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I'm Alright ~ March 3



Musician Allison Crowe is home on the lovely isle of Newfoundland where it’s Winter-time on Canada’s Atlantic.


When not playing in one snow-pile or another, Allison’s immersed in arranging songs of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.


On Canada’s Pacific coast, where the precipitation is in liquid form, the team at Rubenesque Records, Allison’s label, is amassing Abba-Zaba bars – should comedian Dave Chappelle happen to visit and, primarily, to sustain a wondrous period of music curation @


A sign of spring, cheering as an early-bird or crocus, is this first music motion-picture of our year – “I’m Alright”.


A rediscovered rarity – this song’s performed only once in concert by Allison Crowe – on her historic 2010 European tour on which she’s accompanied by musician-photographer Billie Woods and road manager Camille Schmah.



In Paris’ Auditorium du conservatoire Gentilly – a spectacle coordinated by impresario Jacques Leforestier – Allison debuted “I’m Alright” – joined for this occasion by guest artist Emily B. Green (Em Verte), oft-MC Jessica Kuijer, photographer Frédéric Raquil, super-fan Ming Cheam – et plus. We look forward to visiting Europe again, reuiniting with our Parisian friends, plus amis old - Agnès Jourdain, Olivier Rohart, Karim Khenoune-Montanaro, Hélène, Céline – and, new - Michèle Marie Joubert, Boukary Magassa +


Maintenant, here’s the music – accompanied by vintage footage from Coney Island, New York, birth-place of the amusement park.


“Is it real?” people ask about the fun and frights in a carnival world of illusion and rides. Ward Hall, the “King of the Sideshow”, answers: “Oh, it’s all real. Some of it’s really real, some of it’s really fake, but it’s all really good.”


May it be so for life.



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