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Friday, January 20, 2006

Album - Secrets - Allison Crowe


If a voice could be a precious metal, then Vancouver Island, BC native, Allison Crowe's would be 24 caret gold, no doubt about it. There's a haunting purity that almost hypnotises with its beauty. Even as I write this, I'm listening to the album, trying to fight the desire to put down the pen, close my eyes and be taken away to the heavens. Am I waxing lyrical? Yes I am, but for good reason.

When an artist has such an amazing voice, it's easy to forget the accompaniment, but credit where credit's due, for this too is exceptional.

Any album that features a track from Leonard Cohen is certainly heading in the right direction. But when it is covered so beautifully, it makes you realise what an amazing lyricist Leonard Cohen is. Joan of Arc is the Cohen song covered on this album and it's certainly in my top 10 of Cohen covers. It's also my favorite track on the album along with the Beatles classic, In My Life (on Crowe's Tidings).

Conclusion : I'm hoping to hear a lot more of Allison in the coming year. A truly excellent album, that again can be downloaded for free, but please remember to do the right thing and support this fantastic artist by purchasing either a CD or downloaded version.

By Colin Meeks, Editor,