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Allison Crowe contributes lyrics to auction for clean water
"Already widely known as a giver to the less fortunate, the Corner Brook resident and Nanaimo, B.C. native has now joined numerous celebrities in helping the multi-platinum singer-songwriter Jewel in her Project Clean Water Charity."
The Western Star (Canada)
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Allison Crowe's Holiday 'Tidings'
"B.C.’s own Allison Crowe has included Whistler in her holiday plans for the past few years and 2008 is no different."
Whistler Question/This Week (Canada)
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A Christmas chanteuse
"Oft-compared with the likes of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles, it’s clear that Crowe’s sound is both strong and versatile. And at just 27 years of age, she has plenty of time to expand her repertoire and reach."
Holly Fraughton, The Pique (Canada)
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Something to Crowe about
"Two of Crowe's recorded songs, 'Me and Bobby McGee' and 'Hallelujah', will be included in "a major motion picture coming out in early 2009..."
Adrian Chamberlain, The Province (Canada)
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Allison Crowe brings "Tidings": Nanaimo native singer featured in MOJO Leonard Cohen tribute
"Canada's bi-coastal musical sensation will end her annual North American Tidings Christmas tour on the west coast, with Crowe's traditional Nanaimo concert being held at the historic St. Andrew's United Church on Dec. 13."
Robert Barron, The Daily News (Canada)
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Good Tidings she'll bring
"Fresh from New York City, Allison Crowe is delighted to launch her west coast Tidings tour in Campbell River."
Campbell River Mirror (Canada)
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Allison Crowe's Tidings of Comfort and Joy and the Opposite, Too
"It’s too early to be sure, but I’ll go out on a limb to say Allison Crowe will go down in history as the brightest northern star in music."
The Girl Can Write - Little Miss Chatterbox (Canada)
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School names its library for parent volunteer
"Some of Ms. LeBlanc's accomplishments include kicking off Pizza and Piano, which brought performers such as Allison Crowe and Dan Aykroyd into the school..."
The Chronicle-Herald (Canada)
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Allison Crowe
"Allison Crowe feels a little bit like a heroine after performing on a tribute CD to to music icon Leonard Cohen."
Cory Hurley, The Western Star (Canada)
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Crowe Takes Part in Cohen Tribute
"Allison Crowe has been invited by MOJO magazine to celebrate Leonard Cohen on a soon-to-be-released tribute album."
Tom Harrison, The Province (Canada)
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Village festival celebrates Beatle John Lennon's childhood holiday links
"A Sutherland village celebrated its link with John Lennon with a festival at the weekend."
Iain Grant, The Press and Journal (Scotland)
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UK magazine to give Crowe 'huge' exposure
"Nanaimo singer Allison Crowe is part of a Leonard Cohen tribute CD to be distributed by U.K.-based music magazine MOJO."
Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist (Canada)
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Album Review: Little Light by Allison Crowe
"First of all, look at that cover photo…could she be any cuter?"
Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds (USA)
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Canadian Singer Lined Up for Lennon Concert
"Durness is next month to stage a follow-up to last year's successful inaugural festival commemorating the village's links with John Lennon."
The Northern Times (Scotland)
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Canadian Singer Lined Up for Lennon Concert
"Allison Crowe was one of the stars of last year's award-winning John Lennon Northern Lights Festival, which was promoted by Prince Charles's North Highland Tourism."
John O'Groat Journal & Caithness Courier (Scotland)
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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Allison Crowe's Liverpool Shows
"Since 2003 she's released six critically and commercially successful CDs..."
Liverpool Daily Post (England)
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Crowe among guests for writer's festival
"When she last performed on the island in May, Crowe thrilled a full house at the Arts and Culture Centre..."
The Western Star (Canada)
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Crowe's voice showcased on album
"When Allison Crowe sat down to record a new album, she found most of the work was done."
Melissa Fryer, Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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A heavenly voice comes to Trinity-on-Main
"Fresh from Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt and Prague, singer and pianist Allison Crowe is appearing Saturday at the city's Trinity-on-Main performance center."
Marc Levy, New Britain Herald (USA)
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Little LIght: CD Review
"Whether sitting at the piano or strumming the guitar, Crowe's vocals take flight like a lark in clear air."
Robert Reid, The Record + Guelph Mercury (Canada)
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Little LIght: Record Review
"This is another great album by a truly marvelous artist."
Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafé (Sweden)
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Still Loyal to Her Roots
"at 26, the rising independent music star from Vancouver Island never looks back as she walks toward a bright future of world music tours and a strong fan following she has built on her own."
Derek Spalding, The Daily News (Canada)
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CD Review: Allison Crowe: Little Light
"Though in some ways the new album plays like a sequel to This Little Bird, the inclusion of live recordings and the general organic style are closer to her awesome Live At Wood Hall collection."
Muruch (USA)
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Allison Crowe shines a ‘Little Light’ on city Friday; Then it’s off to Europe, the U.S. and points in between
"Crowe, a singer/songwriter from British Columbia who moved to Corner Brook a couple of years ago, has been an increasingly popular sensation throughout the country and Europe, and has taken the Internet by storm."
The Western Star (Canada)
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Allison Crowe..."Why music? Why breathing?"
"Crowe appreciates how supportive the virtual community has been of her music and sees this tool as a means of meeting and connecting with people the world over."
Paris Voice (France)
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Crowe headlines concert double bill
"In another piece, Crowe savaged the piano with a fierceness that turned our spines to noodles.
The Coast Reporter (Canada)
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Crowe headlines concert double bill
"It’s the integrity of Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco that Crowe looks to as models in building her own career.
The Coast Reporter (Canada)
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Welcome Spring with Allison & guests
"(Crowe)'s created her own label, and, since 2003, has released five critically and commercially successful CD albums.
Islands MarketPlace (Canada)
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