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Famous Blue Raincoat "flake" ~ June 21



After enjoying “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie” in The New York Times Magazine, I’m encouraged to post more, and more, and then some – even if it be just a flake of Allison Crowe’s life, or, in this instance, a flake of her most recent concert tour:



John Jeremiah Sullivan’s NYT mag essay tracking early blues recording artists L.V. Thomas and Lillie Mae ‘Geetchie’ Wiley and cultural field-worker Robert “Mack” McCormick is a reminder that we enrich the world by sharing: 


Here from beautiful Lindenpark Potsdam, Germany (and a decidedly off-kilter camera-style), is the opening of Allison Crowe’s performance of the Leonard Cohen classic “Famous Blue Raincoat”.


For a full recording of this song seek out “Famous Blue Raincoat - Allison Crowe - Teatro del Sale, Florence – live” @ Two different verasions – solo and choral – are heard on her “Heavy Graces” album @ 




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