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Friday, 12 March 2010
Allison Crowe understands music. A great deal of people claim to understand
music, but for the most part they simply mean 'I really really really like
music.' Allison Crowe, though... she understands music. She understands that
music isn't about production, or sales, or even, necessarily, lyrics. Music
is about necessity.

More often than not writers and journalists claim that music doesn't need to
be about anything, doesn't need a purpose or a raison d'Ítre - that the real
beauty of music is it just exists, just is. My response, in its most
academic form, goes something like this: Nah.

No, you are wrong, Credible Music Journalists. It's Crowe who's got the
theory down. An oft repeated Crowe quotation reads thusly: "Why music? Why

That's what music is. Necessity. A life force. It is magnificent not for
offering us nothing, but for offering us everything. There's a nourishment
of sorts in music. Nothing so physical as food or oxygen, but something
undeniable nevertheless.

I've spent the last two, three days playing a new Crowe song over and over,
letting it soak in, fill me up with its goodness. I'm not entirely sure how
representative 'Oceans' can be of the forthcoming album Spiral - Crowe's
music by nature is wide-ranging both in influence and genre, and as such no
one song can ever truly capture the album as a whole. Nevertheless, a single
Allison Crowe song will always be representative at least of the quality of
her music - it's always a pleasure to leave the world for a few minutes to
indulge in some of the most sumptuous, luxurious musical treats available.

mp3: 'Oceans' by Allison Crowe





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