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Jazzlokal Mampf, Frankfurt

 ^ Performing at Jazzlokal Mampf - Frankfurt, Germany ^

Munich's Hofbrau Haus - prost!

^ Billie Woods, Axel Dollheiser, Adrian du Plessis, und Allison Crowe - The "A-team" pinting @ Hofbrau Haus, Munich, Germany ^

Simone of Dachboden Radio interviews Allison Crowe

^ Allison Crowe - interview in Munich ^

Allison Crowe Amsterdam performance

^ Allison Crowe in Amsterdam, Netherlands ^

Allison Crowe smile - Jazzlokal Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany

^ Allison Crowe - 2012 return to Jazzlokal Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany ^

Allison Crowe - Europe green - photo by Billie Woods 

^ Allison Crowe - walk near Versailles, France ^

   Allison Crowe - Berlin 2009 - Billie Woods photo 

^ Allison Crowe - Osterkirche, Berlin, Germany ^

Allison Crowe pausing in Bryan Recital Hall, Ohio

^ Pre-concert at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA ^


Photos by Billie Woods unless otherwise noted


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