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"Why music?" Why breathing?"
Anna Maria Stjärnell, KIM (Sweden)
October 7, 2005

(Below is a translation from the original Swedish.)

Why music? Why breathing?

The singer Allison Crowe sees the two as equally important. Her motto is a testament to her passion for music. It's shaped her life so far and her interest shows no sign of waning. Her new album is out on her own label, as was previous EPs and a Christmas album. Last year she released her full-length debut. She's sung songs by Leonard Cohen and the Counting Crows. Her voice is bluesy and magnificent, and it gives her music a strong flavor. Despite only being accompanied by her piano, she can captivate an audience as her live album shows. She sings songs like Les Miserables "I Dreamed and Dream" and John Lennon's oft-covered "Imagine".

What is the red thread that unites this musical mix? I ask.

Allison Crowe: The red thread that connects all the songs on Live at Wood Hall is that they are all songs that mean something significant to me. The originals, for example all mean something to me because I wrote them and they are all very personal.
The covers songs by artists and bands that I love are all songs that I love.  The Broadway musical numbers are something very special to me because I love musicals and show tunes! Everything on this album has its own merits with me.

Her new rock'n'roll inspired album that bears the working title "Turtle Tracks" will be released later this year.