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The Record (Kitchener-Waterloo Region)
Arts, Saturday, December 18, 2004, p. C5


Robert Reid


Allison Crowe (Rubenesque Records/Festival)

The Yuletide find of the year goes to Nanaimo-based singer/songwriter Allison Crowe for Tidings.

What makes the album so wonderful is not only Crowe's powerfully soulful vocals and accomplished piano playing, but the inspired repertoire spanning traditional six carols and contemporary songs with a spiritual dimensions.

Joining such beloved carols as Silent Night and In the Bleak Winter are Joni Mitchell's River, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, Lennon and McCartney's Let It Be and In My Life, Jagger and Richard's Shine a Light and Sarah McLachlan's Angel, all of which make for an absolutely stunning seasonal album that can be enjoyed year-round.

In keeping with the simplicity, elegance and intimacy of the season, all but two tracks feature Crowe accompanying herself on piano, with a bass and drums added on two tracks.

Following so closely after Secrets, released on Crowe's own label a few months ago, Tidings confirms the arrival of a recording artist who has what it takes to climb to the highest echelons of Canadian, if not international, pop music.