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Come Fly With Me Behind-the-Scene ~ August 13



In Hollywood, not too long ago, movie director Zack Snyder was putting together the soundtrack for his cinematic take on the Alan Moore-penned comic series “Watchmen”.


One particularly noteworthy scene played out to the sound of Allison Crowe’s much-loved recording of “Hallelujah” – the Leonard Cohen classic that’s been expressed in most ways imaginable. (This artistic association ultimately led to the director flying Crowe across the continent to cameo in his reboot of the Superman movie series, "Man of Steel".)


Considering the "Watchmen" scene was meant to be awkward and ironic, Snyder drew another breath and concluded Crowe’s performance was “too beautiful”, “too romantic” and “too sexy” for the film – replacing her version with Cohen’s original.


Allan Showalter, the ever-mysterious-and-curious eminence grise behind “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered" revisits that movie moment as only he can:


Night-owl-Spectre - Watchmen - Hallelujah - Allison Crowe Leonard Cohen





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