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At large
Rick Dennis, Cowichan News Leader
Sunday, August 29, 2004

At large
By Rick Dennis

Heard and Seen at Special Woodstock

... Wasps love music. They’re attracted by the vibrations and the hum, according to Hardie McIntosh. He was the emcee at the Rose Garden stage Sunday afternoon at Providence Farm and he oughta know.
“The wasps built a nest in the roof of the bandstand. I got stung twice while I was singing - once in the neck and once in the arm.”
What can I say, Hardie? Everybody’s a critic.
.... Trippiest performance of the afternoon? An improvised jam with the gifted James Batchelor on didgeridoo accompanied by Marc Bird on drums and Harris Gilmour (from Victoria’s Magic Johnsons) on hand percussion.
So that’s what a rave in the Outback would sound like.
.... Local axeman Thor Kristinsson was so inspired by what he saw and felt at Special Woodstock he wrote a song about it. You can download the MP3 on the festival’s official website
.... Allison Crowe’s voice was by turns intimate and confessional, urgent and pleading and, when she unleashed it in all its power on those final heart-stopping moments of Sarah McLachlan’s Angel the effect was awe-inspiring.
Flowing out of that diminutive frame like a force of nature, it swept through the audience as they sat, mesmerized, and floated up into the ionosphere where even the real angels must have stopped what they were doing to listen.
I know we’re gonna have to wait, I can hear them saying, but there is definitely a spot for her in the heavenly choir.
.... Adrian du Plessis, Crowe’s personable manager says the Nanaimo thrush will make her New York City debut in October as part of a tour which will include stops in Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, Charlottetown and Ann Arbor (Michigan) Jazz & Blues Festival.
He also encourages fans to take advantage of the free downloads of eight of Allison’s album tracks on

.... Joan Eichenlaub is the co-ordinator of local St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. The group has 25 dogs and their owners visiting hospitals, seniors’ facilities and other institutions.
If you think your pet has what it takes to be a therapy dog contact Joan (748-4105) or Jo Quinlan (748-3340).
.... Event founder Shelley Vaags was on tour with The Timebenders in Washington State but she sent me an e-mail to read from the stage as part of my duties as emcee for the afternoon.
“Wow! Special Woodstock is five years old! We have witnessed the talent and confidence of new musicians rise to greater heights than ever imagined. We have seen old friends reunite, and many new friendships develop. I have felt the love come from everywhere, all the Islands businesses, our talented musicians, our families, and our friends. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming out and supporting Special Woodstock.”

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