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Voice could take Allison Crowe to the next level
Duncan Clark, Associate Editor, Kamloops Daily News
July 2002

Allison Crowe, if she were signed to a major label, would fit in well with a music trend of the moment - she’s young, has a great voice and writes her own songs.

Crowe, like it girls Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton, writes about love heartbreak, and her songs give her every opportunity to show off that soulful voice.

But B.C. artist Crowe, who performed recently in Kamloops, is not signed to a major label, and admirably goes it alone on her independently released EP 6 Songs.

Crowe is more Carlton than Lavigne on 6 Songs, but the B.C. artist really sounds like a cross between Fiona Apple and Jewel.

6 Songs rarely goes up-tempo, so this is definitely a CD for a certain melancholy, low-key, mood. This is a fault - Crowe’s voice, with plenty of range, rarely gets a chance to sound like it’s having fun like it should.

Still, Crowe shows plenty of promise. Her piano compositions fit perfectly with her melodies and singing, and her backup performers provide great accompaniment - they know they’re not the stars, Crowe is.

It can be a long way from B.C. to the big time, but if Crowe wants to get there, one gets a feeling the concept is anything but out of the question.