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Soaring like a Crowe
"Europe loved her, as did eastern Canada and the U.S. Allison Crowe is back from an overwhelmingly successful tour of Europe and is already planning a return trip for fall 2006. "
Jean Compton, Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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Tradition with a twist: Soaring voice brings glad tidings
"In a season known for mistletoe and mulled wine, Ms. Crowe is herself
becoming a Christmas institution... "
Tom Hawthorn, The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Canada Crooning: Allison Crowe
"What it is it about the Great White North that inspires women to write songs that wrench your heart?"
Byron Prong, Music Strands (USA)
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It's a Crowe Christmas
"Crowe has worked tirelessly over the last two years since launching her own record label with four albums, 40,000 km on the road, a pile of glowing press, and a content-packed web site... "
Alexandria Stuart, Nanaimo Daily News (Canada)
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December 2005:
Live with Allison: Secrets Review
"There is no easy way to describe the magnitude of the talent of Allison Crowe."
Bruce von Stiers, BVS Reviews (USA)
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Allison Crowe, Tidings
" This is a very meditative and reflective album, the kind of thing you put in the stereo after you've lit a few candles, turned out the electric lights, poured a bit of wine, and curled up on the floor."
Kelly Sedinger, The Green Man Review (USA)
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torrid quarry
"This double-disc set amply demonstrates Crowe's profound skill both as a writer and as an interpreter of other people's songs... this is no Pro Tool'd and AutoTuned plastic pop opus but a real musician creating a real performance."
Trevor Raggatt, Wears The Trousers (UK)
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"Why music? "Why breathing?"
"Her voice is bluesy and magnificent, and it gives her music a strong flavor. Despite only being accompanied by her piano, she can captivate an audience..."
Anna Maria Stjärnell, KIM (Sweden)
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September 8 - 15, 2005:
Music - Count on Crowe
"Through her own means she has developed a strong fanbase and backbone of critical support that has seen her stature in the Canadian music scene continually rise over the past two years."
Matt Charlton, The Coast (Canada)
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Vancouver singer Crowe's back in town
"It doesn't hurt the room features a Steinway grand piano either, but Crowe's supple vocals would sound good with a Pianosaurus."
Stephen Cooke, Halifax Chronicle Herald (Canada)
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September 2005:
CD Special: Secrets Review
"...a multi-talented singer-songwriter who shows on her first full length album, Secrets, that she is a force to be reckoned with"
Alan Cackett, Maverick magazine (UK)
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Album Review: Live at Wood Hall
"This record is as great as live discs can get"
Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafé (Sweden)
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Album Review: Live at Wood Hall
"Armed only with her piano and stellar voice, Allison Crowe delivers a performance of superb quality..."
Jennifer Patton, Delusions of Adequacy (USA)
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CD Review: Live at Wood Hall
"That voice is just as crystal clear and spot on as it is on any studio recording."
Amy Lotsberg, Producer, Collected Sounds (USA)
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Album Revieuw: Live at Wood Hall
"this album will bring you happiness and joy everywhere you go"
Frank Van Engelen, Bluesiana, Radio Purmerend (Netherlands)
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Ultrasound: Rock - Live at Wood Hall (Rubenesque)
"a generous helping of original songs and a few interpretations that show Crowe's range"
Tom Harrison, The Province (Canada)
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July 2005:
CD Review: Live at Wood Hall
"best just buy the CD, you won't regret it, seriously"
Stoked Fish's CD and Movie Tips (Switzerland)
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Allison Crowe: Review
"... j'ai rarement été bouleversée à ce point par une voix féminine. Pure comme de la glace, puissante et même violente..."
SplinterMuse (France)
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May/June 2005:
Allison Crowe: Tidings
"...don’t play this during Christmastime… play it the whole year through!"
Tom Weel, Cover Corner - Beatles Unlimited (Netherlands)
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Allison Crowe: The Deciphering Daisies Interview
"I would want either John Cleese or Eric Idle to portray me in a movie..." (U.S.A.)
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Island singer to perform in Alert Bay
"Crowe appeals to all generations...."
Gazette Staff, North Island Gazette (Canada)
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Crowe lends voice to support program for teenage girls
"Drawing from classical, jazz, pop and gospel sources, the young singer has created singular, inspiring music both in the studio and in the concert hall."
Joseph Blake, Times Colonist (Canada)
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Crowe comes to aid of abused teenagers
"Allison Crowe was born into a family who nurtured her passion of music from an early age..."
Robyn Swanson, Victoria News (Canada)
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"She makes her living as a singer, but this weekend Allison Crowe tries her hand at a different art - theatre."
Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)
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Music: Allison Crowe's favourites
"A little respect for some classic jazz."
John Intini, Macleans (Canada)
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Hallelujah - a song that outgrew itself
"One haunting ballad has been the soundtrack to many lives recently. But why? Bryan Appleyard on Leonard Cohen's uber-song."
Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times (U.K.)
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Top 10 of 2004
"#4) Allison Crowe - Secrets"
Jennifer Patton, Delusions of Adequacy (USA)
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