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Your picks: Who is hot, who is not

Times Colonist (Canada)
Published: Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last week, music writer Mike Devlin gave his picks for the CD highlights and lowlights of 2006. Here is a sampling of your views on the recordings and artists of the year that was.


Although perhaps in an older group, I am not too "up" on all the music performers in either "Rave, raves" or "Hiss, boo." I do recognize several talented singers and bands. Tragically Hip comes to mind, as my son, in his teen years, would play very LOUDLY and spend hours doing air band to their music.

However, I would like to nominate Allison Crowe, a young lady from Vancouver Island, as a thumbs-up contender for a musician and singer who will become more and more popular in the coming year. She has a beautiful and powerful voice, and the ability to entertain her audience with ease and humour.

We recently attended her concert in Victoria and were mesmerized by her joy of singing and her talent on the piano. The rendition of Hallelujah sent shivers down my spine, and the audience gave her a standing ovation. Allison Crowe deserves to be nominated and given raves... raves... raves. She is a power-house of talents and energy.

Carol Meikle,


I'm feeling particularly proud of the smooth, catchy riffs of Vancouver-based Stabilo. Happiness & Disaster is a really enjoyable acoustic rock album with soul, pop and alternative all thrown in. Also, being Canadian, I think we should applaud all the efforts of our excellent Canadian bands!

Teri Moncrieff,

I'd like to nominate the Bachman-Cummings First Time Around DVD as one of my favourite music pics of 2006. I loved them in the '60s and I appreciate them even more in 2006. The remake of American Woman is great. I saw them in concert this year at the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre. Thumbs up, guys; your music is timeless.

Kathy King,

I would go with The Wailin Jennys' Firecracker. I saw them at the Alix Goolden Hall and they were heavenly.

Pity Devlin only mentioned one female act out of 20. Time to get his head out of the male ghetto.

Fin MacDonald,

I would like to give a big thumbs-up for my two favourite music groups: Tom Petty (Highway Companion) and The Tragically Hip (World Container). Tom Petty and The Hip both released new CDs in 2006 and both CDs sounded like older classic hits.

I have enjoyed music by Tom Petty and The Tragically Hip for many years, and I am glad that they both continue to produce such great music, proving that they are truly talented and can pass the test of time.

I give a thumbs-down for Justin Timberlake's new CD. My niece put his CD on in the car and it was awful. Every song sounded the same: like pointless noise.

Anne Tenning,

Thumbs up for The Tragically Hip's new CD. I love their music and this new CD, World Container, ROCKS!

Thumbs down for k-os's Hymns for Disco. It just plain sucks.

Susan Mirtle

My favourite music of the year has been The Tragically Hip and their new album. After going strong for almost 20 years, they can still put out a fantastic album.

I admit, with every new Tragically Hip album I am not impressed at first. It usually takes about three times through the album and then I can't stop playing it.

My least favourite music is anything by Kevin Federline, Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Clay Aiken, Justin Timberlake.

Michael Schmidt,

For all of your baby boomer readers who are still purchasing new musical offerings and have trouble relating to Mr. Dogg, Fergie, Justin, Eminem and Mr. Rhymes, I suggest that Bob Dylan's masterful Modern Times is fully worthy of a Top 10 Fave position.

I didn't have to search too far for my "quality music."

It jumped off the Wal-Mart shelves and into my CD player! Mature. Confident. Assertive. Majestic. Bob continues to speak clearly to many of us.

John Clark,

I agree that the good stuff was hard to find. And I can't believe the number of old farts trying to go on and on and on ... ad nauseam. I went to the Cher concert at the new arena, and it was sad, sad, sad. I know she can't sing, but I was expecting at least a good show with some energy, but was thoroughly disappointed. She was going through the steps, but it was so lacking in energy or enthusiasm that I felt I was totally ripped off.

I am hoping to catch some live acts this year that are exciting to watch. Here's hoping ...

Jennifer Bennett,

I totally agree with your hiss, boo for Fergie. Her London Bridge can go down, down, down.

Fergie deserves a big thumbs-down because of her clothes and her lyrics.

Jodi Robertson,

Two favourites:

1. Hot Chip: The Warning. The tunes are interesting; the production is a fine layered combination of low-tech effects and high-tech tweaks. The gastronomic equivalent of a bachelor's attempt at bananas wrapped in filo.

2. Nightmares on Wax: In a Space Outta Sound. This effort gently ignores "contemporary" boundaries, to everyone's advantage. Great writing, playing and production. Good any time of the day or night; just put it on, let it soak in, while you go about your business.

Worst: The list could be long, but I'm limited to two, right ?

1. Fergie, The Dutchess. On this one, she stole Gwen Stefani's career, and then ruined it. I'm hoping that in return, Gwen will take over Fergie's place in the Black Eyed Peas, and wait with anticipation for Fergie and Justin's duo album of '60s ballads, redone as a bumpin' '80s disco revival, triple CD. They could easily jump on the Kurtis Blow revival band wagon.

2. k-os, Atlantis. The cult of personality. Hey, K, you're wasting our time! ... "this parrot's dead" ...

Fred Krammer,

Best: Bob Dylan, Modern Times. Great variety of styles, poppy and sweet at times but deep and interesting lyrics. Awesome.

Worst: Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell 3. The songs are just not that good. Bombastic and annoying after a while. I'll stick with the classic first one.

Terry Hughes,

I would like to nominate Nelly Furtado for a HUGE THUMBS-DOWN.

While she came on the scene as a powerfully positive role model for young girls, her recent offerings such as Promiscuous are a huge disappointment, and while she has every right to pursue fame, it is at the expense of the respect of her former fans.

While my nine-year-old still thinks she is cool, my 15-year-old is old enough to be embarrassed by her latest trend in self-marketing. Thousands of mothers of pre-teen girls are forced into the unenviable position of having to explain exactly what promiscuous means. Could we please have Nelly's e-mail so she could enlighten our children?

Julie Patterson,


Congratulations to Julie Patterson, who wins a pair of tickets to the Tragically Hip concert Jan. 8, and Jodi Robertson, who wins a pair of tickets to Snoop Dogg with Ice Cube Jan. 12. Both events are at Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre. 


Zimmy - Bob Dylan Photograph by Associated Press

Fergie - Photograph by Associated Press

Bob Dylan: His Modern Times is sweet at times but deep, writes Terry Hughes of Saanich

Fergie: Her London Bridge on the album Dutchess can go down, down, down, writes Jodi Roberston of Nanaimo.

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