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Allison Crowe + Terra Grimard -Singing in a Rainstorm
Angie Valente, ROCKIT
July 2002

On the night of Tuesday July 2nd the Great Northwest Coffee Co. was a packed steam bath filled with people gulping their iced mochas. There was not an empty seat in the house, and several fans (including myself) found a spot on the hard wood floor. The atmosphere was one full of calmness and tranquility as budding British Columbia, Kamloops singer and pianist Terra Grimard cooled the humid air. Her voice displayed angelic and sweet tones, reminiscent of a higher pitched Jewel. Aside from her long braided hair, she provided the audience with much more than an interesting look, as the main attraction was by far her great voice. A wonderful talent, this girl deserves a record deal with a major label, so that one day soon, Terra Grimard will be a major name.

As if Terra's vocals weren't enough to keep the crowd satisfied in the heated madness, we had the esteemed pleasure of hearing a voice that silenced the entire coffee bar. If pins dropped, you could have heard them. It was mesmerizing, it has hypnotic, it was the voice of Allison Crowe, from Nanaimo BC. This pig tailed twenty year old held her own on keys, along with a drummer and a bass player. Hitting note after note of both high and low, her vocal ability is truly amazing. Allison dares to go where some artists feel they should not. Many songs were covered including those from Janis Joplin, Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. Of course these covers took on a life of their own, as Allison's versions were performed with her own personal touch. True, one can hear certain familiar elements in her voice such as Joan Osborne, Sarah McLachlan, and Natalie Merchant, but this powerfully rich voice is strong enough to stand on its own. If this girl doesn't get signed by a record company, land a deal, and become a well known name among the Canadian female vocalists, this will be another example of how fickle the music industry really is. Allison is real, a bubbly personality with honest lyrics and a magnificent voice. True talent in the making, it's a shame that people are only now just hearing about her. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors, which will no doubt be big. I hope that she enjoyed her show in the cramped coffee shop, because she won't be playing in them for long.