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Allison Crowe is on's Top 10 albums of 2015 - twice!! ~ December 17



Murúch, the pioneering blog that’s been sharing music and culture notes with the world since 1999, has been making a list – and checking it twice for releases from Allison Crowe.’s Top Albums of 2015” is coming to town – online you can enjoy all twenty discerning picks via playlists and widgets from Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud @


Sylvan Hour - Allison Crowe album cover (400px)


"Allison’s supernaturally agile and exquisite voice is especially stunning" on Sylvan Hour


Clocking the top ten albums of the year, Murúch’s fine hand points to “Sylvan Hour” at #10. “Recorded live in a log-cabin in the Canadian wilderness during a cross-country journey, Allison Crowe’s new album, Sylvan Hour, may be her best yet… Allison’s extraordinary voice is in its purest state accompanied only by guitar and piano,” says the site’s original review. “The music seems to rise from deep with her chest, sometimes ripping out of her throat in full roar, other times being restrained and shaped with the skill of a master sculptor. Sylvan Hour is truly a masterpiece.”


2015 is the year that Murúch branched out into music supervision – curating, assembling and releasing a collection of visual art, music and spoken word poetry to benefit RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network organization and helpline originally created by Tori Amos. “ for RAINN” features contributions from two dozen artists including: Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, My Brightest Diamond, Pamela Means, Jen Hopper, Poe, Johnette Napolitano and Allison @


Murúch has long been a champion of independent creators and, in a range of music genres, has an history of supporting new and left-of-centre artists who’ve gone on to broader public appreciation - acts such as Gaba Kulka, Amanda Palmer, She & Him, Lorde and Soak.


The blog’s profound understanding, and sharing, of music by Allison Crowe is so constant and resonant that Murúch, launched 15 years ago in West Virginia, sails o’er the bounding cultural main with a bi-coastal Canuck at the bow as musical mascot. Presents: Allison Crowe (album cover 400px)


Curated collection of Allison Crowe's Greatest Makes Muruch's Top Albums of 2015


Capping more than a decade’s worth of releases by Crowe as a, primarily, solo artist, #3 on the Top Albums of the year list is a joint expedition across frontiers, the blog’s newest curation: “ Presents: Allison Crowe”: “this spectacular, career-spanning collection features Allison Crowe’s most magnificent original songs as well as her mesmeric interpretation of ‘Hallelujah’ and other classic covers. also created the album’s cover art from photographs taken by our Editor in Newgrange, Ireland.”


Tune in, turn on and voyage this holiday season and beyond with the year’s finest albums – from Allison Crowe, Beth May, Alessia Cara, Rhiannen Giddens, Brandi Carlile and more - as chosen by Murúch.



ho, ho, ho... and mistletoe






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