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Singer crows for Earth Week

Allison Crowe figures half her concerts support a cause.

By Jeanine Soodeen
Victoria News, Wednesday, April 21 2004

VICTORIA * If while spreading her love of music, Allison Crowe can also help a community cause, all the better - for her and the cause.
"It is about playing music and helping people and getting my music out there. If I can help people while doing that . . ." Crowe said during a recent interview at the Alix Goolden Hall. "Being active is a good thing for anybody, speaking your mind and getting out there."
She returns to the Alix Goolden Hall for Victoria's Earth Festival Gala April 23, headlining with Mae Moore and Louise Rose. They are joined by Linda Rogers and the Poets For Peace for the main event of a five-night arts festival in celebration of Earth Week.
Crowe, a Nanaimo-based singer-songwriter, guesses more than half her performances benefit a charitable or community cause, such as heart-and-stroke or mental health research.
"There are so many groups that need help. It's a consciousness," Crowe said about the Earth Festival. "I agree with what it's all about."
Some of Crowe's original material, such as "Whether I'm Wrong," speak of the peace movement and human ideals. So do some of the covers she sings in her own style. For example, she contributed her version of "Let It Be" to a Beatles tribute CD, It Was 40 Years Today. The CD features Dee Dee Ramone, Sylvain Sylvain and other punk acts. Proceeds from the recording go to Adopt A Land Mine, a Paul McCartney cause.
"I played it and it just so happened that the label was looking for people to contribute Beatles songs. It was all on-line," Crowe said.
Recording independently at home has allowed Crowe to submit her music to Web recordings. She posted her contribution to the Beatles CD on-line and is currently featured as the Spotlight Artist on the UNESCO-endorsed New Songs For Peace project at, where her rendition of "Angel" is available.
Crowe spent much of last year dealing with U.S. recording interests, but finally decided to remain independent and release albums on her own label. Her full-length singer-songwriter album, Secrets, is in production in preparation for release next month. The collection of Crowe compositions also includes two covers from Leonard Cohen and Counting Crows. Crowe is also recording material for a rock album for release later this year.
On top of her busy recording schedule, Crowe found time to finish the courses she needed to graduate from high school.
The 2004 graduate will perform at the Earth Festival Gala, 7 p.m. April 23. 

Tickets are $22 for general admission and $18 for students/seniors/low-income available at Lyle's Place, Munro's Books and at the door.