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Crowe Show Tonight
Lynn Welburn, Harbour City Star
October 27, 2001

Some people don’t become wise until they’re old.

Others, like local musician Allison Crowe, seem to pick up wisdom at a very early age.

Crowe, who is only 19 and is being touted as a rising star, knows that she wouldn’t be where she is without the help and support of others during her formative years and that’s why she’s hosting two nights of entertainment featuring some of the best local young talent.

The first of the concerts, called Allison Crowe and Friends, took place Friday and the second show is tonight at the Bailey Studio on Rosstown Road. At first only the Friday concert was planned, but when that sold out quickly, Crowe and her manager, Adrian du Plessis, arranged for a second show.

"We wanted to showcase Nanaimo youth talent, to show what people are learning from the great teachers here," says Crowe. "These people, like Andrea Bertram and Rick Becker, were my teachers and they gave me a lot. So we wanted to give their current students a chance to perform as well."

"It grew out of Allie’s wanting to show her roots," says manager du Plessis.

The show grew to include Wellington Secondary students and, when the second show was added, students from Dover Bay were able to perform as well. Most young performers have difficulty finding venues to perform in, especially until they’re at least old enough to play the bar scene which is the most common route for novice performers on the rise.

[photo by Glenn Olsen] caption: Allison Crowe will showcase local musical talent, during a concert tonight at Bailey Studio.