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"Have Yourself a Merry Diva Christmas..."
"(Crowe's) voice is a force of nature: bright and warm, refracting into a whole spectrum of tonal shadings like sunlight through a prism..."
Rick Dennis, At Large, Cowichan News Leader
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"The best local CDs of 2003"
"Tired of Top 40? Then consider..." (both, Tidings, and, Lisa's Song, CDs made this year-end 'best-of' list)
Nanaimo News Bulletin
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"Crowe Celebrates Christmas Spirit"
"...Allison Crowe will perform a festive Christmas concert in Victoria on Friday night. And next week the Nanaimo singer's one-hour Christmas TV special will be broadcast across Canada."
Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist
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"Crowe Sings Glad Tidings"
"When emotions are running so high there is nowhere for Crowe to turn she sits at her piano and pounds them out."
Ingrid Paulsen, Victoria News
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"Sing A Song of Christmas"
"Meanwhile, Nanaimo's other muse, Allison Crowe, has just released Tidings, a tasty and often-moving six-pack of seasonal songs - and not just the usual suspects."
Robert Moyes, Monday Magazine
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"Crowe Flies Independently"
"It was only last April when word broke that Nanaimo's Allison Crowe would be hitting the Big Apple, and it's been almost three months since she walked away from that deal."
Nicholas Johnson, Nexus
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"Crowe on Christmas"
"It's Crowe's best-recorded work so far, featuring soulful performances."
Tom Harrison, The Province
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"The Valley had front-row seat to the birth of a special talent"
"The Diva Fest audience two weeks ago witnessed a full-voiced revolution of the spirit on stage: Allison Crowe. Her style is simple: piano chords under a voice that soars and swoops, trills and catches, dips to a last breath. "I speak the music language better than anything else," she says. And her confidence promises to shake the way music does business."
Frances Marr Darling, Cowichan News Leader-Pictorial
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"Allison Crowe: Tidings"
"Even after Christmas is over, this CD will be an inspirational listen."
Eliza Gardiner, Mind's Eye
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"Tidings CD Review"
"The whole EP is beautiful."
Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds
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"Buoyed by success, Diva fest will be back in 2004"
"A high point of the night was Nanaimo singer/songwriter Allison Crowe’s rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s song Angel. 'She’s magnificent, one to watch for sure,' (Event Coordinator Lise) LeLievre said."
Jennifer Hourihan, Cowichan News Leader
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"Celebrating Women and Those Who Love Them"
'...acclaimed Nanaimo singer-songwriter Allison Crowe... says she's thrilled to be among the performers in the evening concert."
Jennifer Hourihan, Cowichan News Leader
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"Crowd cheers for Crowe and youthful company"
'An awestruck audience was wowed by the soaring winged vocals and dynamic thundering piano work..."
Mitchell Sherrin, Staff Writer, Gulf Islands Driftwood
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"Powerful young voice that stops you in your tracks"
'I'd never heard anything quite like it: the strength, the heart, a raw vulnerable kind of power. I started laughing it was so deep.'
Joanne Bealy, Village Views
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"Crowe still flying high"
'Nanaimo singer/songwriter Allison Crowe found that her recording contract in New York would cost her too much - her integrity. So, she's back on the Island and going strong with her talented trio.'
Lynn Welburn, Nanaimo Daily News
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"Crowe bails on deal"
'Allison Crowe has walked away from New York without a record deal - and is happy to do so.'
Staff writer, The Nanaimo News Bulletin
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"Canadian sensibility is something within me"
Jennifer Feinberg, The Chilliwack Progress
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"Something to Crowe about"
"Allison Crowe has wisdom and a vision beyond her 21 years."
Robyn Chambers, The Chilliwack Times
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"Crowe's Big Apple dream turns sour: Allison Crowe leaves deal behind"

"Keep your eyes open. And don't get caught up in the illusion or anything."
Adrian Chamberlain, The Times Colonist
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"Indies: Bardic Hits the Boards"

"Bardic Records has signed an exclusive North American distribution deal with RED... Bardic's first release, from singer/songwriter Allison Crowe, is expected in early 2004."
Adrian Chamberlain, Billboard
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"Music Veteran and Financial Leaders Announce Formation of New Record Label"

"Bardic Records expects their first releases to be early 2004, with singer/songwriter Allison Crowe as their debut artist."
Business Wire
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New Label Launched to Grow Talent
"Bardic has already signed three artists, including a Canadian singer named Allison Crowe, who Ponti describes as Diana Krall meets Norah Jones meets Janis Joplin."
Tim Arango, New York Post (USA)
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"Sony sends Crowe flying"
'They're grooming Ally for the big time'
Adrian Chamberlain, The Times Colonist
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"Long hailed as the Island's next big star, Allison Crowe is poised to make it all come true."
John Kimantas, Nanaimo News Bulletin
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