Allison Crowe
"One of my favourite holiday songs is the traditional carol O Holy Night, because it's such fun to sing and very bluesy (if you sing it that way, that is). It's a perfect song to sing to get going in the holiday spirit of things!"
Amanda Farrell-Low, Monday magazine (Canada)
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Royaume-Uni : artistes étrangers indésirables
"Que ce soit par la vertu des Lettres anglaises d'un Voltaire ébloui, par le rayonnement d'une monarchie parlementaire pionnière dans une Europe absolutiste, ou grâce aux charmes conjugués de la mini-jupe et des maxi-cheveux, longtemps la Grande-Bretagne fut si bien associée à l'idée de liberté que c'en était devenu un cliché, et même Mme Thatcher fut impuissante à totalement l'effacer. Mais ce qui se passe aujourd'hui dans le domaine de la nouvelle législation de l'émigration [1] va probablement changer le regard affectueux que l'étranger portait obstinément sur le Royaume-Uni."
par Evelyne Pieiller, Le Monde diplomatique (France)
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Allison Crowe: Rockin' Free in the World
" 'Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to
make,' says Allison Crowe."
Avid Magazine (Canada)
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Covered in Pianofolk: The Keyboardist as Folk Musician
"Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe, who has made a career of covering, crafting and performing warm, lyrical songs with little more than an intensely rich, emotional voice, strong piano skills, and a heap of moxie..."
Cover Lay Down (USA)
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Stopping culture at our borders
" rules barring artists from visiting this country and so enriching our culture are some of the most contemptible ever devised, even by this narrow-minded apology for a government."
Henry Porter, The Guardian (UK)
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Crowe safe on home turf
"Crowe and band -- Billie Woods (guitar), Dave Baird (bass) and Laurent Boucher (percussion) -- are back in Canada following a triumphant tour of continental Europe."
Tom Harrison, The Province (Canada)
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MSP condemns disgraceful treatment of singer
"HIGHLANDS and Islands MSP Rob Gibson has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament condemning the draconian treatment handed out to Canadian singer Allison Crowe when she attempted to enter the UK at Gatwick Airport, as reported in last week's Northern Times."
Northern Times (UK)
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Britons in a huff over anti-artist immigration laws
"Since being denied entry, Crowe and her bandmates have played successful shows in Aachen and Munich, and will be continuing on to perform in Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague and Vienna."
Lia Grainger, Ampersand, The National Post (Canada)
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Immigration rules threaten to destroy Britain's arts reputation
"Rules designed to prevent illegal immigration have left international performers struggling to gain access to Britain, a report says. Other artists have decided that it is simply not worth the hassle to travel. It is feared that the new rules could destroy Britain’s reputation as a centre for international arts... Helen Gilbert, professor of theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London, said that the new laws were turning Britain into a laughing stock. "
Rosemary Bennett, The Times (UK)
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Singer misses Scottish gigs after being treated 'like a terrorist'
"At a time when we should be encouraging artists, musicians and tourists from around the world to visit Scotland, this kind of welcome from UK immigration is most unhelpful," said Mr Gibson. "In the year of Homecoming we want to welcome people to Scotland, not drive them away at the airport."
David Maddox, The Scotsman (UK)
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Britain is not radical enough. That is why we're in trouble
"When a Newfoundland-based singer Allison Crowe and two of her band members, Billie Woods and Laurent Boucher, arrived at Gatwick to tour Britain they were arrested, held in cells, photographed and fingerprinted and had their passports stamped "Barred from Entry" before being returned to Canada. This shocking and disgraceful treatment - designed to exclude illegal immigrants and terrorists - seems fundamentally unBritish'."
Henry Porter, The Observer (UK)
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Highland MSP in backlash at Canadian singer’s tough treatment on entry to UK
"SNP MSP Rob Gibson said: 'This is a crazy policy and a disgraceful way to treat a legitimate visitor. I very much enjoyed her performance two years ago in Durness and am absolutely scunnered by the fact that she and her band will not be able to visit there or perform in the UK due to a draconian and ludicrous dictate from the Home Office'."
Jane Candlish, Aberdeen Press & Journal (UK)
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North-bound visitor 'treated like a terrorist'
"According to the Home Office there has been a national advertising campaign alerting people to the new law and wide consultation with arts organisations in the UK, but Lily Byron of the Rosehall Arts committee laughed at that suggestion."
Northern Times (UK)
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rmers barred entry at Gatwick
"Two Salt Spring musicians accompanying singer-songwriter Allison Crowe on tour in Britain faced a harrowing experience last Tuesday at the hands of the United Kingdom Border Authority."
Elizabeth Nolan, Gulf Islands Driftwood (Canada)
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Singer barred entry during UK tour
"After frantic calls to the German consulate in Canada and then officials in Germany, Crowe and the band flew back to Europe to continue the tour. They cleared entry into Germany without incident Sunday."
Melissa Fryer, Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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U.K. Government Goes Orwellian on Allison Crowe
"None of the venues that Crowe and her bandmates were scheduled to play knew about the new rules, which the U.K. government says were put in place to help combat illegal immigration and terrorism."
Kate Harper, ChartAttack (Canada)
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Canadian singer kicked out of U.K. under new rules
"B.C.-born musician Alison Crowe is back in Europe after getting kicked out of the United Kingdom last week."
CBC Radio & TV (Canada)
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British experience 'extremely rough'
"The jazz/rock/folk artist from Nanaimo has criss-crossed the Atlantic three times after being turfed from the U.K. under a little-known provision for artists who need to be sponsored, fingerprinted and biometrically registered before playing their music."
Ian Austin, The Province (Canada)
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Island musician Allison Crowe and bandmates deported from U.K.
"Vancouver Island based musician Allison Crowe and two of her bandmates were deported from London’s Gatwick airport this morning to Toronto after being held and interrogated Tuesday upon arrival, said their manager Adrian du Plessis from his home on Saltspring Island."
Sarah Petrescu, The Times Colonist (Canada)
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Canadian musician held 11 hours at Gatwick before deportation
"The new legislation is opposed by leading figures of the art world including sculptor Antony Gormley, the head of the National Portrait Gallery and the National Theatre, who along with 5,000 others, have signed a petition calling the Government to review it amid fears it could restrict artistic freedom."
Aisliinn Simpson, The Telegraph (UK)
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May 2009:
Film - TV - Theater
'Canada's own Allison Crowe got mad props from Hollywood director Zack Snyder for helping inspire his current release The Watchmen."
Tom Kidd, Music Connection (USA)
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Crowe philosophical about ending on the editing room floor
'It's sort of rock, blues, jazz, and there's a tiny bit of almost bluegrass style in there now,' Crowe said of her music."
Tara Mullowney, The Telegram (Canada)
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Crowe brings band on the road for latest tour
"Allison Crowe is again demonstrating the freedom of being an independent musician, taking a band on her latest tour."
Cory Hurley, Western Star (Canada)
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Allison Crowe brings band on the road for latest tour
"Allison Crowe is again demonstrating the freedom of being an independent musician, taking a band on her latest tour."
Cory Hurley, Western Star (Canada)
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Crowe tunes up for SPCA Benefit
"Crowe’s band on this night’s bill features a trio of West Coast musicians also popular with island audiences."
Gulf Islands Driftwood (Canada)
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Crowe Delivers During Local Concerts
"Crowe is easily the most talented singer-songwriter to burst on the scene in quite some time. Her unique stylings, incredible range of delivery, songwriting chops and knack for interpreting cover tunes sets her apart from her peers..."
Tom Mureika, (Canada)
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Allison Crowe's spring show has a local guest
"Born and raised in Nanaimo, BC, now living in Corner Brook, NL, internationally-acclaimed Allison Crowe delights in a wide range of roles."
Comox Valley Echo (Canada)
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Allison Crowe Alights on Academy Stage
"For her first-ever visit to Powell River, Crowe is joined by a trio of West Coast musicians."
Powell River Peak (Canada)
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Inside 'Watchmen' With Director Zack Snyder: The Music
"I originally had the Allison Crowe version of that song (Hallelujah), a version I’ve always loved, but in the end was just too romantic."
Rebecca Murray, Guide (USA)
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Where the Crowe flies
"The classically trained Crowe has a big four-to-five-octave voice, although she won't range that far in performances."
Sharon Wootton, The Enterprise (USA)
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