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Halloween Treat  ~ October 31


Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!! For a treat, on this occasion, the curtain rises on a new music-movie mash-up – Allison Crowe’s song “Spiral” together with excerpts from “Der Golem” – one of the earliest films of “horror” and art.




A classic of German Expressionism joins our series of music-movie mashups with Canadian musician Allison Crowe's song "Spiral" as soundtrack.


"Der Golem", the first of three movies featuring the legend of a Golem, an animated anthropomorphic being, from director Paul Wegener, and co-directed by Henrik Galeen, was released in North America in 1915 as "The Monster of Fate" and exists today only in fragments.


Wegener, a renowned stage actor, drew from varied sources for his cinematic vision of the Golem, a term for an "unformed" being first appearing in Scriptures, and, popularly, rooted in a Polish-Jewish folk-tale tradition dating back to around 1600. The actor-film-maker is said to have found inspiration as well in "William Wilson", Edgar Allan Poe's short story with its theme of the doppelgänger and a person suffering through multiple personalities.




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