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sparklechops - 07 Jun 2007 - The Scene (Australia)



Get a piece of paper and write Tori Amos in the top left hand corner. Then write Patti Smith top right, followed by Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen (stay with me) in the bottom two positions. Then draw diagonal lines from their names to the centre, forming a big symmetrical cross.

Here is where you will find Allison Crowe’s music. The Canadian singer/ songwriter’s trademark piano ballads contain heavy chords and spacious grooves, which underpin her powerful yet delicate vocals to great effect. There is an almost Celtic timbre to Crowe’s voice, which is crammed full of enough emotion to make anyone weep, but is carefully used to also make them smile.

Her band play impeccably throughout the album, with a sensibility not dissimilar to an Antony and the Johnsons recording. Production is water tight, thanks to Crowe’s own talents, and the songs tell of love, loss, hope and despair.

I would avoid researching this one if you’ve recently experienced a personal tragedy or have just finished watching Schindler’s List as it may just push you over the edge. But if you find yourself sitting at home with a glass of red and a good friend, or you’re on a beach somewhere with a book and no worries…..jump in, the water’s lovely.



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