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Allison Crowe Hits Home with "Newfoundland Vinyl 3" ~ November 4



Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran) and bandmates Billie Woods (cello, vox), LIN (cello, vox), and Dave Baird bring their singular sound and spirit in concert to Vancouver’s St. James Hall (3214 West  10th Ave.), Friday November 13 at 8pm.


Right now, “The Celtic Music Fan” adds warmth of home and hearth with the latest glowing response to Crowe’s newest album in the blog’s just-published review of NV3 – saying:


Newfoundland Vinyl 3 by Allison Crowe brings the beautiful winter breeze early”


Allison’s music offers an “unique listening experience as I don’t think I have met a kind of style or recording like her’s. The styles vary from traditional to modern… Fiddlers Green, The Irish Rover will appeal to lovers of Irish music. While the rest are infused in folk, pop and blues style… Allison Crowe’s arrangements are simple and they exude an intimate air which is rare these days, in a world where music is overblown or over produced. You get the sense of organic simplicity in each track. It’s the feeling of coming home after a long hard day from work.”


And here’s more warm words for “Newfoundland Vinyl 3”:


“Further jaunts and ‘me boys’ abound with Crowe bringing a joyous appreciation to the traditional folk roots of the songwriting and authentic presentations, storytelling to the fore… This is definitely traditional fare delivered with genuine, folk-honest class” says “Some Diurnal Aural Awe”.


“A fine guitarist and an absolutely stunning pianist, Ms Crowe plays and sings with a genuine passion that is completely void of vacuous histrionics. She skates the edges of soulful folk and folky soul with a commanding ease… With this release she accomplishes what few artists even attempt; she makes a very personal statement using the thoughts and words of others,” is commented @ “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll”


Newfoundland Vinyl 3 - Allison Crowe - album cover




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