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Nanaimo's Allison Crowe Releases A CD
Terry Denomme, The Harbour City Star
Saturday, October 27, 2001

Many comparisons will be made concerning Nanaimo’s Allison Crowe. Some will say her voice has a dreamy quality reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan or Beth Orton. When she really wails you might be tempted to think about Janis Joplin. Make your own comparisons, then forget them.

There is a reason why this diminutive singer/songwriter with the big, big voice sold out her show Friday night at the Bailey Theatre and will be performing again tonight. She can flat out sing, as her first disc, 6 Songs, will attest. She also plays piano, wrote and composed all the songs and designed the cover art. She opens the disc with the soulful Fade Away and ends with the jumping Philosophy. Not long ago you could see her play for free at The Queens. Those days are over. A passionate, polished disc.