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Crowe Flies Independently
Nicholas Johnson, Nexus
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
It was only last April when word broke that Nanaimo’s Allison Crowe would be hitting the Big Apple, and it’s been almost three months since she walked away from that deal.

“I learned a lot of what happens in the industry, you see it right up in your face, and it made me feel like I wanted to stay independent.”

Crowe was lined up to be on Bardic Records, handled by Sony and big time record executive Jack Ponti (India.Arie). Though the Crowe and her band had laid down some sample recordings, she did not like the direction the label was pushing them.

“They wanted to do some stuff that I wasn’t agreeing with and I just said ‘No thank you’ and left.”

Details aside, Crowe is more than happy about the current state of her music.  She has just released a six-song CD for the holidays called Tidings and recorded a live performance of those songs on the New VI. The performance will be broadcast over a number of CHUM stations across Canada and over Bell Express View; once on Dec. 23 and twice on Christmas day.

Everything seems back to “normal” again — no big city lights to deal with, no controlling record executives, just music.

“There were definite positives there,” says Crowe. “I learned you don’t just blindly trust; but it also made me appreciate my independence more.”