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Your picks: Who is hot, who is not
"Allison Crowe deserves to be nominated and given raves... raves... raves. She is a power-house of talents and energy."
The Times Colonist (Canada)
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This Little Bird: CD Review
" has a broader range than her previous collections, and thus it feels more subtle and nuanced. Love her gutsy 'I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)'..."
Sophia Gurley, The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music (USA)
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Crowe's artistic bent draws rave reviews
"Crowe admits that paving her own musical road is hard work, but with such a positive response she's clearly onto something."
Jennifer Miller, The Whistler Question (Canada)
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Tidings of Music
"Crowe completed her second European tour this summer, with stops in England, Ireland and Scotland."
Nicole Fitzgerald, Pique Newsmagazine (Canada)
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Crowe for Christmas
"Beginning with a brief but but stirring rendition of the carol It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Crowe launches into a 12-track CD that contains not a single turkey, nor any stuffing."
Martin Levin, Women's Post (Canada)
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Fashionably on her own
"In an entertainment world that increasingly genuflects at the altar of instant fame, Crowe seems an anomaly, building her career slowly and carefully."
Adrian Chamberlain, The Times Colonist (Canada)
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"This Canadian singer is more of a rock belter than her countrywoman Sarah McLachlan, and this 2005 album has more of a spontaneous feel to it..."
Mistletunes (USA)
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Allison Crowe: This Little Bird
"...a voice that will have you shaking your head in amazement. It seems to get better with each release as well."
Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds (USA)
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Crowe Flies Home
"Crowe's Tidings concert will include some traditional Christmas carols with a dash of her own blend of rock, jazz, folk, gospel and soul."
Andrea Lavigne, Victoria News (Canada)
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CD Review: This Little Bird
"Crowe's focused and her art's never been better. This little bird is airborne."
Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafé (Sweden)
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Allison Crowe - Tidings
"Elle est au piano, entonnant des chansons traditionnelles de Noêl puis de magnifiques reprises dont "Angel" de Sarah Mclachlan..."
Jessica K., Calls to Nothing (France)
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Crowe Plays Annual Concert
"Nanaimo singer Allison Crowe returns to the Harbour City for two nights of her annual Tidings concert."
Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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Songbird Allison Crowe Delivers Tidings to Food Bank
"Canadian vocalist/pianist Allison Crowe completes her annual migration and alights at Campbell River’s United Church bringing with her a collection of songs for the season and all time."
Campbell River Mirror (Canada)
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This Little Bird: CD Review
"She shows an eclecticism that also reinforces her own songs. The best moments have atmosphere and her moodiness is truly affecting."
Tom Harrison, The Province (Canada)
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Artists: Allison Crowe
"I love the new album - 'This Little Bird' and the Joni cover 'A Case Of You'. One of my favorite renditions. Plaintive and haunting."
Jim Kloss, Whole Wheat Radio (USA)
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Little Bird takes flight
"...she feels she really laid it all on the line with this CD, engineering and producing it herself."
Cory Hurley, The Western Star (Canada)
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She just keeps getting better!
" takes a lot of self-confidence to tackle Aretha's version of 'I Never Loved a Man...' but Allison does and nails it just as good as the Queen of Soul herself."
Bob Muller, CD Baby (USA)
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Allison Crowe: This Little Bird
"I can honestly and without hesitation say that This Little Bird is my favourite album of 2006."
Muruch (USA)
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Latest album is all Crowe
"Expect more Allison Crowe than ever before when her latest album This Little Bird hits stores next month."
Melissa Fryer, Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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Nanaimo's songbird is playing at home
"The internationally acclaimed, home-grown Crowe returns for the Songbird Talent Search 10 Year Reunion happening this Sunday as part of VIEX."
Alexandria Stuart, Nanaimo Daily News (Canada)
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Crowe to Ukee benefit
"Allison Crowe was asked to perform a benefit concert for the West Coast Resources Society, the well-known Canadian musician just couldn’t say no."
Keven Drews, (Canada)
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Something to Sing About
"B.C. singing sensation Allison Crowe is certain that she will never be able to live very far from the ocean."
A. P. Rodrigues, Toronto Sun (Canada)
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"Doors Open" for VIA Rail Canada Ottawa Anniversary
"In 2006, pop singer Allison Crowe launched her "Rock'n Rail" tour on a VIA train, traveling from British Columbia to Newfoundland, with a stop in Ottawa."
Sylvie Bachand, VIA Rail Canada, CNW (Canada)
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All aboard
"Crowe's railroad tour has her stopping in a variety of nooks and crannies in Canadian cities and exploring various forms of music..."
Shannon Webb-Campbell, The Coast (Canada)
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Nightclub Notebook
"The performer with a soulful voice and a delicate touch on the piano is making a special stop today at Fairview Heights school, for the elementary grades’ lunchtime "Pizza and Piano" program."
Stephen Cooke, Halifax Chronicle Herald (Canada)
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Crowe's train tour makes local pit stop
"The purveyor of jazz, folk, rock, blues and any other genre you want to add to the musical mix is no stranger to touring, but it is the first time she's seen the expansive beauty of Canada by train."
Kim Mannix Vermette, Metro Ottawa (Canada)
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Rock'n'Rail lifts singer's movin' mood
" 'It's been a lot of fun,' Crowe says of her journey. Earlier this month,
she travelled straight from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, where she
kicked off the tour that's now moving eastward back to the Rock."
Mike Bell, London Free Press/Sun Media (Canada)
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The Crowe flies again
"Musically, Crowe, her gorgeous vocals and pristine piano compositions, draw inspiration from a wide variety of influences. "
Mike Bell, Calgary Sun (Canada)
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Songbird rides the rails
"Allison Crowe is riding a soul train across Canada this month. "
Theresa Tayler, The Calgary Herald (Canada)
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Allison Crowe on Nine to Noon
"Allison has embarked on a cross-Canada tour called Rock'n'Rail Revue. She's touring across the country aboard Via Rail and stopped in to do a few tunes and have a chat with Lionel (Rault)..."
Lionel Rault, Nine to Noon, CKUA Radio (Canada)
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Songstress sets her own flight plan
"Musically multifaceted, successfully independent, surprisingly accomplished. All these describe Allison Crowe, but the vibrant voice is the first thing you notice about this Nanaimo-born singer, songwriter and pianist."
Roger Levesque, The Edmonton Journal (Canada)
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Singer favours the do-it-yourself approach
"She can barely get out a sentence without laughing and has a bright-eyed optimism that is rare even for a successful 24-year-old "
Amy O'Brian, The Vancouver Sun (Canada)
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From Vancouver Island to Corner Brook, Newfoundland, as the Crowe Flies
"she earnestly cites everything from Leonard Cohen to Pearl Jam and Counting Crows alongside some more traditional jazz interests as influences... "
David Berry, VUE Weekly (Canada)
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Crowe switches coasts
"Nanaimo’s sweetheart Allison Crowe is off on a new adventure as she kicks off recording a new album This Little Bird... "
Alexandria Stuart, The Daily News (Canada)
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As the Crowe flies
"...a fearless and singular talent. "
Karla Hayward, The Telegrarn (Canada)
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Exclusive: An Interview with Allison Crowe
"incredibly gifted, down-to-earth artist... "
Marvellous Musical Melodies (Australia)
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Popular BC Musician Recording Album in Corner Brook
"Allison Crowe's voice has taken her all over the world. Her latest stop is Corner Brook where she has chosen to record her next album. "
The Western Star (Canada)
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Profile: Allison Crowe
"Being blessed with such an extraordinary vocal range, Crowe can switch from a gentle purr to a sheer, climactic roar without a moment's notice! "
Marvellous Musical Melodies (Australia)
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Album Review: Secrets
"If a voice could be a precious metal, then Vancouver Island, BC native, Allison Crowe's would be 24 caret gold, no doubt about it. " (USA)
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Allison Crowe Emerges in Canada's “New Who’s Who”
"Canwest News Service writers across Canada have chosen "the new who's who" - drawn from the worlds of music, fine arts, television and film. "
Creative Arts Times (USA)
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