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 "Live at Wood Hall
by Allison Crowe

Review by Amy Lotsberg. Producer of Collected Sounds

If you've been a reader for this site for a while, you know that I've
reviewed Allison's music many times. She is on the first artists ever
showcased here and as it turns out, in some instances I've been the
first reviewer to review a certain CD or song. So she's definitely a
Collected Sounds favorite. I'm not really sure that I can say anything
new that I haven't already said about Allison. She's amazing.

This recording gives us a chance to see what Allison is like in front of
an audience, how she interacts with them, and how she still does not miss
a note. That voice is just as crystal clear and spot on as it is on any
studio recording.

One of my favorites moments is her cover of Ani DiFranco's "Independence
". She actually does quite a few covers here. Many songs by Jerome
Kern, a Counting Crows tune, John Lennon's "Imagine" and something for
you bluesy rock folks: a cover of Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee"
and her voice is perfect for it. Funny, I can't stand Joplin (I know,
you want to take away my Female Musician Evangelist card), but I like it
when Allison is doing it, even though she sounds very much like Joplin.
Go figure!

But most of the other songs are written by Allison and they're just as
good, if not better than the covers. My favorites are: There Is, Sea of
a Million Faces
, Whether I'm Wrong, Crayon & Ink (which was also on a
previous release)

This is a great way to get acquainted with the lovely Allison Crowe if
you are not already. If you are, well, then you will have to have this
to round out your collection.

Posted on August 9, 2005