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Crowe switches coasts
Alexandria Stuart, The Daily News (Canada)
Friday, March 31, 2006

Nanaimo singer now lives in Newfoundland 

Nanaimo’s sweetheart Allison Crowe is off on a new adventure as she kicks off recording a new album This Little Bird and kicks up her heels on the other side of the country in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Hardly a throbbing metropolis for the Canadian music scene, there is one thing in Corner Brook that isn’t anywhere else: a new love interest. Sparked during a tour stop last fall and nurtured via e-mail on the road, the pair managed to spend some time together and found the small hadn’t come off the rose, so Crowe looked at recording in Newfoundland.

“Alley has never been happier - in all the time I’ve known her - and it’s heard in the music,” says long time manager Adrian du Plessis.

As a working musician, “home” is technically any place you’ve done laundry more than two weeks in a row; with frequent tour dates in Europe, bi-coastal bases actually make a lot of sense for Crowe.

With du Plessis remaining here, the arrangement isn’t without its logistical challenges.: “Things are certainly not getting stale,” he says.

Digital technology and the internet make it possible to record on one coast while your manager is on another, reviewing tracks online while exchanging feedback via instant messenger.

Crowe has embraced the internet and digital music swapping as friend, not foe. Offering a selection of tracks to download for free at www.allisoncrowe.com It’s a try-before-tour-buy model that’ difficult to adopt if you’re beholden to a record label bu can yield a devoted fan base for the indie artist. Blogging and podcasts can also strengthen that bond regardless of where an artist lives.

“As for home being where the heart is… Nanaimo will always be Alley’s first home, “ du Plessis says.

The balance of the recording is planned back here on the West Coast, And once her new found love gets a load of our special brand of beauty, we may have Crowe back here to stay.

Watch the website for news on the record and tour plans for 2006. 

Nanaimo’s Allison Crowe has made the move to the East Coast and is working on a new album. Photo: Ben Strothmann

With over a decade in the trenches of the music industry, we’re reasonably sure Alexandria knows what she’s talking about: akstuart@shaw.ca