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Fearless Female
"The 23-year old Island girl has already more than proved she's no pop tart."
Shelley Arnusch, The Pique, Canada
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CD Reviews/Playlist: Dr. Christmas' Radio Show
"Of over 100 new Christmas CDs played on my show, Allison's drew the most listener interest."
Dr. Gerry Grzyb, WRST-FM (USA)
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Three of this festive season's offerings really stand out
"With each recording Crowe becomes a more stunning vocalist."
Joseph Blake, The Times Colonist, Canada
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New Recordings: Tidings
"The Yuletide find of the year... an absolutely stunning seasonal album that can be enjoyed year-round."
Robert Reid, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Canada
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Hum for the holidays
"a mostly unadorned Crowe plays piano... and expertly tackles both Christmas
classics and less traditional homegrown songs..."
Jane Stevenson, The Toronto Sun, Canada
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Tinsel Tunes
"Crowe has the soaring, swooping vibrato of a dark angel and will give any music lover a sultry blast of Christmas cheer."
Robert Moyes, Monday Magazine, Canada
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Best CDs of 2004
"Though she doesn't necessarily sound like either of these two: fans of Sarah McLachlan and Vienna Teng should take notice."
Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds, USA
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Tidings CD worth "crowing" about
"I have a new favourite version of Silent Night. It is Allison Crowe's version on her new CD Tidings.."
John Kimantas, Nanaimo News Bulletin, Canada
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Soundscapes: Cool Yule Tunes

"...should bring some new listeners to this tremendous Nanaimo talent"
Stephen Cooke, The Halifax Herald, Canada
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Tidings: Album Review

""Allison Crowe... has produced one of the least sentimental, and highly listenable Christmas themed albums of recent times."
Gina Morris, E.O.M. (Evolution of Media), U.S.A.
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It's a great holiday for your stereo

"Tidings is a marvelously thoughtful album..."
Tom Harrison, The Province, Canada
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Huron Carole: Concert Preview

"Nanaimo performer Allison Crowe is a woman for all seasons."
Mike Devlin, The Times Colonist, Canada
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Holiday Tidings (CD Review)

"I know what you're thinking: Christmas CDs are lame. But hear me out. This one's different. Honest."
Sarah Towle, The Martlet, Canada
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Winter 2005:
Arts & Culture: Music

"Secrets... showcases a performer who could... unseat Sarah McLachlan as the West Coast's premier siren."
Cindy Filipenko, Herizons, Canada
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Tidings: Record Review

"If you celebrate Christmas, this is one release that should be in your stereo for many Decembers to come."
Jennifer Patton, Delusions of Adequacy, U.S.A.
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November/December 2004:
Tidings CD Review

"...the great arrangements and her memorable vocals make Tidings an album worthy of repeated play all year round"
Teri McIntyre, Empowerment4Women, USA
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November/December 2004:
Secrets CD Review

"Everything spills forth in Crowe's music; she holds nothing back lyrically and lets her intense voice carry that emotion to the heights and depths..."
Teri McIntyre, Empowerment4Women, USA
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Review: Tidings

"This is no casual background music for your holiday party; be prepared to be amazed."
Carol Swanson,, USA
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Review: Secrets

"With the soul of Janis Joplin and the tenderness of fellow Canuck Sarah McLachlan, Crowe rocks with her own unique brand of roots charm."
David McPherson, exclaim!, Canada
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Poetry just led to music; The 22-year-old with the mature voice swings from jazz to rock and roll

"If the flavour of an artist's work can be determined by the names of artistic influences dropped into biographies and reviews, then Allison Crowe is a strange case indeed."
Eric Volmers, The Guelph Mercury, Canada
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CD  Review: Secrets

"A great debut CD."
Joseph Blake, The Times Colonist (Victoria), Canada
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Sure Thing: Allison Crowe

"Nanaimo singer-songwriter Allison Crowe is a fiery-haired bundle of contradictions."
Sue Carter Flinn, The Coast (Halifax), Canada
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B.C. singer Crowe flying high: Cohen's Hallelujah raised profile

"Allison Crowe brings her passionate voice and storytelling talents..."
Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Herald, Canada
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Cohen between the covers: His Hallelujah lent itself to Dylan and Shrek
Aaron Wherry, The National Post, Canada
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Roots Music: Secrets
"...Crowe is very much her own artist."
Robert Reid, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Canada
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Acclaimed B.C. Singer Offers Time and Talent to Hartland

"Hartland's new K to 12 school will benefit from the generosity of British Columbia piano-based singer Allison Crowe as she launches her "Secrets" tour in the Covered Bridge community on Thursday, Sept. 23."
Wendy Marr, Hartland Observer, Canada
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At large

""Allison Crowe’s voice was by turns intimate and confessional, urgent and pleading and, when she unleashed it in all its power... the effect was awe-inspiring."
Rick Dennis, Cowichan News Leader, Canada
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Ultrasound: Pop (CD Review)

"Secrets is overwhelmingly the sound of someone throwing her head back and singing."
Tom Harrison, The Province, Canada
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Crowe's Raw Talent Shines Through (CD Review)

"Offering an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, folk, and classical, indie artist Allison Crowe transcends many different musical genres on her latest CD, Secrets."
Sarah Towle, The Martlet, Canada
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Hallelujah: Song Spotlight

"Allison Crowe has a voice to fall in love with."
Record of the Day, UK
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Secrets: Record Review

" is Allison’s voice and her use of it that really packs the punch. She is soulful, poignant, and always intense."
Jennifer Patton, Delusions of Adequacy, U.S.A.
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Secrets: Record Review

"Singer/pianist Allison Crowe may look frail, but she has a powerful voice. On her debut she puts it to good use."
Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafé e-zine, Europe
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Allison Crowe shares her Secrets

"Secrets reflects the future of the independent music industry."
John Kimantas, Nanaimo News Bulletin
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Secrets: CD Review

"Get her CDs now, and you can say you knew her 'when'."
Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds
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Singer crows for Earth Week

"If while spreading her love of music, Allison Crowe can also help a community cause, all the better - for her and the cause."
Jeanine Soodeen, Victoria News
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Allison's new friend is a real spin fanatic

"When you're as talented as Allison Crowe and tour as much as she has over the past year, you're bound to meet some interesting people."
Kait Burgan, Nanaimo Daily News
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From Fragmentation to Wholeness: The Mind/Body Connection in Dance

"...a radiant, rousing, celebratory rendition of Leonard Cohen's lovely 'Hallelujah' " (excerpt of a review of the Crimson Coast Dance Production of "This Body of Knowledge")
Shirley Goldberg, Mo Magazine
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This Body of Knowledge

"Crowe sang Leonard Cohen¹s 'Hallelujah' with a depth and power that made the song soar."
Keri Wehlander, Crimson Coast Dance review excerpt
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Canadian Cancer Society Benefit

"She caressed and scraped the lyrics turning Cohen's song into an anthem."
Russell Kilde, Crimson Coast Dance review excerpt
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Allison Crowe: Artist Spotlight

"Allison Crowe may not be well-known now but this young woman has the voice and talent to be the next Alanis or Norah. The raw emotions in her hauntingly beautiful rendition of 'Angel' should convince you of her potential."
New Songs for Peace Project
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"CD: Tidings, 6 Songs +"
"6 Songs + is as good an introduction to an artist as you are ever going to get."
Derrick Marr, Great White Noise
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"Crowe keeps the tv jitters"
"Allison Crowe is back in Nanaimo - and back performing - after walking away from a potential record deal in New York."
John Kimantas, News Bulletin
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