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Allison Crowe - 6 Songs.
Katrina Sark, The Martlet
October 10, 2001

Strong voice. A skillful hand running over the piano keys. Jazzy bass. Drum beat that makes your body want to move. 6 Songs is a glimpse of a rosy dawn over the ocean when driving along Dallas Road. It is the turquoise water mingling the pebbles. It is also the dark blue water clear by midnight. This is the image you get at first sight. At second glance you see two worlds - the dreamy world of oceans, skies, hope and fantasy - and the other world, resembling reality, filled with thoughts, feelings, expectations, even anger.

Somewhere a broken heart, sometime a star falling, somehow finding a path. It's a glimpse worth taking if you are one of those people who get moved by sunsets, the sound of the waves, and ocean breeze. So plunge in. Allison Crowe is performing in Victoria on October 13 at the Victoria Conservatory of Music (907 Pandora Avenue) at 8 p.m. (Drive along Dallas just before the show and take a glimpse - you will see what I mean.)