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Holiday Q&A

Some local (and not-so-local) musicians share musical memories

By Amanda Farrell-Low

Whether you celebrate the season or not, it's pretty much impossible to avoid hearing "Jingle Bells" blasted through a tinny mall speaker or catch a glimpse of Bowie and Bing doing their drummer boy duet while channel-surfing. With that in mind, we here at Monday decide to ask some of our favourite local (and visiting) musicians - many of whom will be performing here over the winter months - about their take on the music of the holidays.

Monday spoke with Allison Crowe - and Carolyn Mark; Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara; Adam Kittredge, of Jets Overheard; Jon Middleton of Jon and Roy; Lily Fawn of Hank and Lily; + Tania Miller, Maestra of the Victoria Symphony.

Allison Crowe - Monday magazine Holiday Q&A - photo by Billie Woods

Allison Crowe

Favourite holiday song?

One of my favourite holiday songs is the traditional carol O Holy Night, because it's such fun to sing
and very bluesy (if you sing it that way, that is). It's a perfect song to sing to get going in the holiday spirit of things!

Least favourite holiday song?

Hmmm... hard to say. I don't like to put anyone down, but there are a couple of Christmas albums
"sung" entirely by farting. I'm not sure who made them... the "classiest" is credited to someone named
Flatulina. I get the gag, but, musically can't say it's my favourite.

Do you have any Christmas-song-related memories?

One of the first songs on which I really played piano and sang together was "The First Noel". I had this old Christmas music book, either of my Mom's or my Grandma's, and it was on the first page. I loved it.



Allison Crowe performs at her annual Tidings concert with Ellisa Hartman, November 28 at the Alix Goolden Hall.






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