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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

Six Virgin Slopes in Newfoundland

Home to the only cat-skiing operation this side of the Rockies, it has new charter flights, near-empty resorts, and mountains made to test skiers’ limits.


2. Where to Eat

Gitanos'  (Photo: Courtesy of Gitanos')

Newfoundland’s traditional grub is something called a “boil up,” a fishy, brothy clambake of sorts that is best served over an open flame in the woods. But if you prefer to eat indoors when it’s below freezing, try Gitanos' (Millbrook Mall, Corner Brook; 709-634-5000). This odd place gets its name from the Spanish word for “gypsies,” but it’s actually a forties-style New York supper club, complete with live jazz and a piano bar. Canadian musical phenom Allison Crowe moved to Corner Brook last year and recorded part of her album right here.


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