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"Scared" Not ~ November 15



In light of our news (media reports) being full of violence against women, one of the web’s original music bloggers, Muruch, tweets: “I was just thinking about lack of anti-violence songs & wanting @Allison_Crowe to record one. I'd forgotten she already did. :)”

Among her passionate expressions of life’s dimensions, Allison’s extraordinarily diverse song catalogue speaks to themes of abusive relationships, self-harm, suicide, societal pressures, and more...

Muruch specifically highlights a song that addresses a culture of abuse, shame and silence - “Scared”:


Allison Crowe - Scared - screen cap

In the video embedded by Muruch, Allison and bandmates Dave Baird, bass, and Kevin Clevette, drums, are seen in various locations on Vancouver Island, Canada – in Nanaimo and Victoria. The video-makers, Angela Kendall and Brian Dutkewich, would later make popular videos for a Canadian duo, Tegan and Sara. (For trivia buffs: in this vid, Allison’s father, Del Crowe, happens to drive by at one point, and, Allison’s longtime manager, Adrian du Plessis, is also caught, serendipitously, walking by as he waves to Del.) The song's audio is recorded by Larry Anschell of Turtle Studios, and features 19-year-old Allison Crowe and band.








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