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Allison's new friend is a real spin fanatic
Kait Burgan, Nanaimo Daily News
Thursday, April 8, 2004

When you’re as talented as Allison Crowe and tour as much as she has over the past year, you’re bound to meet some interesting people.

For Allison, and her manager Adrian du Plessis, a fellow named Condor is proving to not only be Allison’s biggest fan, but one of the most unusual as well. 

He spins as part of his Sufism belief system. 

“He spins fast and people are concerned about him at shows,” says Allison, “but he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s found a technique. It’s something to do with your equilibrium, I think, and you can spin for a long time.”

Condor, Alley’s number one fan, attends any concert within 1,000 miles of where he is and has established a strong level of trust and friendship with Allison and the other band members. “He’s a perfectly nice, normal guy. He’s very polite. 

“From the beginning he showed appreciation for the music and respect for the performers,” adds Adrian. “He’s clearly all about the music.”

Condor is currently teaching English in a small Korean village. Before he left, he lent Allison a MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) 828 audio interface and a laptop computer loaded with Cubasis software, recording devices that she’s using to make her first full length release, secrets.

 "He also makes bees-wax candles, one of which is on my piano," adds Allison. "He's made a whole box of bees wax candles for me. He came to one of the shows just recently and set up a kind of stage lighting, out of candles. It's good ambiance."