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"Janis Joplin's ballsy power and Sarah McLachlan's lilting sweetness."
Mark Hume, National Post
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"Allison Crowe is a promising young pianist with a dark, rich voice that will age like a good wine."
Jennifer Feinberg, The Chilliwack Progress
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"Some people don't become wise until they're old. Others, like local musician Allison Crowe, seem to pick up bits of wisdom at a very early age."
Lynn Welburn, Harbour City Star
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"Many comparisons will be made concerning Nanaimo’s Allison Crowe. Some will say her voice has a dreamy quality reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan or Beth Orton. When she really wails you might be tempted to think about Janis Joplin. Make your own comparisons, then forget them."
Terry Denomme, Harbour City Star
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"Allison Crowe, just 19 and touted as Nanaimo’s next musical star, knows she wouldn’t be where she is without the help and support of others during her formative years."
Lynn Welburn, Nanaimo Daily News
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"...the hottest thing out of Nanaimo since those creamy, fattening squares (Nanaimo bars)"
The Vancouver Courier

"Between Allison Crowe’s giggles, you can still hear a hint of the deep, dark voice that graces her new CD, Six Songs. She’s less nervous than her manager said she’d be, but it’s still refreshing to hear a nervous laugh from someone hailed as the next big up-and-coming singer-songwriter."
Lynne Patterson, Monday Magazine
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"Somewhere a broken heart, sometime a star falling, somehow finding a path. It's a glimpse worth taking if you are one of those people who get moved by sunsets, the sound of the waves, and ocean breeze. So plunge in."
Katrina Sark, The Martlet
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"How can someone so small and young have such a big voice and write such heavy duty songs? ...I thought. The inflections in her piano stylings were so mature too... there was a blues edge in there."
Barry Newman, Cosmic Debris Magazine
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"As a songwriter & vocalist, Crowe is increasingly being recognized as a major talent - drawing favorable comparisons with a wide array of top jazz, rock & pop performers from the 1960s to today."
Seattle Gay News

"A mega-talent in the making."
Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist
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"Young, determined and talented, with a voice that speaks to experience, she is Allison Crowe ~ a singer with, as they say, ‘the buzz’."
David Grierson, CBC Radio One
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"Nanaimo songbird shows the power of Silence."
Malcolm Parry, The Vancouver Sun
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"The buzz is all around Nanaimo's Allison Crowe... a Fiona Apple-esque pianist-singer of the poetic and haunting vocals variety."
Kerry Gold, The Vancouver Sun, Queue Music Shortlist
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"The first thing you notice about Allison Crowe is her voice. Rich and dark, it seems to come from a place most singers can only dream of accessing."
Clodagh O'Connell, The Vancouver Courier
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"Doug Fury took a few days off last week from the Gabezra sessions and brought in Allison Crowe and her band to record at HRM (Her Royal Majesty's Records) Studios. The result is a 3 song recording that shows Allison to be one of the most amazing vocal talents anywhere today. She is reminiscent of some of the great women vocalists who shaped rock music in the late 60's and early 70's. Allison's emotional delivery is unique in today’s music and Bif Naked is proud to have her recording in the HRM Studios."
Peter Karroll, President TKO Entertainment, Manager Bif Naked

"HOLE IN THE WALL FOR ALLISON CROWE: Allison Crowe almost literally brought down the house this weekend. Her Saturday night concert at Talons was so popular that not only did she need to book a second concert Sunday night, but, in honour of her loyal audience, Talons cut out most of the wall that divided the restaurant into two rooms. As a result every patron in the house was able to see and hear Crowe and her trio.

... at the grand old age of 19, Crowe has developed a growing local fan club that just couldn't wait to hear her sing and refused to let her leave the stage without an encore.

Crowe's trio, David Baird on the upright and electric bass, and Kevin Clevette on drums, were impressive musicians who complemented Crowe's keyboarding and strong, passionate voice. The group has a unique and powerful style led by Crowe."
Gail Trafford, The Barnacle Island Journal



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