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Crowe's star ascends to new heights
"Despite her humble nature, Crowe has been collecting critical acclaim and accolades all over the world.
Jennifer Miller, The Whistler Question (Canada)
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Saying 'I do' in Whistler
"Crowe returns home to Canada from Europe, where she was a hit sensation at the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival in Scotland.
Nicole Fitzgerald, Pique (Canada)
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Allison Crowe, all set to wow Gabriolans
" “I would not have been as successful without the Internet,' said Crowe, whose own site is described as ‘deep.’ 'It's enabled me to get gigs, reach a global audience and play all over the world, including a recent tour of Europe'.”
Bruce Mason, Gabriola Sounder (Canada)
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Crowe concert to lend holiday cheer for girls program
"Not far removed from playing the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival in Scotland, Allison Crowe has flown into B.C. for a series of Tidings Concerts benefitting various local charities."
Patrick Blennerhassett, Victoria News (Canada)
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Allison Crowe on Gabriola, so far
"She has sent 'Tidings' and a growing number of us are glad that Allison Crowe is on her way here..."
Bruce Mason, Gabriola Sounder (Canada)
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From Newfoundland to Nanaimo, Allison's Coming Home
"Former wacky Nanaimo teen turned acclaimed songstress brings her art home to raise holiday cheer and funds for local youth."
Greta Negrave, The Mind's Eye (Canada)
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"Who is Allison Crowe?" and "Why is She Coming Here?"
"Allison Crowe is something else, as we are about to see and hear..."
Bruce Mason, Gabriola Sounder (Canada)
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Compact Reviews: This Little Bird
"...her version of 'I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)' would give Aretha Franklin goose-bumps."
Robert Moyes, Boulevard magazine (Canada)
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Lighting up Durness in Lennon's memory
THE JOHN LENNON NORTHERN LIGHTS FESTIVAL **** (four-out-of-four stars)
"A stone's throw away at the village hall, Canadian angel Alison Crowe gave one of the weekend's most magical moments..."
The Scotsman  (UK)
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It's a Long and Winding Road to Durness
The John Lennon Northern Lights Festival
"Soulful Canadian songstress Alison Crowe followed next, managing to cajole a standing ovation from farmers more used to clapping for their sheepdogs than songwriters. Her rendition of Lennon’s ‘In My Life’ (almost literally) brought the house down..."
Barry Gordon, Northings - Highlands & Islands Arts Journal  (UK)
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This Little Bird
"Fans of Joni Mitchell and Jann Arden will be delighted to discover another incredible Canadian songstress."
Lorette C. Luzajic, Women Can Do Anything (Canada)
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Hallelujah! YouTube hits keep indie musicians free
"It's not hard to see why Crowe's Hallelujah -- recorded in a single take -- is popular. It's one of Leonard Cohen's most affecting songs, and the 26-year-old, accompanying herself on piano, makes it her own with raw honesty and formidable vocal power. It's simultaneously heart-breaking and redemptive, and it has captured the imaginations of people around the world. 'The song itself is just so emotionally resonant,' Crowe said modestly this week.”
Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist  (Canada)
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Singer struts her stuff online
"(Crowe says) being able to create more freely has a lot to do with that revolution that’s happening out there — you can record, you can create, you can get it out there.”
Heidi Wicks, The Telegram  (Canada)
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Indie Songstress Thriving
"From Allison Crowe’s perspective, being an independent musician has brought her both success, and a network of supporters that stretch from her hometown on Vancouver Island, to her new home in Corner Brook, Newfoundland."
Kim Mannix Vermette, Metro  (Canada)
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The Songbird
"Ever wonder what it would have been like to listen to a gifted singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan in a small, intimate hall before she became Joni Mitchell?"
Robert Reid, The Record  (Canada)
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Durness festival will celebrate Lennon's inspiration
"JOHN Lennon's oldest surviving relative is helping lay down the red carpet for the new arts festival celebrating the ex-Beatle's link with Durness."
John O'Groat Journal and Caithness Courier  (Scotland)
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City Musician Invited to Lennon Tribute
"She has been known to rock audiences with her unique version of Pearl Jam or captivate the crowds with the likes of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Her own recordings have often been compared to music of the 1960s and 1970s."
Cory Hurley, Western Star  (Canada)
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Allison Crowe Sings for Fundraiser
"Crowe’s rich, powerful and soulful voice mesmerized the audience..."
Troy Watts,  (Canada)
[concert review]

Ticket to Ride
"Faced with soaring gas prices, true road warriors like musician Allison Crowe are finding cool ways to cut their traveling costs..."
Kevin Chong, Report on Business, The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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John Lennon Northern Lights Festival
"...the festival being held in Lennon's beloved Durness - where he spent many childhood holidays - now carries the endorsement of his family, including the ex-Beatle's widow Yoko Ono Lennon, will be attended by several of them, including his sister Julia Baird, as well as artists who knew him and his original band."
NEMIS (New Music in Scotland) Blog (UK)
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Allison Crowe: The Little Bird
"Get a piece of paper and write Tori Amos in the top left hand corner. Then write Patti Smith top right, followed by Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen (stay with me) in the bottom two positions. Then draw diagonal lines from their names to the centre, forming a big symmetrical cross. Here is where you will find Allison Crowe’s music."
sparklechops, The Scene (Australia)
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Piano plea by Lennon festival organisers
""Director Mike Merritt explained that, following the launch of the festival last week, a well-known Canadian-based artiste has been in touch and indicated she wants to take part. Mr Merritt said: 'We're talking about a leading female recording artiste, though we don't want to identify her until everything is confirmed'."
John O'Groat Journal and Caithness Courier  (Scotland)
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Hypertext: An Allison Stokke posting without any photos
"The Internet we might want, meanwhile, is a vast repository of knowledge and a means of connecting disparate people and showing off great work. That one is out there, too, but it's sometimes hard to hear and see it beneath all the lewdness and the sniggering. Here's an example of it that I came across today, from another Allison, Canadian singer-songwriter Crowe".
Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune (USA)
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This Little Bird
"And recorded that voice is no less expressive than it is live.  Ranging from pure and angelic to sultry and confessional, Crowe excels at all levels.  The cover of the Joni Mitchell classic, A Case of You, demonstrates this perfectly."
Trevor Raggatt, Wears The Trousers (UK)
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Crowe and Woods, picture perfect
"In a nation that prides itself on hockey to the point of obsession, there is something else in which we can take justifiable national pride, our young, female singer-songwriters. And for my money Allison Crowe is the best of the bunch, certainly the most versatile."
Bruce Mason, Gabriola Sounder (Canada)
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Allison Crowe Plays for Quadra's Playground
"Her repertoire is an uniquely original blend of rock, jazz, folk, gospel and soul. It's a joyous sound that one music critic describes as 'Elton John meets Edith Piaf'."
Campbell River Mirror (Canada)
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Village Vibe
"The Nanaimo-born artist has been receiving acclaim and recognition around the world. Her newly released album, Little Bird, will not disappoint."
Pina Belperio, Whistler This Week (Canada)
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Allison Crowe, Secrets
" has to look through a lot of indie music to find a gem like this, but Allison Crowe's Secrets is indeed just that..."
Kelly Sedinger, The Green Man Review (USA)
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Allison Crowe offers talent to raise funds
"The concert upcoming in Courtenay will feature the sounds of 'This Little Bird', a newly-released collection of Crowe's passionate originals alongside covers of songs by Joni Mitchell, The Loving Spoonful and Aretha Franklin..."
Record Staff, Courtenay Comox Valley Record (Canada)
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Allison Crowe
"Allison Crowe has to be one of the most original, feisty, and endearing current musical talents that Canada has engendered."
Helena Green, Synergy Magazine (Canada)
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Allison Crowe - A Little Bit About Herself... ;)
"Et me revoila, avec mon premier interview, celui d'Allison Crowe que je commence de mieux en mieux connaitre... Merci encore toi!!"
Jessica K., Calls to Nothing (France)
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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan
"Canadian musical phenom Allison Crowe moved to Corner Brook last year and recorded part of her album right here."
Larry Olmsted, New York Magazine (USA)
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Allison Crowe: Live at Wood Hall
"Allison sings with such an intensity of emotion, it's easy to see why she's often quoted as saying 'Why music? Why breathing?'."
Muruch (USA)
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