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Album Review: Little Light by Allison Crowe


posted in Album Reviews | 26th September 2008 by Amy Lotsberg, Producer, Collected Sounds (USA)

Lilttle Light - Allison Crowe - album cover

Album Name: Little Light
Artist: Allison Crowe
Year/Label: 2008 Rubenesque Records Ltd.

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Allison Crowe

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

First of all, look at that cover photoÖcould she be any cuter?

Secondly, I donít really know what else I can say about Allison Crowe that I havenít said already in the 6 years Iíve been reviewing her CDs and listening to her music. Sheís fantastic, I know it, you know it, and since she only gets better as the years progress you can probably guess what I think of this record. I am just having a hard time putting it into words. Luckily she is more creative than I and keeps putting out great records.

ĎDiseaseí is really cool. It is very dramatic. There is lots of banging on piano and weird rhythms. This is quite different for her. The piano is dizzying. Several times now, while itís been on shuffle with others, itís stopped me in my tracks. This is currently my favorite track.

While I am at a loss for new adjectives, she is always coming up with something new. Guess thatís why she writes songs and I donít!

Another great one Ally!

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1 Northern Lights
2 Angels
3 Disease
4 Time After Time
5 Little Light
6 Happy People
7 Hold Back
8 Choose to Be
9 Running for Home
10 When Iím Gone
11 Wedding Song




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