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Alleyluja - Happy Birthday+!!!  ~ November 16



“Hallelujah – you'll never guess what happens next!” ’s’how this might be tagged if it were ‘click-bait’. Instead, it is a playful bit of fun to share on November 16 in celebration of this 33rd birthday of Allison Crowe. Simply: “Alleyluja” :)


Born in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island and home now, for years, in Corner Brook, on the island of Newfoundland, nests that span the great expanse of Canada, Allison Crowe is singular in so many ways.


Her gifts and talents as vocalist/instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, arranger, performer and more place her among the greats of popular music.


In concert, people come for her varied repertoire of originals – favourites such as “Disease”, “There Is”, “Skeletons and Spirits”, “Crayon and Ink”, “Whether I’m Wrong” and plenty other songs she’s created since the start of a career launched professionally more than half her lifetime ago.


Loved as well, Crowe is, for her peerless interpretations – be they sea shanties of Newfoundland, or vital covers of modern classics composed by Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, the Beatles, Phil Ochs, Ani, Tori, PJ or CCs…



Hear, in this bootleg from Firenze, Italy, from a concerto at Teatro del Sale, "Alleyluja".





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