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CD Review: Live at Wood Hall
Stoked Fish's CD and Movie Tips (Switzerland)
July 2005

     Artist: Allison Crowe
     Album: Live At Wood Hall
     Year: 2005
     Label: Rubenesque Records LTD
     Review: This is a double cd of Allisons Live at Wood Hall Victoria Conservatory Of Music (Victoria B.B. Canada) show on the nights of March 24 and 25 2005. It features 14 of Allison's originals, I especially like the song Disease with its beautiful dreamy piano line at the very beginning, but also By Your Side, Pray For Rain, Immersed and Whether I'm Wrong. Well, it's all good. Alley covers some songs too, for instance Tori Amos' Playboy Mommy, Ani DiFranco's Independence Day and John Lennon's Imagine. She has an excellent voice and is one of the most promising and overlooked artists out there. She also did a great cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, not featured on this cd. Allison
definitely deserves some more attention. Check her out and enjoy!
     Highlights: Disease, By Your Side, Pray For Rain, Immersed
     Comparison: Reviewers say Alley is similar to Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan, but well, I don't just buy the cd, you won't regret it, seriously

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